Inception and Liberalism: America Awakes.

They Want You Sedated. Conservatism Won't Allow It.

Liberalism is Inception. And the American people are starting to wake up.

“Americans approval of how President Barack Obama is handling the nation’s economy has dropped to its lowest level of his presidency, according to a new national poll.”

Liberalism is predicated on the notion that we can suspend reality, create

The liberalism Leo espouses is being exposed. Soon, he'll be pointing fingers. Americans know the statist dream is a lie. They're waking up, and that's a good thing.

worlds in our own idealistic image, and live there for decades just like the main character Cobb thought he could do. Proponents of liberalism seek to convince you that entitlement spending and record deficits mean nothing; Iranian Holocaust-denying police state presidents can be reasoned with; prosperity can be had through excessive taxation, and a laundry list of other ideas that can only be implemented with a heavily sedated population.

At one point in Inception Mal says to Cobb, “You keep telling yourself what you know. But what do you believe? What do you feel?” Cobb’s response: “Guilt.” Likewise, liberalism requires adherents to partake in healthy doses of guilt, whether it be America’s founding or the discovery of inequalities of any kind (regardless of the reasons for their existence).

I propose liberals are lying to themselves when they try and convince us that America must be fundamentally changed because of the more sordid side of its past, that being slavery.  The idea that somehow the Founding Fathers got it all wrong, or that we should cast off the system of government set up by the Constitution because its ideals weren’t fully realized at its “inception” is ludicrous.

Western Civilization was the first culture to cast off the chains of slavery, and for that we should be proud.  It is the critics of Western Civilization whose guilt runs deep, and they delude themselves by denigrating the freest country in the history of the world.  Deep down, they know the seeds they’re trying to plant in your head are pipe dreams.  They’re visions that can only lead to disappointment and heartache, and yet they sell them anyway…

As you come into your idealogical own, realize that conservatism is the “totem” that can bring you home.  Conservatism is rooted in reality: Great societies are created through the hard work, blood, sweat, toil, and tears of entrepreneurs; dictators and despots back down when confronted by a morally self-assured nation that is willing to use force (when necessary) to defend its people and the principles that allow freedom to flourish; millions of everyday people engaging in voluntary transactions, in the aggregate, are much better stewards of their life than small elite groups of central planners trying to micromanage trillion dollar economies.

At one point in Inception, Cobb tells his protege that she should never “create from memory,” which is fitting because liberalism, as much as it claims to be a student of history, is not.  Liberal politicians always claim to be creating something new, but the reality is often something starkly different.  They don’t want you to know it because the stale, stodgy, sad mess that is statism is always a political loser.  And, just like the “subconscious” in Inception, the American people will attack it like white blood cells on a parasite when it becomes apparent.

I believe that is happening right now.  And I believe that, just like the movie, liberals are going to go for broke to keep you sedated and confused.

As Cobb says: “Rely on your training.” The Constitution is your training. Our founding is the “map” to get you through the maze. If we as a nation use it, we’ll be fine. If we don’t, get ready to find yourself in limbo.

Now go out there and buy yourself a ticket to Christopher Nolan’s newest classic.

Liberalism relies on a heavily sedated nation, one that ignores basic economics and puts faith in Holocaust denying nuts from Iran to do the right thing. Concentrate on your "training" (i.e., The Constitution) and you'll be okay.

Shutter Island, Liberalism, and YOU.

I saw Shutter Island last night, and I must say it’s a great film for anyone looking to take the wind out of their Friday sails. I think the most uplifting part of my night was the Iron Man 2 trailer. After that, it was all insanity and sad stories and Nazi Germany war crime flashbacks.

With that said, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character,Teddy Daniels, asks a great question at the end of the film: “Is it better to live as a monster or die a good man.”

I promise I won’t ruin the film like someone who tells you Bruce Willis is dead at the end of Sixth Sense, but I would like to draw some parallels between this film and the federal government:

Teddy Daniels gets himself stuck in a federal penitentiary for the criminally insane. Many of the inmates don’t even know they’re locked in an insane asylum. They put up mental barriers to block any knowledge that the federal government is holding them, and often concoct rosy realities to deal with their loss of freedom.

In some ways our world is the flip side of that coin: very sane people like Peggy Joseph, who I mentioned shortly before seeing the movie, are actually trapped in a federal prison without even knowing it. And yes, they’re so deluded that they think Barack Obama will make their mortgage payments!

As I mentioned yesterday, government dependence is like a drug. It saps the will of free people, making them less likely to realize their full potential. It’s the federal government saying, “You need me,” when…you don’t.

Think back on your own life milestones. Think back to all those moments where you had to dig and scratch and claw and fight for something you weren’t sure was attainable–and the moment where you questioned whether you had the strength or the intelligence or will to go on—right before you succeeded. How did you feel afterward? If you’re like me you were shocked, heartened, and invigorated. And if you’re like me you were a little disappointed in all the times you second-guessed yourself and thought about giving in, knowing that if you had done so the success before you would never have happened.

And THAT is what a massive federal government takes away from its people. And THAT is a crime. Politicians who promise you the stars in the sky at someone else’s expense (e.g., “fat cat” businessmen, “Big Oil”, “Wallstreet”, etc.) aren’t telling you the whole truth. Sure, they’re taking money from a third party and redistributing wealth (which is also wrong), but they’re also stealing something much more important than money—from you. They’re stealing the spark that turns what’s special inside of you into an explosion of technology, art, ideas, businesses, and acts of greatness that benefit all mankind. And you should be livid. And you should be angry. And you should not drink the water.

Because when you refuse to take their little pills, they’ll be the ones who go insane.