Iron Man 593

It’s here — Marvel’s attempt to tackle the “Legacy” of Tony Stark, aka The Invincible Iron Man. There’s only one problem, my friends: Writer Brian Michael Michael Bendis really wanted to keep the main character dead (for all intents and purposes) for a long, long time. Those pesky fans got in Editor in Chief Axel Alonso’s way, and now everyone who wanted to crown Riri Williams “the” Iron Man must to pretend as if they’re not backtracking against their will.

My latest YouTube video covers The Search for Tony Stark: Part 1, although what’s really going on is a search for ways to placate Disney overlords while still undermining Tony Stark’s long-term credibility.

Give my latest “quick-take” on the situation a listen and then let me know what you think in the comments section below. And, as always, if the video format resonates with you then make sure to like and subscribe. I don’t always cross-post these days (I need an intern!), but I try to do so as time permits.


  1. I always thought you were more quite and calm was because that is the better way to make an argument, and understood the value of not getting too emotional. You know, the power of a calm center.

    You kind of just showed the man behind the screen, broke my heart a bit.

    Still good. But I guess you never want to see beyond the veil in these cases.

  2. Rheumatic fever as a child.

    I suppose broken heart was the wrong term.

    It is more like when I found out Jaws was supposed to have the shark in it more. It was only budget concerns that reduced its appearance. The end result lead to a stronger movie.

    Yeah in the end, the product is strong because of circumstance, and that is the important thing. You just are disappointed it wasn’t planned from the beginning.

    1. Do you honestly think the only reason I’m calm in videos is because I’m being quiet for my wife? My goodness. I’m almost always chilled out in my videos. Just because I’m extra considerate for my wife when she has work in the morning it doesn’t mean I’m some Wizard of Oz Figure.

      If you’ve read my blog for years and listened to my videos and still goofed on this, then I don’t know what to tell you.

  3. Hey Doug it was announced today Bendis is moving to DC. Do you plan on writing or giving your unscripted thoughts on this?

    1. Hola, Duncan. I should have something in the near future, but at the moment I’m writing a Thor: Ragnarok review for Conservative Book Club. If I don’t have something Bendis-related up tomorrow, then I’ll address it over the weekend for sure.

      Thanks for asking! I’m a little swamped these days. 🙂

      Update: I goofed! Mea Culpa. My next review for CBC will be Justice League. The good news is that I posted the review on the blog. Enjoy!

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