Gerry Conway and Ryan Stegman continue to roll with Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3. If you’re looking for a Spider-Man book worth picking up, then this is the one. It’s not perfect, but the energy and enthusiasm the creative team brings to the book more than makes up for any editorial hiccups.

Check out my latest YouTube video below and let me know what you think of the issue, particularly my one minor gripe on the company’s continued habit of inserting political correctness across the line.


  1. Haven’t had a chance to read the issue yet (store’s re-ordering copies due in a few days), so I’ll have to wait to see the video and comment, but I’m looking forward to it. Glad to hear that the quality is consistent with the previous ones (which is the general buzz I’m getting).

  2. I’ve loved RYV so far, though there are a few things that I just don’t like. Simply, they don’t interest me. One of them is the (to me) contrite game they play to keep the Osborns and Parkers connected. I’ve never subscribed to that, it’s like keeping Batman and Joker’s descendants playing in the same sandbox – on paper alone it seems highly repetitive and formulaic.

    I LOVED Norman’s characterization during the MK run as a punch clock villain. His Gobby was the nemesis to Spider-Man’s hero, but at the end of the day the bastard, that glorious, villainous dichtomy having bastard, still cared about Peter specifically. It was just a job. Other than Norman I could care less about the Osborns, and that’s only for that specific type of Norman in particular.

    The first issue? Heartwarming. Second issue? Hey, I friggin’ LOVE stories that showcase just what the spider-sense can do (though being the fanboy I am, I prefer it when it’s Peter accomplishing that). Assassin Spider-Man’s cheatmode spider-sense is probably my favorite part of the mythos next to the Other, and boy is that an unpopular opinion.

    This issue in particular was confusing to me because it took me some time to notice that each issue so far has been from a different perspective. It’s a nice touch. I’ve seen people fall hard on Annie because she’s not Mayday, but she is a sweet kid. Stubborn as her father, but sweet.

    However, and I really wanted to get this off my chest, the second issue was my least favorite.

    The reason is simple. MJ got her time in the spotlight and she’s painted as a fierce Mom with a capital M. Don’t f*** with her or her kid, she’ll bust your a**. She’s the ‘reactor’ to Peter’s ‘worrier’. You know, Peter, the the guy who has been shown to be willing to kill when it comes to his family, is a drag out sentinel and stalwart guardian when it comes to his family? He did nothing while his daughter was in trouble.

    I feel that it was a 100% disservice to his character just to show how great Moms are in comparisons to fathers. MJ that is this mama bear who has ‘indomitable Mom powers’, and Peter is the worrywart who pads his daughter’s suit and fusses over everything.

    Oy vey, was that f****** annoying to read for me. We could have gotten them BOTH going full on webslinging a**kicking because their daughter was in danger, but no. Peter does nothing until it’s time to put a dinosaur to sleep.

    I DO understand for the purposes of story telling that it was a character introduction – MJ throws down when it comes to their kid, but I can’t help but think that this is in line with the glorification of motherhood/sidelining of fatherhood, and I do believe that it was an inaccurate portrayal of Peter. He’s not just a ‘worrier’.

    I’m biased, of course. I value fatherhood a great deal, and I’ve been a Spider-Man fan since I could talk. I sincerely apologize for that rant, and thanks for letting me get that off my chest, Doug.

    1. ” I sincerely apologize for that rant, and thanks for letting me get that off my chest, Doug.”

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Edboy. I appreciate it. And, just to be clear, I like it when readers get this sort of thing off their chest. So stop back in for any comic reviews and let me know what’s on your mind!

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