Those who follow the comic book industry witnessed a Marvel-wide “milkshake” meltdown over the weekend, which is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the company. The whole story is incredibly bizarre, but it boils down to this:

Gwenpool editor Heather Antos saw three tweets that she didn’t like over the weekend and decided that random insults are the equivalent of harassment.

Despite the fact that a random insult is not the same as harassment or a human rights violation, the industry’s writers and artists acted as if she had barely dodged an acid attack by Taliban thugs in Afghanistan. Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort put on his daddy pants to let her know that everything would all be okay; he then told her that tens-of-thousands of fans who are tired of partisan politics at the company are “racist turds.”

There is more to the story, but for that I suggest checking out my latest YouTube video. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Brevoort for his overreaction, which netted me scores of new YouTube subscribers and Twitter followers.

Fun fact: Guys like me are not “racist turds.” Every time you criticize us, people check out our work and realize, “Hey, this seems like a pretty nice dude. I want to hear more of what he has to say.”

My suggestion for Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso would be to concentrate on good stories instead of partisan hackery, but at this point I don’t see him listening to reason. Given that, I will continue to make videos as the House That Axel Alonso built implodes.

Editor’s Note: Twitter user GoodEggJoe sent me this image today, which I told him was pretty darn good and worthy of being included on a blog post. His work shows that there are numerous ways to put pressure on the comic industry’s activist-writers. One doesn’t need a blog or a YouTube channel to have their voice be heard.



  1. I am starting to think this whole mess was a selected outrage to drive attention to the failing books to give a short boost in sales. The ploy may have backfired as we see many people are not happy with Marvel employees online behavior.

  2. Hi Douglas, I’ve been reading the blog lately, as a comic book aficionado & also a lapsed liberal, who’s found society & indeed comics seems to be on an increasingly polarising pathway. As someone interested in the truth at the heart of the matter I found this article interesting & very revealing & for me it certainly addresses the culture of offense & outrage that come off of the back of an increased moral puliptry evident in the millennial generetion. I hope this sheds some light & thanks for the continued content.

  3. Those obnoxious anti-SJW tweets were written either by certified idiots, or a few of them could have been written by Marvel employees posing as alt-rightists. The whole thing seems like a publicity stunt.

  4. You can throw me in with the crowd thinking this is one huge publicity stunt by Marvel for Marvel, all in the name of making “feels”.

  5. While I really wish people wouldn’t write rude things to each other on the internet, Brevoort just made it worse by lumping everyone as a racist turd. At this point, it’s like they’re daring people not to buy the books. Marvel calls their fans Racist Turds like they used to call them ‘True Believers”. Imagine Stan Lee doing this in the 60’s. “Excelsior…you assholes”!

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