It’s the 4th of July, which means Americans everywhere are celebrating independence and all things red, white and blue. Sadly, Captain America is not available this year because Marvel’s “Hydra-Cap” era is still going strong.

If you want to see what post-modernists have done to Marvel Comics, then check out my latest YouTube video. There are only so many times a company can blow up a hero’s integrity before it’s nearly impossible for a writer to put together what a long string of post-modernists have broken.

As always, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Sound off on Marvel’s Secret Empire, its post-modernist writers, and anything related to the subject in the comments section below.

Editor’s Note: There is a “roast” of Capn. Cummings after the main video. Do not watch if strong language offends you. 


  1. Awesome. Thanks, I really enjoyed listening to that. You made some good points about post modernism, about how our heroes are made into something ugly, a gray mass, and about how the result is no trust anymore. You see that truth reflected out in the larger society.

    1. “You see that truth reflected out in the larger society.”

      Thanks for watching, Insanitybytes22. I hope that more people will continue to connect the dots and realize that all the different kinds of media we consume on a daily basis matters. Garbage in, garbage out…

  2. Great video, I love how you are not afraid to dig deep into the Marvel comics agenda. I hope that people are catching on to what is going on with that company so that it can change and become great again.

    1. I almost put that, LOL. Keep up the great articles and I am happy to see your videos gaining attention.

  3. I celebrated my 4th July with some cook out food, swimming, fireworks, and the first issue of Captain America from the 1940s. Even though the art and writing is not really super amazing (by modern standards) it was way more enjoyable and I would rather read it over all the crap Marvel puts out now.

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