Peter Parker Soy Face

Your friendly neighborhood blogger has covered all things “Spider-Man” for many years. Readers are familiar with the charge that Peter Parker has been emasculated in his own book, but inevitably there are always skeptics.

“Doug, it’s just one issue!” they essentially say. Whether it’s Captain America turning into a de facto Nazi, Iceman randomly turning gay, Iron Man being replaced by a teenage girl for years, etc., the refrain always comes up that Comicsgaters are “exaggerating” or “seeing things that aren’t really there.”

The past few weeks, however, presented the world with ThunderCats Roar — a bastardization of the original and the 2011 reboot — and now Peter Parker in all his “soy face” infamy.

The image is so striking and so telling on a deeper level that a single tweet from my account has reached nearly 30,000 pairs of eyes and over 400 likes in less than 24 hours.

Peter Parker Soy Face Twitter Stats

This isn’t a one-time thing. Over … and over … and over again the creative teams assigned to watch over the character have found ways to turn him into an absolute buffoon.

Ask yourself this question: Why are all fictional heroes who represent many aspects of traditional masculinity being stripped of their credibility and turned into gags for ironic hipsters?

SpiderMan suit

Check out my latest YouTube videos on both Spider-Man and ThunderCats for a clearer picture as to what’s going on.

As always, I invite you to leave your feedback section in the comments section below. I’d really like to hear what you have to say.

ThunderCats Roar: When Cultural Snarfs Run the Show:

ThunderCats Roar: SJWs and the Sword of Bad Omens:


  1. Probably since the time when Peter Parker made the deal with Mephisto to choose the past (aunt May) sacrificing his future (MJ) Spiderman (which to me is a symbol to negate to be a man and desire to come back to be a children) has been deprived of his road that was precisely the opposite, he was a kid whose uncle Ben’s death forced him to reach maturity and being a responsible man.
    Everything just to make him fit of the harmless idea of what should be politically correct to be a man these years: with fear to be a man, with shame to have a specific race, afraid to love and to give a kiss because that would make him a harasser apparently (but if a Rose Tico would give him a kiss he should not have place to say no).
    This is a cheap way to “empower” other characters not giving them strength but weakening popular characters.

  2. So we can assume the upcoming Fantastic Four will be disgraceful? Human Torch will soon be bi-sexual and Reed Richards will be on a leash most likely. I am so sick of these libtards! Ruining my collecting with there ideologue BS!

    Will Brian Michael Bendis ruin Superman? I do not think he is as gross as Slott or Waid but he still loves to insert race where needed. Will Jimmy Olson be black soon?

    1. “Will Jimmy Olson be black soon?”

      He already is on Supergirl. And he goes by JAMES Olsen.

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