Saladin Ahmed: Marvel writer spews bigotry, blames others for blowback as EIC C.B. Cebulski silent

Saladin Ahmed Christmas tweet

There once was a time when Marvel writers and artists didn’t use the Christmas season to go on bizarre and bigoted rants against “white” people. Saladin Ahmed, however, is a sterling example of the “House of Ideas” (or was it the House of Ideologues?) under Sana Amanat and editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski.

Mr. Ahmed — for years — has publicly offered his “white people” lamentations, and yet he is a.) rewarded for his bigotry by the company’s top brass, and b.) plays the victim with a straight face.

This weekend the Marvel scribe must have watched your friendly neighborhood blogger’s live-stream on his disgusting rhetoric because he came into work on Monday with fresh rants about “right wingers” who are “trying to get me fired.”

Saladin Ahmed RW

Given that Mr. Ahmed is obsessed with white people, it is perhaps fitting that a White Stripes song spotlights what he does after professionally embarrassing himself on social media.

From Jack White’s Effect & Cause:

Well, first came an action
And then a reaction
But you can’t switch ’em ’round
For your own satisfaction
Well you burnt my house down
Then got mad
At my reaction

Well in every complicated situation
Of a human relation
Making sense of it all
Takes a whole lotta concentration, mmm
Well you can’t blame a baby
For her pregnant ma
And if there’s one of these unavoidable laws
It’s that you can’t just take the effect
And make it the cause, no

Take a bow, C.B. Cebulski. While you tweet about your “Air Supply” dreams, Marvel writers are doing everything in their power to alienate readers with bigoted Twitter accounts.

CB Cebulski Twitter AS

Check out my latest YouTube video for a more extensive look at what is permitted at Marvel on Mr. Cebulski’s watch.

The White Stripes’ Effect & Cause:


James Gunn torpedoed his Disney career: A lesson for social-media busybodies

James Gunn THR

Hollywood director James Gunn was fired last week after conservative activists consolidated and posted his long history of rape and pedophile “jokes,” in addition to tweets that were shocking for the sake of being shocking.

James Gunn tweet

The interesting thing about Mr. Gunn’s “jokes” is that guys like me would not have been aware of them had he not been the kind of person who climbs upon a moral pedestal to lecture President Trump and Roseanne Bar about “abhorrent” rhetoric.

James Gunn Rosanne

The rise of internet busybodies who destroy careers by spotlighting a single tweet can be traced to left-wing ideologues — often times guys like Patton Oswalt — who are furious that their Frankenstein monster has turned on them.

Patton Oswalt tweet

The commander in chief must be intellectually flogged for lewd comments he made about women many years ago, but Mr. Oswalt is now upset that a sustained flow of pedo and rape “jokes” by Mr. Gunn resulted in his termination from Disney.


James Gunn tweet 2

What makes the situation more pathetic is that a large population on social media see nothing wrong with his “jokes.” Mr. Gunn deleted at least 10,000 tweets in a very short amount of time to cover up his disturbing behavior (as a 40-year-old man, mind you), yet many observers think Disney should have yawned and said, “Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here.”

DTE on Gunn

The lesson of the day: Don’t go finger-wagging at politicians and fellow entertainers about “abhorrent” rhetoric if your past includes many years worth of sexual jokes about minors. That seems like it would be common sense, but then again common sense is in short supply as of 2018.

If you’d like to hear my full thoughts on Mr. Gunn’s firing, then feel free to check out my recent live-stream with the multi-talented Brett R. Smith. We wrap up the discussion with commentary on his latest project with artist Timothy Lim and writer Chuck Dixon: Trump’s Space Force.

You can check out the Indiegogo campaign here.

Dan Slott acts like online psycho, anti-Christian bigot: Will Marvel step in?

Sometimes Marvel write Dan Slott tells Christians to go to “Christ-Land” after they win supreme court cases. Sometimes Marvel writer Dan Slott mocks prayer after terror attacks with “God isn’t fixing this” Twitter re-tweets. And sometimes Marvel writer Dan Slott mocks serious prayers by yours truly when he knows deep down that he would never do that to a Muslim comic book critic.

Check out my latest YouTube video if you want to see just how low modern Marvel Comics has fallen. Then ask yourself the following question: When will Disney step in?

BONUS: When all else fails and Marvel writer Dan Slott doesn’t know what to do about my videos, he goes back to his tried and true option — he lies.


Disney, Marvel throw tantrum over Georgia’s religious liberty bill

Winter Soldier v Captain America

Imagine that I, a Catholic, walked into a Muslim bakery and asked the man behind the counter to make a wedding cake for me that said, “Jesus is Lord.” Does the Muslim man have the right to deny me service? It’s a good bet that countless Disney and Marvel employees would say yes.

Imagine that I, a Catholic, owned a bakery and a Muslim man walked in and asked for a cake that said, “Allahu Akbar! Happy Birthday. I’m glad you’re not kafir!” Do I have a right to deny him service? It’s a good bet that many, many Disney and Marvel employees would say yes.

Imagine some jerk knowingly walked into a gay man’s bakery and asked for a cake that referenced Romans 1:27 — “Men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.” Would the gay man have the right to deny the jerk service? The answer should be self-evident.

Why then is it so hard for Disney and Marvel to understand that a religious man has every right to deny a gay man a wedding cake if it conflicts with his spiritual convictions?

Fortune magazine reported earlier today:

Walt Disney, along with subsidiary Marvel Studios, announced plans on Wednesday to boycott filming future movie projects in the state of Georgia should Governor Nathan Deal sign the bill. Opponents of the bill, which passed Georgia’s state legislature last week after facing significant opposition from a faction of lawmakers, claim it would allow a range of faith-based organizations to openly discriminate against the LGBT community.

In a statement provided to the press, a Disney spokesperson said: “Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies, and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law.”

I have said on this very blog that I would make cakes for anyone if I owned “Dough Ernst’s Bakery” — even a wedding cake for a gay couple. I would not, however, hold it against the baker across town if he said doing so would be a violation of his faith. It seems downright bizarre that Disney and Marvel are doing their own part to further chip away at religious freedom in the United States.

Georgia’s Gov. Nathan Deal has until May 3 to decide whether or not he will sign the Free Exercise Protection Act, which was passed by the state legislature this week. In the meantime, millions of men like Marvel writer Dan Slott — whose understanding of most public policy issues boils down to “Me like: Good. Me no like: Bad.” — will be putting pressure on him to not sign the bill.

DS religious liberty tweet

One should note that Dan Slott merely re-tweeted Variety’s article on the issue instead of telling Christians to go to “Christ-Land” like he did in 2014 after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling he didn’t like. Bravo! Perhaps he knows that yours truly would be ready to expose his own bigotry (inadvertent or not, you be the judge) once again.

Dan Slott Christians

Here is what I said July 1, 2014:

Question for Dan Slott: If I just had a beef with a few Jews over a religious issue with political implications, and I told them to go to “Jew-land,” then how would you respond? How would my employer respond? That’s right — you’d go ballistic. And then my employer would fire me. But you get to tell a bunch of Christians to go to “Christ-land” without consequences. Hypocrite.

Do women have the right to form organizations that only cater to women? Do men have the right to form organizations that only cater to men? Do gay people have the right to form organizations that only cater to gay people? Do Christian organizations have the right to form organizations that only cater to Christians?

The answer is yes — even if the questions are re-worded in terms of the right of every group mentioned to discriminate against individuals outside the group.

A free society respects the fact that people in the private sector have the right to assemble as they see fit. An Orwellian nightmare is a place where law enforcement officials use limited time and resources to force bakers to make cakes against their will.