Question: When is regime change acceptable in the Marvel Universe?

Answer: When It’s a Ri-regime change written by Brian Michael Bendis, or a self-serving effort by Dan Slott’s version of Peter Parker.

Yes, dear reader, writer Brian Michael Bendis is ten issues into Invincible Iron Man and the book’s protagonist (note: It’s not Tony Stark), is toppling problematic regimes, declaring herself queen, and then issuing a number of demands that must be met before she steps down. Meanwhile, the so-called genius has never spent one second trying to find the men who killed her best friend and stepfather.

If you think this is downright strange, then fans of the book will inevitably called you a “raaaaaaaaacist.” We’re living in strange times, but if you’re like and want to chronicle this era for future comic book fans, then check out my latest YouTube review for the full rundown.


  1. Ri Ri Williams is a Mary Sue character in every sense of the word. She doesn’t appear to have flaws, and everyone loves her. That’s just poor writing, plain and simple. Anyone who says otherwise is blowing smoke.

  2. “New hotness”
    God bless you guys for actually buying this garbage for the sake of reviewing it because Marvel is getting none of my money right now. I live in (futile?) hope they will one day return to “normal” super hero comics.

  3. Have you watched “The Defenders,” by any chance? I heard that it was good, but that it had an SJW sucker punch in it, like the otherwise excellent “Spider-Man Homecoming” did. Apparently Luke Cage lectures Iron Fist about “white privilege…”

    1. I’m sorry for the delay, Carl. I have watched The Defenders, but I wasn’t really a huge fan. I was fine…but I think they really miscast Iron Fist. The actor really does not do the character justice. It looks like he didn’t do any physical conditioning for the role, he doesn’t have gravitas, and in general he just sounds like a whiny loser.

      It takes about four episodes to really get rolling, but by the time it was all over I just thought, “Eh.”

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