Right now Kanye will only be known for generating the most priceless Mike Meyers look of astonishment ever. Educate him on the issues and there's hope for him yet.

Kanye West is now on Twitter. This is a marvelous day, because inevitably campaign season will heat up and he’ll open his mouth.  Just recently he took part in Sound Strike, which allowed me the opportunity to highlight what an impetuous liberal man-boy he is.  Nothing says “smart” like teaming up with a guy who’s ultimate vision is to have you kicked out of your home to make way for Aztlán:

“…in de la Rocha’s perfect world, guys like Kanye have their LA mansions confiscated and handed over to their “rightful” owners…(which doesn’t include successful black rappers, Sonic Youth, or most of the other artists taking part in moral pedestal back-patting boycotts).

…it’s laughable to me that de la Rocha, a guy whose true feelings on the issue would repulse most Americans, is trying to pass himself off as a voice of reason.

And it’s even more ridiculous that Kanye West, after further solidifying his place in the hallowed halls of musically-talented jackasses throughout history with the Taylor Swift fiasco, would have the nerve to cast himself as the arbiter of what’s acceptable and what deserves a boycott when it comes to anything.

Hey Kanye, shouldn’t you be locked in your room contemplating conspiracy theories about the government concocting AIDS to kill people?

Some people might wonder why I spend so much time on a guy who will ultimately be known for a stumbling, bumbling “George Bush hates black people” quote that only accomplished one thing: a priceless Mike Meyers look of astonishment. The answer? Power. Or perhaps more importantly, influence. The guy has only been on Twitter a short time and is already closing in on 300,000 followers. Granted, a good portion of them are doing so out of sheer morbid curiosity, but most of them are fans. It’s imperative that conservatives say to young people, “Okay, the guy can write some catchy songs, but it’s possible to be a creative genius and a political and personal dolt. And here’s why…”  Not engaging the other side because you think they’re “stupid” is, quite actually, stupid.  In the same vein, liberals who underestimate Sarah Palin’s undeniable influence do so at their own peril.

Luckly, we live in America. And America loves redemption. If we can educate Kanye’s fans on the issues there’s a (slim) chance we might even reach him! Since Kanye seems to want to flex his entrepreneurial muscles, I think we should start off by teaching him the truth about Enterprise and Free Markets. With luck, he might even stop hanging around with Rage Against the Machine Commie/Socialist/Aztlán-obsessed artists who want his wealth redistributed and him evicted…to the East Coast. Forever.

Think it about it Kanye. You keep dating the Ultimate Gold Digger: Liberalism. Why?  Search your feelings, Kanye.  You know it be true!

Look at that enticing ideology over there, Kanye. Mmmm, Liberalism. Too bad it's a "Gold Digger."


  1. How do we even begin to educate the 300,000 (and many more). I’m beginning to think Liberalism is some sort of disease or mental disorder with no cure. Very frustrating!

    1. Liberals tend to determine how “good” their public policy is by their intentions, instead of the incentives and disincentives it creates. I think that as long as you educate yourself, know the facts, and don’t talk down to people you’ll win over a lot more than you realize. It’s a rare victory indeed to convert the “true believers”, but you can pull over a ton of moderates with a little time and effort, Kelly!

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