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Once upon a time your friendly neighborhood blogger half-jokingly wondered if Marvel’s Dan Slott would randomly insert him into a comic as a villain. Who could have predicted that Max “feast upon my a**” BemisMax “I f***ing hate you personally” Bemis would essentially say, “Stand back, Mr. Slott. I’ve got this. Hold. My. Beer.”

Consider the following recap of the movement known as Comicsgate since December 2017.

    • Mr. Bemis lashes out at customers with his “feast upon my a**” and “hate you personally” tweets.
    • Yours truly (along with friends within the Comicsgate network) highlight the unprofessional behavior in videos seen by thousands.
    • Incoming Marvel EIC C.B. Cebulski is asked during a Q&A session about Mr. Bemis and he assures the audience that corrective measures were taken.
    • Mr. Bemis tells websites like Newsarama that he didn’t have a long-term blueprint for the book but often relies on “improvisation.”
    • The writer explicitly says in interviews and on social media that he uses the book to work through his own struggles with mental illness.
    • Mr. Bemis shares tweets by the self-proclaimed leader of the anti-Comicsgate crowd, artist Bill Sienkiewicz. Comics pros like Mr. Sienkiewicz routinely frame Comcisgate as a movement for Nazis, white supremacists, etc.
    • Mr. Bemis reveals a new “Nazi” villain named “Ernst”. The bearded bad-guy shows up in a production timeline that almost perfectly matches the December 2017 videos calling out the writer’s unprofessional rhetoric.

Ask yourself how many coincidences upon coincidences would have needed to happen for the evil “Uncle Ernst” character to appear into the book. If you’re like me, you will conclude that this is just one more stunning example of how far the professional standards at Marvel Comics have fallen.

Max Bemis Feast Upon My A

Max Bemis Marvel Hate Fans Personally

Modern Marvel Comics are no longer meant to inspire kids to bigger and better things.

Modern Marvel Comics are no longer written to instill a sense of awe and wonder into young minds via the hero’s journey.

Modern Marvel Comics no longer have a functioning moral compass built in the majority of the titles.

Instead, to quote Mr. Bemis, they are written by individuals who seek to wallow in something “f***ed up.”

Max Bemis Twitter Comics

Modern Marvel Comics is a damaged product written by morally relativistic individuals who seek to hobble others at a psychological and spiritual level.

If you don’t believe me, then check out my latest video on the company’s newest villain — “Ernst” — and the circumstances leading up to his debut.

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  1. *sigh* They bash the older fans for being fond of the older comics, stating we just hate anything new. Then they fill the new comics with material specifically designed to insult, drive away, and show spite towards the older fans.

    And all the while, the much touted hot new “diverse” audience remains non-existent.

    The days when an average issue of, say, Uncanny X-Men or Fantastic Four would have fan letters of fans of all every shape and form, often from around the world are long behind us.

    And yet, Modern Marvel shrieks that it has never been more diverse, never more open to new readers, than it is now.

    It deeply depresses me. The dreams of yesterday are being torn apart out of petty, simple, malicious bitterness. 😦

    1. It really is quite sad, Mr. Ellis. I maintain that something better may rise from the ashes of SJW Marvel. The new creators are brimming with ideas. Once the distribution problem is figured out it’s a whole new ball game. 🙂

  2. I just want fun comics. I don’t care if we have a tranny wolverine, and otherkin Hulk, or a Black Widow that’s really a trap. As long as the stories are fun then I’m happy. That being said. Some of the stories have really just been total crap. A lot of the characters in the comic are really all just the same viewpoint nodding and jerking eachother off. It’s just not fun like that. It could be so much better.

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