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Marvel’s Nick Spencer used the Paris terror attacks on Friday as an opportunity to remind the world of its duty to accept millions of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

His conclusion: Refusing to force towns like Sumte, Germany (population: 100), to accept 750 people from Syria, Iraq, and Libya is a win for the Islamic State group. Strangely, he refused to say how many he would take into his own home. How about five? Does five work? If Smute,Germany, can be outnumbered 7-to-1 overnight, then Marvel’s Captain America scribe should be able to handle a Syrian family of five.

Nick Spencer ISIS

We don’t know exactly where the thousands of refugees that make it to the U.S. will wind up, but Business Insider assures us they will be able to eventually make contact with Nick Spencer — if he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is.

Business Insider reported Sept. 12:

Those who have relatives in the United States will sometimes be assigned to live near them, and most go to cities like Atlanta, San Diego or Dallas where rents are more affordable than in New York or San Francisco.

Others end up in smaller cities like Boise, Idaho or Erie, Pennsylvania, but regardless of where they are taken they are free to move once they find their footing.

Sure, Mr. Spencer will have to buy less tweed jackets from J-Crew or Banana Republic, but he’ll finally be able to rest easy. He’ll know in his heart that he’s finally doing more than self-righteously pontificating on his social media moral pedestal.

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NIck Spencer refugees

Mr. Spencer, an activist masquerading as a comic book writer, says the “goal of ISIS” is to get countries (what about Captain America writers?) to stop accepting migrants. The odd thing about liberal activists like Mr. Spencer is that they only take Islamic radicals at their word when it suits the liberal-activist agenda.


It is not hard to find Islamic radicals who say they plan to achieve their long-term strategic objectives through various means (e.g., migration coupled with high birth rates). One needs to only look at London and Paris — and soon Berlin — to see Islamic radicals are masters at playing long-ball.

If you get a chance, let Mr. Spencer know that you can’t wait until he starts taking single men off Germany’s hands. It’s always nice to see comic book writers practice what they preach.

Exit Question: Nick Spencer is the type of guy who likes to take shots at Christians with comments like, “42 percent of Americans believe the world was created in six days.” Sure, time to God is not like time to man — and it is understandable that smarmy writers will not get that humans use imperfect language to describe the actions of a perfect being beyond our comprehension — but I digress.

What are the chances Nick Spencer would ever tweet something along the lines of, “78 percent of all incoming refugees believe the death penalty is appropriate for those who reject Islam“?

In Mr. Spencer’s world, taking weird pot-shots at Christians is totally acceptable, but voicing concerns about mass Islamic-migration on the day of a giant terrorist attack in downtown Paris is out of line. Telling.

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  1. It really makes me wonder how educated or widely read some of Marvel’s scribes are. Does Nick Spencer spend time scrutinizing or researching stuff before he tweets about them? Obviously not.

    His comment, “42 percent of Americans believe the world was created in six days.” highlights his ignorance.

    The VINES Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words very clearly gives a rich and full definition of the Hebrew word “YOM”, i.e “DAY”. The word has several meanings. I’m just going to condense it to five points.

    1. It represents the period of “daylight” as contrasted to night time.
    2. It represents a period of twenty four hours.
    3. It also signifies a period of unspecified time.
    4. It can represent a “point in time” or “a moment”
    5. It can also signify a “year” or “end of the age”

    Associated with each and every one of those points of course, are plenty of scriptural references in their proper context for any discerning reader who wishes to look into the wisdom of God’s holy word.

    On the other hand, people have a freewill choice to be of a reprobate libertine mind, making silly tweets. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment, Magnetic Eye. I appreciate it.

      Truthfully, I wanted to do a blog post just on his weird jab at Christianity. As you point out, Mr. Spencer is either humorously ignorant or an unprincipled guy who is willing to lie and distort if it serves his own ends.

      The fact that so many of these guys will pull their rhetorical swords from the scabbard when it comes to Christianity, but hold it at bay when it comes to Islam, exposes their true nature. It takes a stunning level of cowardice to routinely cast American Christians as some sort of enemy in the bush while bending over backwards not to offend Muslims.

    2. Liberals go after Christians instead of Muslims for the same reason that animal rights activists harass women wearing fur coats instead of picking fights with outlaw bikers wearing leather jackets.

  2. Nick’s ignorance is breathtaking. It’s hard to tell whether he is willfully stupid or in fact a man that so worships his point of view that everyone that opposes him is evil…more evil than men that roamed the streets of Paris killing anyone they can find. It’s like observing a member if a brainwashed cult, but their views are accepted as mainstream.

    I remember the Captain America border story. Nick defended it by pointing out that it’s wrong to kidnap and murder people trying to get into the US for a better life…as if these things were really happening (like in the comic book?!). His defenders did the usual thing, pointing out that criticism of the story was proof of an internal hate for migrants. That our views are closer to the Sons of the Serpent than we would like to admit…however in reality, the kidnappings and murders were being committed by ‘coyotes’, the men that smuggle drugs, people and weapons across the border. NIck in his liberalism can’t even bring himself to portray these real life villians, and instead tries to paint a picture of Right-wingers as the Sons, murdering hispanics crossing the border. Nick Spencer should be angry at these drug runners and human traffickers…but all the hate he can muster up is for the people who call the border patrol.

    I’m not a very religious person. However if we simply observe the way people behave…well:

    Christians have a tendency to speak about God, Love,relationships and talk about people to pray for and things to pray about. Sure some are hypocritical, and quite a few don’t live their faith, but at the very least outward viciousness and hate isn’t a part of their lives.

    On the other side of the coin is a guy like Nick. and honestly, a lot of liberals. Christian existence seems to offend them. And an unhealthy laser-like obsession with how to demean them seems to soak their every interaction. Every accusation seems to be a projection of their own hate. “Christians don’t care about the poor” when in fact they don’t care about the poor except as a means to accuse others. “Terrorists want to kill us because your not open-minded” In fact he is not open-minded and has little sympathy for those victimized by this migration. In his mind the people of europe are as well off as he is, when in fact many working class people will suffer.

    1. I’m not sure where Nick Spencer lives, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s nowhere near a border state. Out all the stories he could tell that are related to the U.S. border, he said to himself, “Do you know those guys who are adamant that the rule of law should actually mean something? I think they would serve the story best as racists who ironically resort to kidnapping and murder.” Then, we the writer was called on his cartoonish depiction of conservatives, he tried to pretend like nothing could be further from the truth — in the same Twitter feed where he is extremely political.

      When it comes to religion, he’s another one who essentially says, “Don’t paint with a broad brush for these guys (i.e., Muslims), but have a ball doing so with Christians.” There’s a kind of “immature high-school bully” mentality on display or, as you say, a projection of his own hate.

      God never said a man needed to be intelligent to get into heaven. There are stupid Christians, just as there are stupid Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, etc. But for whatever reason, guys like Nick Spencer like to take the religious outliers (if they’re Christian) and portray them as the norm.

      When I lived in D.C., I suppose the most “hateful” thing (from a Spencer-ian point of view) my fellow Catholics did was go to an abortion service provider and pray in silence for an hour or two on the sidewalk. They didn’t chant or shout or have signs saying people would go to hell. They didn’t a have inflatable Jesus balloons. They just stood there in their winter coats and prayed. And then they left.

      Look at any country that is majority Muslim and compare the freedom and liberty found there to any country that is 90 percent Christian. There is a striking difference. But yet, the Nick Spencers of the world want to concentrate on who the CEO of Chick-Fil-A donates to instead of the gay people being executed in Syria.

    2. Christians will be treated with respect if and when they start setting off IED’s at sporting events, hijacking aircraft and crashing them into crowded cities, and rioting in the streets every time anyone breaks wind in the wrong direction. (And, yes, I know that will never happen on a large scale. A few kooks who self-identify as Christians sometimes commit hate crimes, but mainstream Christians don’t. Their Bible, unlike the Koran, does not condone terrorism.)

      And if Christians did practice terrorism on a widespread scale, then the politicians and MSM would start insisting that Christianity is a Religion of Peace, and that 99.9 % of Christians are peaceable, law-abiding citizens.

    3. That’s a whole other discussion. There are fundamental differences between religions, and yet many talking heads portray them as having equal value in terms of created healthy civil societies. One doesn’t need to be a religious scholar to know that texts focused on the life of Jesus and texts focused on Muhammad will create two very different approaches to conflict resolution.

    4. The limousine liberals and champagne socialists (including Obama, Pelosi, Kerry, and the Clintons) will retire to their gated communities in Westchester County and Pacific Heights, surrounded by high fences and heavily armed security guards. And the working class peasants in flyover country will have to suffer the consequences of our lax immigration policy, political correctness, and dhimmitude.

      Maybe Spencer (and Benedict Cumberbatch) would be worried about immigration if the immigrants were actors and comic book writers.

    5. Seth MacFarlane is also included on that list. He has shied away from publicly talking politics as of late. I think he tried to give it a go, but then realized he had a problem holding his tongue when he had no clue what he was talking about.

  3. So, it’s the goal of a terrorist organization to get people to turn away refugees? Does that mean that ISIS considers what happened in Paris a failure, given that it was carried out by refugees that were welcomed into the country?

    Good Lord, Spencer makes Slott seem like an intellectual. I’d tell him not to quit his day job, but he sucks at that, too. It’s times like these I’m glad Disney started cutting Marvel writers out of the movies. God forbid a lunatic like Spencer have creative input on a Cap feature. He’d be suggesting Cap hand over his shield to Zemo in the interests of fairness.

    Incidentally, I strongly suspect Spencer is one of those people who’s angry about the Paris attack not because of the horrific actions, but because the attack occurred nine hours after Obama declared ISIS had been contained. Y’know, it’s funny. Obama suggested not too long ago that we should politicize mass shootings. Oddly enough, I’ve been seeing a lot of people who nodded along in agreement with that now saying, “Stop jumping to conclusions about the attack and stop talking about it altogether.”

    1. Nick Spencer’s Captain America:

      “Avengers, do NOT assemble! That is what Zemo wants us to do! Thor, lay down your hammer. Iron Man, stand down. I will surrender my shield, and at some point Zemo will see that the only loser with the murder and the mayhem and the destruction…is him.”

  4. *Sigh* Yet ANOTHER elitist snob who has the means to live a life of protected comfort, and somehow this also signifies he has the “intellect” to tell us what to do.

    It’s like rich “progressives” who demand taxes go way up (instead of voluntarily sending in more $$ to the government) and/or lecture us about climate change whilst jetting all over in private aircraft.

    Pound sand, Spencer.

    1. Check this out: Nick Spencer – Politics, Business … Oh, And Comics Too

      Mr. Spencer was the owner of a club at a young age, launched a music festival, and ran for city council as a liberal candidate. (Where did he get that kind of capital? Perhaps…mom and dad gave him the initial seed money before he spent it all and accrued a hefty amount of debt?)

      Nick talks at length about crime, local businesses and his connection with the area [in his election platform]. He also ran the bar, alchemize in Cincinnati that failed eventually, but any observer could see just how much Spencer put into his business. He also launched the Desdemona music festival in 2006, that was popular but ultimately too expensive. The website gone but there’s plenty of reference online.

      He left Cincinnati after a wave of court judgments against him for debts. Evicted and frozen out. Even his advertising billboard went unpaid. And ended up on the streets of New York, pitching comics to Image … and the rest is history.

      There’s more in a piece titled: “Bar stays, Nick Spencer does not”:

      “All the bartenders, staff, and DJs, with the exception of Nick Spencer, will still be working at this location. That’s really all that needs to be said about that situation,” the poster on the Alchemize MySpace page wrote. “Although we still love the Alchemize name, the press and drama of the last year have tarnished the image to a degree that we feel it’s time for a fresh start with a new name. Other than that, expect the same great atmosphere and events you’re used to, and we’re excited to move forward with bigger and better things!”

      Postings to MySpace a few months ago first started as pleas to find a buyer for the building in Northside and climaxed into full-out accusations that the owners of the building had deceived the operators of Alchemize. In a call-to-action, Spencer warned that all the bartenders customers had come to love would be leaving with him.

      In an Enquirer story that was spawned by the MySpace bulletins, the owners fired back saying Spencer was not upholding his end of the bargain, including paying his rent and mismanaging the bar’s finances. Those claims echoed similar issues raised by the owners of the building that housed Alchemize in Over-the-Rhine. Spencer denied all the claims.

    2. You were definitely out front on that one. 🙂 After the first issue of Captain America I was willing to just focus on that issue and his Twitter feed, but since he wants to really push the activist-thing, then it’s time to shed a little more light on who he is and where he came from.

      Knowing that he so political he ran for local office as a liberal — twice — makes his Captain America #1 defense even more laughable. Sure, Nick. Your story about the border was totally even-handed and only about kidnappers. There was no attempt to use a racist terror organization to symbolize conservatives. Heh. Nice try. That excuse was only a winner in the sense that he was a winner in his Cincinnati election bids.

  5. Thanks for sharing that Douglas, it seems that Marvel is clearly pushing an agenda. Funny that a guy that has failed so much thinks that he knows how everything works.

    1. Nick Spencer couldn’t run a bar, but he thinks he has the right plan for a $14 trillion economy. Heh. 🙂

      Normally I wouldn’t joke around like that, but it he wants to take below-the-belt shots at Christianity, I think he can take a left hook and right hook on his understanding of basic economics and business acumen.

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