There are times when I wish that I never made the leap to YouTube and instead stayed on my little old blog churning out content for people who understand things like nuance. My reaction to Spider-Man: Homecoming highlighted that fact quite nicely yesterday.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger said that he loves the movie and wants people to see it, but that a weird scene involving “MJ’s” comment on slavery was a social justice-y sucker punch out of nowhere. I then used that scene to discuss real-world “MJ’s” populating college campuses and influential circles of activists across the nation.

Translation:Doug is an SJW! Doug is triggered! Doug can’t enjoy anything that includes a whiff of SJW politics.”


Below are my videos on the old web-head’s return to the big screen. As always, if you enjoy the content then be sure to subscribe. And if you too think I’ve gone full “SJW” then go for it in the comments section. Let me know! I find this conclusion fascinating.

Here is the full review with one major spoiler for those who haven’t seen the film.


  1. Yeah, saw it over the weekend and like you I’m all “well that came out of nowhere.”

    I’ll defer to you because you’re the bigger spidey-fan but I’d rank the movies as:

    Raimi – The best pure distillation of the Spider-man comic books from the silver age.
    Amazing Spidey – Pretty much ultimate Spider-man on film.
    MCU – Miles spider-man (see also)

    Speaking of, I think I’ve finally figured out what bugs me about Miles Morales. Spider-man being a legacy character? Sure, it worked for Flash & Green Lantern & Firestorm and others of my favorites.

    OH WAIT, we had that! It was called SPIDER-GIRL. And she was AWESOME.

    It’s not just Miles replacing my Peter Parker. He’s replacing my Mayday Parker too. 😦

    You ever wonder what it would be like in Homecoming if they had Toby McGuire play uncle Ben?

  2. I don’t do YouTube (I will never give any bit of my info to Google), so I do miss commenting on your blog posts.

    That said I loved your video on Teen Titans vol 1, I to loved the book. Sadly I have dropped both it and Titans after the abomination that was Lazarus Contract.

    1. “Ok, 1 more then I’ll stop, but I believe you’ve caused D&C to panic about the movie.”

      He’s on YouTube probation after that Fantastic Four review… Haha.

      But seriously, the response to that video across the board is baffling. I literally prefaced my comments on the slavery thing by saying I enjoyed the movie a ton, and then I bookended the broadcast by saying I “love” the finished product.

      People in the comments section just ignored key information and then said I was overreacting. Huh?! If I was overreacting then I would not “love” the movie, I would say the scene ruined it for me, etc.

  3. What is SJW, Douglas? I won’t be watching a Spider-Man movie any time soon, but if I’m reading between the lines here, you are talking about a bit of revision going on. That’s nothing new. You can either comment on what you see. and put up with the onslaught or avert your eyes and let it slide right past you. If I’ve misread things, do let me know.

    1. Hola, Mary. SJW is short for “Social Justice Warrior.” It’s an acronym for people who practice identity politics. They initially used “SJW” as a badge of honor but their own behavior turned it into a pejorative.

  4. Loved the movie. It felt more like a Spider-Man movie than any of the previous movies, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed the first couple of movies.

    I didn’t like the slavery “joke,” either. It was lame, not to mention demonstrably false. The Washington Monument wasn’t built by slaves; it wasn’t even completed until the 1870s, over ten years after slavery ended! It seemed like a case of a white SJW writer trying to absolve his guilt over something he had nothing to do with. I also wonder if Zendaya had anything with the line, given her reputation as a primadonna.

    Speaking of Zendaya, I’m hoping she isn’t the “real” MJ. I mean, she was funny at times, and she is extremely beautiful, but to me MJ isn’t some socially awkward nerd. She’s the outgoing, extroverted super model type that provides a great contrast to Peter.

  5. I cannot judge until after Friday, I will then have seen the movie:)
    Douglas you better not be steering me wrong….I still can’t understand how D&C liked the FF movie..LOL

  6. I think there’s a difference between the craftsmanship of the movie in-and-of itself, then there’s the issue of fidelity to Original Flavor Spider-Man. The movies itself was outstanding. Tom Holland is excellent, and I think Keaton’s Adrian Toomes is the only other really outstanding MCU bad-guy since Loki (I consider all the other MCU villains to be, for the most part, unmemorable stick-figures). But on the other hand:

    > No spider-sense, at least that I could tell.
    > Overdid it on the Ganke.
    > Classic character names stuck onto new high-school characters. Why burn off those names?
    > That was not any “MJ” that I recognize, despite Zendaya’s good performance.
    > I think making Flash a fellow nerd was a mistake. A key to Flash is that he’s an athlete.
    > I didn’t like Peter cursing as much as he did, regardless of social “realism.”

  7. Finally saw it last night and I did not like it. Tom Holland and the character of Spider-man was excellent but the rest of the movie was disappointing. Who are all these strange individuals making up Peter Parkers world? Not the universe I know. The effects were third rate as well andKeaton’s Adrian Toomes was all kitsch. D minus.

  8. Just saw the movie and i loved it.
    Keaton was great.
    2 points that stuck out for me though:

    1) I have and issue with people using new tech they find and immediatly think ” illegal weapons”.
    If we ever find or invent small portable anti-gravity units, my first thought isn’t weapon but extremely usefull item for construction.

    2)Sony had a meeting where the order was given to make Marisa Tomei as unattractive as possible.
    You can also imagine the breakdown the fashion-team flown in from France had when they realised that making this woman unattractive is impossible.

  9. looks like slavery references from a persecuted and sad victim of extreme racism from Vons grocery store, when some lady wouldn’t take her card, were not enough for some people.

    (Thank God she wasn’t white…if she were white and the lady wouldn’t take her card, she wouldn’t have been able to siphon the white guilt and pseudo-indignation of millions by yelling at her phone.)

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