Kathy Griffin goes full Jihadi John with Trump beheading ‘art,’ apologizes after CNN gig put at risk

Kathy Griffin CNN Trump

It takes quite a bit of insanity to make your friendly neighborhood blogger swing into explicitly political material these days, but when Hollywood comedians go full “Jihadi John” it seems a though it’s time for the blog posts of old to return.

Jihad John

For those who somehow managed to avoid the news, Anderson Cooper’s regular New Year’s Eve broadcast buddy, Kathy Griffin, released images from a photo shoot today that she promised would “make noise.” TMZ was given exclusive access to the “art” project, which included Ms. Griffin holding up a fake version of President Donald Trump’s decapitated head.

This, dear reader, is “the resistance” that Hollywood directors like Joss Whedon are calling for because Mr. Trump will allegedly trick the nation into massacring gay people. The entertainment community now finds itself weirdly peddling the idea that Mr. Trump should have his head chopped off to … stop him from chopping off heads.

Get it? If you do, then please explain it to me in the comments section below.

Joss Whedon Trump tweet

Ms. Griffin apologized when the ensuing outrage spread like wildfire across social media, but that begs the question: Did she mean it, or was she trying to save her annual payday with CNN? When someone looks up repeatedly while apologizing, it comes across as, “Okay, okay. I’ll say I’m sorry. Can we just get this over with and move on? Yeesh.”

Consider what the comedian said just hours earlier to photographer Tyler Shields: “We’re going to go to prison — federal prison. Call your dad, apologize.”

She knew people would be angry and disgusted, but she did it anyway. She just didn’t realize that there are still enough people with common decency across the political spectrum that she would become professionally toxic to many of her peers. 

Kathy Griffin Apologize

Mr. Trump is a lot of things, but he most certainly does not deserve to have his fellow Americans sending the message that he should be executed ISIS-style. Nobody deserves such a fate, but for some disgusting reason the Hollywood community has decided to try and equate him with “Nazis” and Hitler and any other group that serves to transform him into a monster.

The reason is simple: Once you dehumanize a man and turn him into a demon, then it is easy to rationalize any action(s) used to destroy said demon. The entertainment industry has decided that a rhetorical and “artistic” scorched earth strategy is acceptable for “resisting” the president, even if it further tears the nation apart.

My guess is that Ms. Griffin, like many comedians, has a whole slew of psychological and emotional issues. People should be mindful of that as they respond to her “art.” Regardless, she should be held responsible for her a behavior. It is up to good people to take a stand against Hollywood’s most ghoulish political hacks, because the industry’s aggregated efforts have a huge effect on shaping young minds.

If you want to know what the future of America looks like without the right actions of morally upstanding individuals today, then look no further than the social media feeds of men like Joss Whedon and women like Kathy Griffin. Absent a miracle, I firmly believe that our nation is bound for many dark days ahead.

Kathy Griffin and Wanda Sykes Prove: You Can Drown in Shallow End of the Pool.

Wanda Sykes and Kathy Griffin prove that you can drown in the shallow end of the pool just as easily as the deep blue sea.

Wanda Sykes and Kathy Griffin teamed up on Larry King to let the world know that spikes in gay suicides are the result of right-minded bullies. I guess they forgot about liberal Obama supporter Will.I.Am giving Perez Hilton a beat down…

I can’t remember when the last time was that I called up my friends, we all threw on leather Fonzi jackets, and looked for gay people to rough up—probably because it never happened—but I can’t help but wonder if it did after listening to my friend  Kathy, with Type A Ferengi Personality on full display; she speaks with such conviction.

It would be interesting to look into the official statistics regarding the “spike” in gay suicides. I wonder if it’s like the “spike” in shark attacks that happened years ago, or the “spike” in any other activity the media hypes, knowing full well that when some random nerd like me digs around months later and realizes they were lying (and that the only things that significantly spiked that year were ratings), that nothing will happen.

Regardless, I’d like to stick to the topic at hand, which is the sad state of affairs liberalism’s Lowest Common Denominator Delegates are in.  Kathy and Wanda aren’t smart enough to hang with the big boys on most public policy issues, so they’re delegated to the shallow end of pool with Larry King…and they can’t even do that right:

Let’s cut the crap, I think the way that we had trickle down economics in the 80’s…This is trickle down homophobia, and I really want people to connect the dots. And that’s why I believe there’s a connection between Prop 8, Don’t ask Don’t tell, and now this string of teen suicides.  It’s almost sanctioned to bully gay people and treat them like second class citizens…a lot of the so-called religious leaders play into it…there are a lot of very right wing conservative people who absolutely sanction this behavior.”

“Trickle down homophobia”?  Seriously? That’s the best analogy she has, and the sad part is she probably spent hours trying to think of it.  I’d bet she even repeated it to herself in the mirror and chuckled each time she said it…  However, at least liberals are finally acknowledging (subconsciously) that cutting tax rates can spur economic growth.

Another question for Kathy is: Why would religious people sanction that kind of behavior.  I thought Elton John set us all straight (no pun intended), by decreeing that Jesus was a gay man?

“I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems.”

Oh well.  At least Kathy is trying to “connect the dots.”  I find amusing that she’s more interested in right wing gay conspiracies than foiled terrorist plots, but at least she’s trying to connect…something. And it’s not even the racially charged dots liberal and self-professed habitual masturbator Joel Stein is probably connecting for Time magazine… She’s like a little kid who can’t ever seem to color within the lines, but at least she occasionally gets the grass green and the sky blue. Bravo, Kathy.

Wanda? You were cancelled. So no “Bravo” for you. I suppose it was all the work of right wing gay bashing bullies behind the scenes, right? Zzzzz.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for my dinner with Pink this Friday. She’s winning a humanitarian award for her work with gay, bisexual, trans-gender and lesbian individuals. I think she stood in front of a fire hose as really white, really conservative, really anti-gay firemen went pre-Civil Rights era on them (but I may be wrong.)  She may have just stood up for Perez Hilton…somewhere…at some time…someplace.

Larry King?  Just give it up.  You didn’t even know who Seinfeld was.

Kathy Griffin Scott Brown Dust Up: Poop For the Course.

Kathy Griffin, with her Ferengi personality (minus the intelligence) isn’t even a “trained monkey” for CNN hosts because you don’t have to train monkeys to fling poo. She’s just sad.

Every so often I have to return to Kathy “Stale Chocolate Easter Bunny” Griffin because others feel the need to give her exposure she doesn’t deserve. While I am in fact contributing to the problem at the moment, I hope that by clarifying a few things about the Bravo network’s personality that just a few more people will refrain from giving her the time of day in the future.

Kathy Griffin, at some point in her life, decided she was going to make a career out of emulating all the worst traits of the Ferengi of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She’s lewd, crude, and unapologetically flaunts her lack of a moral compass. Sadly, there’s enough people who perceive her schtick (although I can’t really call it a “schtick” since I don’t think it’s an act) as rebellious when the reality is…she’s just a loser. One of the things that made the Ferengi interesting was that they were actually intelligent. Kathy Griffin isn’t smart; she’s just willing to say mean things about people on cue, like a trained monkey for CNN reporters like John King and Dana Bash. Although, maybe Kathy isn’t even a trained monkey, since monkeys don’t need training to fling their poo… Sad.

Case in point: Calling Scott Brown’s daughters prostitutes. How much creativity did it take to come up with that? Answer: Zero.  But I don’t begrudge Kathy her success. I think it’s somewhat great that someone who eats intellectual diarrhea and dishes it up to willing customers for a living has found a way to make living out of it.  To take the analogy a step further (and perhaps I shouldn’t), Kathy is like a genetic mutation—a cross between a dung beetle and a monkey that a small subset of the world’s population finds fascinating.

I know you don’t believe in God, Kathy, but God Bless you.  And when you die, have fun explaining how you used your one life trying to get others to adopt your sour disposition.

Kathy Griffin: Hollywood’s Stale Chocolate Easter Bunny.

When Kathy Griffin dies and God asks her what she did with her life, I wonder if she’ll be dumb enough to lie about it to the Big Guy, or if she’ll truthfully answer I was a mean-spirited ginger leech that made a career off people more successful than I.

Kathy Griffin comes from the same school of thought as Jeneane everyone is dumb but my haiku public policy poet friend Rosie O’Donnell Garofalo.  Personally, I find this odd coming from someone who can’t even get

through an Anderson Cooper New Years Eve broadcast without making a fool out of herself. Regardless, again and again the question comes up: Why are these people so angry? Why is someone so “liberated” from religion that they’re okay telling Jesus to “suck it,” perpetually agitated?

No matter what you think of Sarah Palin (I bet we can guess Christopher Buckley’s position), I can’t really ever recall her ever being mean-spirited in an interview. I do recall other people with a penchant for cheap jokes and low blows. Even if we include Dave “Secret Intern CBS Adultery Lair” Letterman and Bill my own audience thinks I’m nuts” Maher, we wouldn’t be scratching the surface of bitter liberal talking heads with an unhealthy obsession of wishing ill-will on those who disagree with them.

I think one of the driving forces behind the creation of “the bitter liberal” is moral relativism. People who don’t believe humanity was “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” – people who believe there are no universal truths and who live only to please themselves – find the existence they’ve carved out to be rather hollow. And instead of taking a step back and reevaluating their world view they allow that little gnawing hollowness inside them grow until they might as well be a stale, chocolate Easter bunny. Ironic, isn’t it Kathy?

Now if you’ll excuse me, it looks like I have another vacuous human being to read up on. Although, unlike Kathy, I’m cognizant of the fact that he’s much more dangerous than she.