Imagine a moment in time where Marvel writer Dan Slott was interacting with a friend — perhaps someone of Jewish or Islamic faith — and he said that not even King David or Allah could convince him of the following: Former President Obama failed the American people.

Got it? Now imagine that yours truly made a joke about said left-wing ideologue, which required me to call the religious figures mentioned a “cuck.”

Question: How would Dan Slott react to my joke?

May conservative guys like myself make fun of Jewish and Islamic ideologues of a left-wing persuasion, or is there are hypocritical double standard?

Can I make fun of Muslim left-wing ideologues with the same ease displayed by Dan Slott’s feminist crush as she refers to Jesus Christ as a “cuck”?

You tell me, dear reader. Let me know what you think, and then watch my latest YouTube video. I think you’ll find Mr. Slott’s latest attack on your friendly neighborhood blogger quite telling.


  1. I wish Mr. Slott would put aside his differences for a second to see how juvenile he’s acting. He continuously proves his infatuation with the current POTUS, coupled with his utter disdain for religion(specifically and only Christianity?), will continue to fuel his hatred when interacting on social media.

    It even further proves how ridiculous his employer is by letting such behavior go unchecked throughout the years. If freedom of speech is his excuse, then he should have separate social media accounts for personal and professional use. There is no excuse for his behavior towards fans and critics to continue without their being repercussions for negative and often hostile social media posts.

    I hope the change in leadership addresses these issues sooner rather than later. I know we have some time to go before we see any actual changes reverberate through the sjwMarvel trenches, but enough is enough, we have had enough.

  2. Slott is pathetic. It’s obvious that he wants to get you fired from your job, otherwise why would he keep tagging your employer? He fails to understand that you do reviews on your own time, not on company time.

    Back when I had a blog, I remember I’d occasionally get trackbacks to writers’ twitter pages. Among them were Marz, Slott and Joe Harris, who wrote the X-Files comics for IDW at the time. They didn’t threaten my livelihood or anything, but they did make snide comments about me in their feeds. I actually considered getting a Twitter in order to combat their BS, but decided not to since, well, I’m not a very controversial person. At least I try not to be.

    This just proves to me that man-children are in charge of comics these days, at least at Marvel and IDW.

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