Roger Ebert is a class act. He couldn’t even wait for the tears to dry over Ryan Dunn’s death before rhetorically rubbing salt in his family and friends’ wounds.

Do you remember when liberal know-it-all pundits were so sure of themselves that “the actions of a madman obsessed with ‘mind control’ and the Communist Manifesto were a harbinger of things to come with a Republican-controlled House? I do. And anyone who was on Twitter in the moments after the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy does as well. You would think that after being so grossly wrong on so many things that women like Janeane Garofalo and men like Roger Ebert would let the dust settle (or all the Congressional Twitter crotch shots surface) before running their mouths. Apparently not:

Before knowing for sure if alcohol contributed to the awful car crash that killed “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn and two others, Roger Ebert tweeted the following yesterday afternoon: “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.”

If Roger Ebert had any class he would have put that Tweet away for a few hours, came back to it later, and then thought better than to rub salt in the wounds of those mourning Ryan Dunn’s death. But he has no class. And he couldn‘t resist, because the same liberal gene that tells him that small groups of men can “plan” 14 trillion dollar economies tells him he knows the crucial details of Ryan Dunn’s death before they’re reported. The liberal mindset that believes hundreds of millions of people can be controlled by a large central government—in a way that increases liberties while ensuring equal outcomes—(not possible) gave him all the confidence he needed to spout off.

Did I want to write a blog post in the moments after Ryan Dunn’s death was announced? Yes. There are valuable lessons that we can all glean from it (just as their are valuable lessons we can glean from any tragedy). However, I refrained in this instance because I didn’t want to make a mistake and possibly come across like…a jackass. It’s funny: Roger Ebert, the socialist, would tell you he’s for “the working class,” and yet when a story about a guy like Dunn comes around (can you get any more blue collar than the guys from Jackass?) he doesn’t even wait until the tears have dried before doing the rhetorical equivalent of “I TOLD YOU SO!” on Twitter for all the world to see.

“Friends don’t let friends drink and drive,” Ebert? Very true. However, friends also don’t let friends act like insensitive jerks. I’m afraid to contemplate what that means in regards to the number of people who consider you a true friend.


  1. Yes his joke was too soon. But, the man was drunk, and driving 130 or so on 55mph road. It’s a stupid accident that could have been avoid if someone called a taxi for him. It sucks that he died, but it was his fault. Cancer is outside some ones control. Drunk driving and/or speeding… people know the consequences of drinking and driving.
    WTF what does Ebert’s comment have anything do with being liberal, does racism and homophobia classify conservatism…Oh wait it does! If people stop glorifying avoidable accidents your hero might still be alive

  2. Typical conservative move censor truth, and continue to live in your bourgeois disney fable. Conservative means…homophobic, racist, sexist, and a pathetic understanding of both reality and history. hollywood is racist, homophobic there fore conservative. PS The founding fathers your dumb a** glorify were nothing more that racist slave owners, manifest destiny colonialist f**ks

    1. Guess what, moron: I have a job. One that had me up at 5:30 a.m and just getting home now. I’m sorry I’m not waiting by my laptop at home to approve your comments. If you actually read my blog you’d know that I do everything I can to approve posts by guys like you. Why? Because the more you talk the better conservatism looks. And your ignorance amuses my readers.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get nostalgic for my days spent in the military (Who knew infantry was the new “bourgeois”?) before exercising and looking for new material to write on.

    2. “A Real Person.” More like an immature man-boy spewing out venom and bile from his parents’ basement. It’s worth a chuckle, but it’s also sad.

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