‘American Sniper’ success prompts Michael Moore to take pot shots at deceased hero Chris Kyle

“American Sniper” is a box office hit. In four days of wide-release, it has pulled in $105 million. Audiences across the country have been moved by the Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Director Clint Eastwood did a marvelous job showing the kind of selfless service displayed by American war fighters while also not shying away from the psychological toll that combat takes on them and their loved ones. It’s a stellar film about an American hero, which is why Michael Moore and Seth Rogen responded just as the world expects Hollywood liberals to act: like pathetic men who deep down resent the fact that for all their fame and fortune they are still glorified clowns.

Chris Kyle was a real hero, and instead of just dealing with their envy and jealousy in the privacy of their own home, Michael Moore and Seth Rogen lashed out on Twitter so the world could see how truly petty they are.

Michael Moore American SniperUsing Michael Moore’s logic, anyone who uses cover and concealment during the course of battle is a “coward.” Perhaps we should do away with camouflage and just wear bright red jackets with white pants in the middle of open fields, but I digress.
Michael Moore Twitter American SniperOnce negative feedback came rolling in, Michael Moore decided to just make it abundantly clear that whenever he talks about cowards, he is really just projecting his own inner demons.

Michael Moore Chris Kyle

Translation: “What are you so upset about? I wasn’t disparaging Chris Kyle with my sniper comments, even though I made them on the very day millions of Americans were talking about him. Where would you get that idea?”

And then there is Seth Rogen, whose main achievement in life is that he made a dumb movie about North Korea (we all know why he didn’t target Iranian mullahs), which forced millions of Americans to confirm: yes, we will defend Hollywood actors’ right to the freedom of expression, even if they are classless imbeciles.

Seth Rogen American SniperSeth Rogen’s tweet proves that he did not see “American Sniper,” or that he is a hate-filled buffoon (perhaps both?). The movie wasn’t a celebration of war or a piece of propaganda similar to faux-Nazi films created by Quentin Tarantino; if anything it was a clarion call to policy makers to think long and hard before sending men like Chris Kyle into war zones. Only a miserable person as defined by John Stuart Mill could watch Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” and think “coward.”

“The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” — John Stuart Mill.

C.S. Lewis, who fought and almost died during World War I, puts it another way in his famous essay, “Why I am not a pacifist”:

“For let us make no mistake. All that we fear from all the kinds of adversity, severally, is collected together in the life of a soldier on active service. Like sickness, it threatens pain and death. Like poverty, it threatens ill lodging, cold, heat, thirst, and hunger. Like slavery, it threatens toil, humiliation, injustice, and arbitrary rule. Like exile, it separates you from all you love. Like the gallies, it imprisons you at close quarters with uncongenial companions. It threatens every temporal evil — every evil except dishonor and final perdition, and those who bear it like it no better than you would like it. On the other side, though it may not be your fault, it is certainly a fact that Pacifism threatens you with almost nothing. Some public opprobrium, yes, from people whose opinion you discount and whose society you do not frequent, soon recompensed by the warm mutual approval which exists, inevitably, in any minority group. For the rest it offers you a continuance of the life you know and love, among the people and in the surroundings you know and love.” — C.S. Lewis

Michael Moore and Seth Rogen are very much like the “miserable creatures” referenced in Mill’s “On Liberty.” On many levels they are not worth writing about; they run in social circles with like-minded fools who would never point out that maybe — just maybe — the dough-like man-boys disparaging Navy SEALs might have a few insecurities hiding in those rolls of skin. However, because of their Hollywood connections, men like Michael Moore and Seth Rogen do affect American culture. The bully pulpit they have access to almost demands that those who can push back against their attempts at character assassination, should.

Congratulations, Michael Moore and Seth Rogen: you’re the type of guys who take shots at deceased Navy SEALs and the creative works that respectfully honor their sacrifice. Try doing that outside Hollywood circles and see how much it endears you to the crowd.

Update: Seth Rogen is now backtracking with the incredibly lame “Apples remind me of oranges,” excuse. Next he’ll say that every once-in-awhile he sits down, bites into a banana, and thinks, “Zucchini.”

Seth Rogen American Sniper Twitter
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Cuban Zombie Flick More Accurate than Michael Moore Movies.

Michael Moore isn’t going to be happy with his Cuban filmmaker counterparts. The self-made millionaire who laments capitalism and the astute observer of freedom who said that it seems Cuba has “a doctor on every block” now might end up having to watch as a Cuban zombie flick sheds more light on life in Fidel’s “paradise” than Sicko ever did. The building that collapses at the end of the Juan of the Dead trailer even looks like the “showcase hospital” Moore was taken to during his tour of the country!

How sad is it that American kids will probably have to watch this Cuban horror movie parody to get a better education on the real Cuba than by attending classes in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, or Chicago? Perhaps the editor at Topless Robot put it best:

Unlike regular zombie flicks or even Shaun [of the Dead], Juan and his pals don’t seem to be afraid of zombies at all — it appears that given all the other [crap] that happens in Cuba on regular basis, zombies end up pretty unremarkable as a crisis. In fact, it looks like Juan immediately seizes the invasion of the living dead as a business opportunity. That’s pretty outstanding. Here’s hoping it makes it to U.S. theaters, or at least a domestic DVD release.

As The Heritage Foundation and Marco Rubio have already noted, Cuba has no problem creating zombies in the form of sex trade victims. Why should Cuban government thugs care about scarred children shuffling around when it’s part of a 2 billion dollar tourism industry for Fidel and Raul? Perhaps a more accurate assessment of Moore’s “there seems to be doctor on every block” claim can be attributed to staff treating the STD’s and psychological damage to young girls thrust into human trafficking. That is, unless Fidel Castro says otherwise:

There are no women forced to sell themselves to a man, to a foreigner, to a tourist…Those who do so do it on their own, voluntarily and without any need for it. We can say that they are highly educated hookers and quite healthy.

In the Juan of the Dead trailer, the government blames the zombie outbreak on “dissident groups paid for by the U.S. government.” Anyone who’s listened to Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Keith Olbermann, Janeane Garofalo and the rest of the left knows they would be the first to take the state run media’s account and run with it. When the real zombie apocalypse hits the one silver lining will be the entertainment provided by our nation’s useful idiot survivors.

If Juan of the Dead is a success the sequel should be Venezuela. Why? Because like Cuba, they’re also into sex trafficking. 40,000 – 50,000 child prostitutes in the socialist wonderland and counting. It’s a ready-made allegory for life under Sean Penn’s ideological hero.

Congratulations to the director of Juan of the Dead, Alejandro Brugues; your work of fiction is more accurate than a Michael Moore documentary and you weren’t even trying. If you get stateside distribution, I’m there.