Tony Stark

The universe works in mysterious ways.

Those who have followed this blog for years know that two Marvel characters hold a special place in my heart: Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man), and Tony Stark (The Invincible Iron Man).

Those who have followed this blog for years know also know that your friendly neighborhood blogger has a unique relationship with Marvel scribe Dan Slott — I was writing reviews that had him rage-reading and rage-tweeting years before making the leap to YouTube.

Given this history, I thought we would both go our separate ways with the announcement that he was exiting The Amazing Spider-Man. He may have put Peter Parker into an “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda” t-shirt, but that was in no way going to prompt me to follow his work on some random character.

The universe, my friends, had other plans!

Watch my latest YouTube video for a preview for what is to come in the years ahead as Dan continues to write for Marvel and I continue to review his work (always, mind you, with the goal of making him a better writer).


  1. Who knows, maybe feeling enthusiastic about doing something new will re-energize the guy. It’s obvious he always held a low opinion of the character of Peter Parker, and viewed him as an arrested adolescent whose progress forward in life was thwarted by his own immaturity. That’s not Tony Stark. On the other hand, Slott shows little knowledge of how big business operates (just socialist cliches), or any of the actual sciences, both of which are important to Iron Man.

  2. I haven’t read comics since I was an early teen. But i enjoy reading about your stoush with progressively more stupid regressives. Maybe when you’ve finished with the comic world, you’ll go gunning for the rest of the PC brigade.

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