Imagine you were a Marvel editor not too long ago and someone said, “We should totally bring back Ben Reilly from the infamous Clone Saga days. That would be cool. People liked him and his fans will flock to a book if we give him his own series.”

Got it? Now ask yourself this question: If you wanted the base of your book to consist of long-time Ben Reilly fans, would you a.) Turn the character into a crazed man out of something from Fight Club, or would you b.) Try to woo loyal readers with something resembling the character in their mind’s eye for almost 20 years?

Marvel went with the first option for Scarlet Spider, which is rather odd. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Peter David seems to be doing his best with the marching orders he’s been given in the first issue.

There’s much more to say, but for that I invite you to check out my latest YouTube video. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below.


    1. I said that if you like his writing and want a good book then it would be one way to help him out (by keeping him employed on a quality product). That is much different than cutting a guy a check or just mailing him $50.

    2. I agree, and I heard that comment. It just strikes me as odd that people would rather ask others, than do for themselves these days. It baffles me, and I can’t process that mentality.

    3. Gotcha. Yeah, there’s no way I would ever send Peter David a check because he couldn’t get his finances straight with the IRS for about two decades. Heh. It’s like, “Come on, dude.” If he had some sort of health problem that popped up out of the blue and needed help paying the bills, then okay. That’s fair. But mismanaging finances for years on end isn’t a reason to turn to the fans.

    1. He makes a few good points.

      Other than that, he’s your standard leftist twit.

      His other work suggests a guy that spends a lot of time at Huffpo planning his next move with ‘the resistance’.

      His biggest faux pas for me is trotting out the most public, political garbage articles to prove that anti-semitism is still alive. The best way to do that is simply ask the FBI…where we would find out that religious hate crimes against Jews are still the highest, and have been historically…but I know why he doesn’t…we have to make sure Muslims are the biggest victims. His political buddies are responsible for downplaying anti-semitism…he should give them a call. Also people that make common cause with the folks that have tried to paint Donald Trump as an anti-semite…to the point that they dare impugn the faith of his daughter and her family…get nothing from me but contempt.

      Trust me…the rest of Marvel’s problems don’t bother this guy…in fact, he’d probably call you a racist for anything else. This is one of the guys that probably jumped down Nick Spencer’s throat for suggesting not rabbit punching anyone they decide to call a Nazi.

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