Comic book fans know that Marvel Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski has a slew of problems to deal with as he gets settled in his new job. Some issues are more complex than others. He will need to wisely pick and choose his battles.

One issue, however, that can be dealt with over night is the behavior of writers like Max “I f***ing you hate personally” Bemis.

Every normal company has a social media policy. Every normal company would fire an employ who told paying customers “I f***ing hate you.” Therefore, it makes absolutely no sense why Disney and Marvel turn a blind eye to the behavior of Mr. Bemis of Moon Knight.

Check out my new YouTube video for a rundown of the latest unprofessional turn by a Marvel writer. Feel free to contact Mr. Cebulski and Disney with screenshots of Mr. Bemis’ Twitter feed. Some of us would love to hear them explain how, exactly, this promotes the industry.



  1. Marvel’s writers need a lesson on civility and also on customer relations. If my mom talked to customers like that at her job, she’d be fired in an instant.

    1. I definitely won’t buying Moon Knight from Max Bemis, that’s for sure. His behavior is completely unacceptable. I don’t know these clowns can get away with talking to fans like that.

    2. I would have been on board for the long-haul if Max didn’t behave that way. It will be interesting to see the sales trajectory over the next couple of months…

  2. Actually Max Bemis suprized me with his Latest issue of Moon Knight,
    It is actually worth the read, maybe just this present arc he is working on Marc Spectors origin in it.
    If you check out my review on it, I noticed he bought in something, that is actually of Historical importance, an often missed, which is why that issue only got the rating it did.

    I agree his behavior may not be appropriate so hopefully, he will deliver a good story to us, which will mean something of value, an show us his worth, in his care of the character which isn’t his own.

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