There was once a time when activist-writers tried to hide their attempts to hijack comic books and turn them into little more than social-justice propaganda. Writer Mark Waid has changed all that. This week he took to Twitter and told the world that “every superhero you love” marches (or flies or teleports) under a SJW banner.

Check out my latest YouTube video on Mr. Waid’s opinion that comic book writers should look to anti-free speech ideologues for inspiration.


  1. The problem is that Waid — like Slott, et. al. — have a VERY narrow definition of “social justice.” I sincerely doubt Superman, Iron Man, and co. would be out there demanding safe spaces for every racial/ethnic identity on American campuses, demanding those with differing opinions be prevented from even showing up on campus (and elsewhere), and clamoring that Joe Six Packs shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves with a gun. Etc. etc. etc.

    (BTW, on that last example, see Mark Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme limited series.)

    Waid, Slott, Spencer, Brevoort, Marz, yada yada are total outliers on the political spectrum. The only thing going for them is that they have a large forum afforded them (by their employers!) to spout their nonsense.

    1. “The problem is that Waid — like Slott, et. al. — have a VERY narrow definition of ‘social justice.'”

      Yep. He seems himself as the sole arbiter of what constitutes “social justice,” which conveniently allows him to ignore or downplay attacks on free speech, etc. These guys are always the ones trying to redefine words they don’t like or muddling the debate so much that people throw up their arms and walk away.

  2. Sure, some heroes are SJWs, the best thing about all the heroes I read though? They don’t feel the urge to always say it.

    That’s why DC tends to kick Marvel’s tail these days with the likes of Green Arrow

    1. “That’s why DC tends to kick Marvel’s tail these days with the likes of Green Arrow.”

      I probably should look into Green Arrow since so many people seem to love the character. I really only know of him from cartoons…

    2. The last ‘Green Arrow’ series I purchased was the acclaimed Mike Grell series from around 87-93. Loved that series, it’s very much grounded in street level crime, mob bosses, serial killers and terrorists.

      Just wondering zariusii, how does the current DC ‘Green Arrow’ compare? I’m assuming it’s pretty good.

    3. Mangetic, the book is really good. Oliver sees himself as an SJW (he pretty much was one before the term even existed) but it is not as preachy about it and focuses on telling some tight character-driven espionage drama making use of some traditional tropes of vigilante storytelling. It’s a lot of fun

  3. Hope you don’t mind Doug, I also posted this on your YouTube channel. Couldn’t help myself. 🙂

    I was recently perusing Disney’s 2015 Annual Report at

    Don’t know if anyone else has come across this before, but on Page 22, the No.6 Executive Officer is particularly interesting in name and in title.

    Would love to have their e-mails, there are a few choice things I would politely bring to their attention concerning the comic publishing division.

    At October 3, 2015, the executive officers of the Disney Company were as follows:

    1. Robert A. Iger (64) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    2. Thomas O. Staggs (55) Chief Operating Officer

    3. Alan N. Braverman (67) Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

    4. Kevin A. Mayer (53) Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

    5. Christine M. McCarthy (60) Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    6. Mary Jayne Parker (54) Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

    “Face it Boys, you’re all fired!”

    I do wonder just how much power does Mary Jayne Parker wield as the Chief Human Resources Officer, in order for her to fire ALL the incompetent obnoxious morons ruining Marvel Comics?

    1. “Hope you don’t mind Doug, I also posted this on your YouTube channel. Couldn’t help myself.”

      I don’t think there has ever been a comment by you that I have had an issue with, Magnetic Eye. Carry on! 🙂

  4. It annoys me when politics drive comic book writing decisions more then creativity. You can have diversity in comics and things like that of the author things it would improve the story or something like that, but if a story doesn’t have a gay dude in it then don’t try and force it in just to be progressive.

  5. Somewhere in the multiverse, there’s a dimension where Spider-Man stopped the Green Goblin from killing Gwen Stacy with a personalized #BringBackMyGirl hashtag campaign but then got condemned by Jameson as a man-splaining misogynist. Cap also stayed being a werewolf and became the head of PETA.

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