Gail Simone tries to cover for industry destroyers: ‘Isn’t that a daisy’


Gail Simone lies while Jim Carrey-esque ‘Cable Guys’ destroy the comics industry

Cable Guy Jim Carrey

One of the weird things about the comics industry in 2018 is that books are often far less interesting than all the bizarre drama that creators bring upon themselves. Regular readers know why this is the case: The unprofessional antics of Mark Waid, Dan Slott, Gail Simone and others have been covered for years.

The past week, however, provided a sterling example of the industry’s corruption. The DC-Vertigo book Border Town was torpedoed after one of its writers had a #MeToo scandal explode on social media; almost no one wanted to talk about it.

If you went to any of the mainstream comics news sites, then you were greeted with the sound of crickets chirping.

If you went to the Twitter feeds of all those creators who chimed in Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination process, then you were greeted with crickets chirping.

The only people who were substantively covering one of the biggest comics stories of the year (and doing it with a fairly even hand) were YouTubers within the Comicsgate movement.

The Hollywood Reporter eventually chimed in, and so did Gail Simone — but the latter somehow found a way to make Comicgate the focus of her anger and frustration.

THR DC Vertigo Border Town

Ms. Simone even attempted to say with a straight face that she “never heard” of Border Town writer Eric M. Esquivel until “three days ago.”

Gail Simone Twitter

Yes, that’s right, even though Comicsgate’s members have been told for years that the industry is a small community and they’ll never work for Marvel and DC, we’re now supposed to believe Ms. Simon didn’t know of the guy who *cough* was literally featured in one of her projects: Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico.


Got that? Gail Simone, “industry juggernaut,” was in the same book as “industry juggernaut” Eric M. Esquivel, yet she only heard of him “three days” ago. Weird.

Ask yourself: What are the chances that two “juggernauts” within a small community of creators never heard of one another?

Gail Simone Twitter 2

Ms. Simon’s other message — another lie — for Twitter followers was that Comicsgate YouTubers who dared to point out the industry’s hypocrisy are really just the organizers of a long-running “harassment campaign.”

Those who are wondering why someone in her shoes might lie need to only search through the history of this blog. Ms. Simone has been behaving like a mean-spirited ideologue (to combat vets) since at least 2015.

Gail Simone Twitter 2015

Yours truly has covered the way she and her ideologue peers alienate long-term readers, but in Ms. Simone’s mind that constitutes “harassment.”

If you want to know why the comics industry is in dire straights in 2018, then look no further than the laundry list of lies from creators like Gail Simone.

You’ll also want to look at the gaggle of Cable Guy-esque characters who are elevated to the level of creative “juggernauts” by shill websites.

Ms. Simone likes to call guys like me a “puppet,” when the truth is the exact opposite.

  • The real puppets are the individuals in the comics media who wait for their industry masters to tell them when to talk and what to say.
  • The real puppets are the writers and artists who should “Believe Women!” when an accusation is leveled at a political opponent, but then sit in silence when allegations land in a colleague’s lap.

This blogger and YouTuber has never shied away from telling you what’s on his mind, which is why women like Gail Simone often go into overdrive to peddle easily disproven lies.

Note to Gail: The internet never forgets. Your tweets are archived. Your interviews are archived. No matter how much your try and scrub, scrub, scrub away your online history, guys like me will find the truth and present it to readers.

Joe Quesada, giant hypocrite, plays dumb when confronted on other comic industry hypocrites

Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, took to Tumblr on Friday night to bemoan the way comic industry “professionals” are treated by fans. He played the world’s smallest violin for people like Steve Wacker, Dan Slott, Mark Waid, Erik Larsen, Gail Simone and countless others who say incredibly nasty things via their social media accounts. When confronted about his silence on the despicable behavior of his buddies, he chose to play dumb.

Here is what Mr. Quesada said Friday:

“It has never ceased to amaze me how some people, in defense of their favorite fictional characters or stories, treat creators and each other, flesh and blood people living actual lives with actual feelings and families, with such disrespect and cruelty as though they were two-dimensional, fictional villains who merely exist on a page or the imagination.”

A fan then called him out on the laughable attempt to play the victim.

Joe Quesada TumblrJoe Quesada’s response: What you talkin’ about Willis?

I don’t know what inexcusable behavior you’re referring to, but I known that they all love this medium and the fans as well. I see them at conventions and online, they’re giving of their time, funny, even cheeky at times, even when provoked in horrible ways. But, I’ve never known them to behave inexcusably.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane just for Joe, shall we?

There was that time Dan Slott stalked and upset a random woman on Twitter.

Dan Slott stalks girl TwitterAnd then there was that time when Dan Slott told Hobby Lobby supporters to go to “Christ-Land.”

Dan Slott ChristiansNote: I’m pretty sure that if a group of mostly Jewish individuals won a court case and I told them to go to “Jew-Land,” Dan Slott would find that rather repugnant. The same goes for a request to go to “Muslim-Land” to a group of Muslims. But hey, Mr. Quesada has “never known” Dan Slott to behave inexcusably.

Moving on, we have Erik Larsen last year letting all his Christian fans know just what he thinks of their faith by posting an Easter bunny ejecting bloody eggs out of its butt, which then hatched different versions of Jesus. But again, Mr. Quesada has “never” known comic book industry “professionals” to behave inexcusably.

Erik Larson retweetWhat about if you’re a conservative comic book fan? How do writers and artists comport themselves online, then? Since Mr. Quesada has “never” known creators to behave inexcusably, let’s see a snapshot of Mark Waid’s online behavior. Ah yes, he wants Republicans to go “f**k themselves.” How quaint.

Mark WaidSpeaking of conservatives, how many conservatives work with Joe Quesada? I know he likes to talk about diversity, but I seem to have trouble finding one comic book writer employed at Marvel who is openly conservative. I guess ideological diversity doesn’t count.

I can go on and on, but since Mr. Quesada struggled to find comic book industry “professionals” acting inexcusably I’ll even add in an example from Gail Simone. Apparently it’s okay to start resorting to personal attacks against combat veterans if they disagree with Ms.Simone’s politics.

Gail SimoneIf I called Ms. Simone a “walnut-brained woolly mammoth” over a disagreement on politics or comics, I suppose Mr. Quesada would lecture me on how I need to treat her like “flesh and blood” with “actual feelings.” We all know that he won’t give that lecture to Ms. Simone, though — he agrees with her politics.

Here’s the bottom line: At Marvel, tolerance, tact and understanding are all part of a one-way street.

If you agree with them on politics or the creative direction of their books, then they’ll laugh and giggle and chortle along with you all day long. If you happen to think that young women who work the late shift at a hospital should be able to carry a handgun, then things start to change. If you think having Peter Parker make a deal with the devil goes against everything the character stands for, then it’s a different story. Steve Wacker and Dan Slott and Tom Brevoort and the whole Marvel crew can make smarmy, condescending cracks in your direction all day long, but if you’re a smart guy who has a few intellectual nuclear warheads in your back pocket, then suddenly you need to be concerned about “feelings” and “families.”

Joe Quesada is the guy who burns bridges and then berates fans for not making those bridges out of stronger material in the first place. Joe Quesada is the guy who eggs on his buddies to act like bullies, and then when fans give them a verbal beat-down he gives lectures on inflammatory rhetoric. The brown-nosing comic book and entertainment “journalists” who will do anything to cozy up to a few Marvel writers and artists may not call out inappropriate behavior, but bloggers will.

Keep playing dumb, Mr. Quesada. Keep going with the Arnold Jackson “What you talkin’ about Willis?” strategy. This isn’t 1990. The digital trail doesn’t go cold very quickly, and bloggers are always ready to chronicle your hypocrisy. If you want to know why you’re not treated with respect by countless fans — or why the comic book industry is a shadow of its former self — all you have to do is look in the mirror.

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