Tom Brevoort mocks fans

Question: What happens when Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort sees the success of the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls INDIEGOGO campaign and then decides to take out his anger on customers?

Answer: Mr. Brevoort likens readers to an evil worm while he’s in a blind rage, but it only comes across as projection. People know that he is such an angry man that he even uses Twitter to call his son an “entitled white a**hole.”

Ak yourself, dear reader, who is more of a worm: Comic book readers who think it’s gross to call Peter Parker’s “devil deal” a form of medicine, or the guy who airs his own family’s dirty laundry on Twitter for cheap “likes” by total strangers.

Tom Brevoort Twitter son tweet

If you want to know what Jawbreakers: Lost Souls has readers energized while Tom Brevoort only has people shaking their head disgust, then look no further than his Twitter feed.

Check out my latest YouTube video for the full story regarding Marvel’s meltdown, along with the growth of the Comicsgate/Save Comics community that lives rent free inside Mr. Brevoort’s head.


  1. In my country whites are a minority (actually the only ones that care about color skin seems to be the SJW, nobody else cares v.v) and national tv chose an actress to be the public face of the channel. A few of local SJW that like to imitate what is fashion in U.S. started to cry because she is white (why are they so racist?) should be chosen instead a person of native race… and they were denounced as racists because the color of skin shouldn’t matter. That tweet against his own son is not only wrong but criminal, that man is a racist and a man not suitable to be a parent, I know we that love and read comics are mostly adults but are characters consumed by kids and teens on movies and games, I now understand how this man has the immaturity to destroy beloved characters just to push his whimps, making characters we love directly into nazis just because their race.

    1. Thanks for the question, Duncan. It really all depends on time. At the moment my schedule simply doesn’t allow for longer blog posts, although I would like to make them. My latest Youtube video has over 1,000 views in less than 24 hours, but if I did the same thing as a blog post it would probably have 25 views at most over the same timeline.

      I’m going to try and cross-post my videos here more often, and then perhaps do at least one “traditional” blog post each week — possibly on a Sunday.

      I’m not sure if that really answers your question. Some of it depends on what my schedule is like after I move to Nevada in a few months. I’ll be starting work earlier in the day, which might adjust how I approach creative endeavors with the new routine. We’ll see.

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