Dave Matthews is suddenly concerned  about harmful sludge discharged from the bowels of the earth, and the effect it has on living creatures in and around the sullied water.  It wasn’t too long ago, however, that good old Dave didn’t give a hoot about the oil slicks and tar balls the bowels of The Dave Matthews Band unleashed on unsuspecting citizens drifting along the Chicago River.

“It’s a national problem that requires a national solution,” (Dave Matthews on the Gulf Oil Spill…not to be confused with statements made when his tour bus dumped 800 lbs. of human waste on innocent bystanders).

In the same ad Dave implores you to” [Demand] restoration and protection of America’s Gulf Coast.”  Kind of like the state of Illinois demanded $70,000 bucks from you Dave, for “violating state environmental laws”!  I’m sure some of your fans would say, “Funny the way it is”?…

And finally, if you watch the video you’ll see almost all the stars except Dave ask participants to “Be the one” to help restore the Gulf Coast. Why the mysterious absence from that portion, Dave?  Methinks it’s because you’re too much of a fan of “Number Two.”

Don’t drink the water

Dave Matthews can dump 800 pounds of his own human waste on you, but don't you dare let an oil gasket blow BP, or he'll come running (I'm talking about with his feet, not his bowels...I think)

in the Gulf because it’s a.) salt water and b.) oily. And don’t drink the water in Chicago when Dave comes to town unless your Brita Filter is altered for microbiological eclectic rock band waste filtration.

And yes, I know the Space Between what Dave’s band was responsible for and what BP and the federal government is responsible for is huge…but someone has to remind others that the liberal moral pedestal back patters tend to use the world as their personal toilet when they think no one is looking.

Consider yourself Crushed, Dave.

Dave Matthews: I look so concerned about the environment here. You would never know I paid out tens of thousands for my own environmental disaster that left people covered in sludge.

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