Nick Spencer Spider-Man

Marvel’s Nick Spencer is the guy who essentially turned Captain America into a Nazi for its infamous Secret Empire event. Given the fallout from the creation and extended stay of “Hydra-Cap,” one would hope that he would be extra careful with his handling of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t happen.

Mr. Spencer’s preview of The Amazing Spider-Man for Free Comic Book Day managed to undermine the hero’s origin within two panels, and at one point he lets a criminal get away in a manner that clearly echoes his failure to stop the robber who killed his uncle.

Ask yourself this question: How sick is it for the main character to pivot from one of the defining moments of his life — his culpability for Uncle Ben’s murder — to a yuk-yuk joke about how New York City’s views also played a role in convincing him to become a hero?

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  1. So much for that “Fresh Start,” Marvel. All they’re doing is moving their current writers to different books. Also, I don’t like how they’re continuing to write Peter as a thirty-something man-boy.

    By the way, I also liked the Pearl Jam song at the beginning.

  2. Absolutely disgusting– indeed. What I don’t get is– what part of their audience would be cool with Spidey saying, “My Uncle Ben died and yeah I learned some stuff, but the views are great and the city smells like pee.” I just can’t wrap my head around that.

    I wish you were wrong about the direction this guy will take the book, but I don’t think you’re wrong.

  3. I gave an opportunity to Nick Spencer with Captain America, I thought it was going to be like Mark Miller’s Red son… it doesn’t matter the place or the ideology Superman is in the core a good man; instead Captain America is automatically a bad man just because he choose the “wrong” ideas (coincidently the opposed ones to the writer xD) and the message i got was that to him each symbol of the past is a wrong one, we should feel guilty to love those characters so he twist them to make them egoist and amoral.
    I could say he was angry and not thinking clearly, but not: he premeditated it specifically in free comic book day to spread this petty message to a wider audience. I am not going to be guilty to like Spider-Man, the one made by Spencer is not him.

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