We Are All South Park Creators.

Sadness. The woman who instinctually knew that jihadi scum were indeed just that when they tried to threaten the creators of South Park now has buckled in response to fear and intimidation by thugs like Anwar al-Awlaki:

If this guy puts you on his "hit list" it means you're doing your part to stand up for Western Civilization and the well being of future generations. It's understandable to be scared for your life, but it's also honorable to die if you did so standing up for God-given rights.

The creator of a now-defunct “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” page on Facebook fears she may be targeted for death now that the cartoonist who launched the online campaign has been placed on an execution list by a radical Yemeni-American cleric…

“I’m scared,” she said. “I’m scared that somebody might kill me.”

The woman created her version of “Everybody Draw Muhammad” in late April, days after a Seattle cartoonist launched the online campaign to protest Comedy Central’s censoring of an episode of “South Park,” in which the Prophet Muhammad was depicted wearing a bear costume. The Canadian woman said she will no longer act as the administrator of such a page.

“I just want to be quiet now,” she continued. “I wish I didn’t do this.”

There’s a lot of things that I wish, and one of them is that radical islamic clerics didn’t try to intimidate free people with “hit lists” and head chopping and exploding burka-clad women at outdoor cafes. But they do. And I’m glad that this young woman shined light on how utterly ridiculous (and downright serious) the threat of Islamic radicalism is to Western Civilization.

The answer is not to shut up. The answer is not to wish it will go away (because it won’t). The answer is to talk louder. The answer is to confront them head on, in vast numbers of freedom and liberty loving citizens who will make the intellectual case against these loons without being afraid to use force to protect themselves when necessary.

I would much rather die defending my fellow countrymen’s 1st Amendment rights, than live in a world run by Ottoman Empire Redux Thugs. I would much rather have my head chopped off and displayed over the internet because I stood up to the dregs of society, than to stay quiet because I allowed a big lump of dhimmitude to grow where my vocal chords and testicles once resided.

If our European and Canadian friends want to encourage their citizenry to sit back and shut up as Islamic bullies on the international stage literally beat them into submission—fine. But Americans should be better than that. They are better than that. And while it’s perfectly understandable that this young woman is scared for her life, someone hasn’t done their job teaching her that some things are worth dying for—such as your God-given rights.

In a sane world the media would do its job, and people would know what we’re up against. In a sane world entire communities would be on the same page, and a woman like this could walk down the street in her hometown because she would know that her neighbors are looking out for her—and gunning to take out visiting terrorist barnacles that hitch a ride into a free country looking cause trouble.

But we’re not in a sane world, and like I said before, I sometimes think I’m living in the Twilight Zone. Given that, the best we can do is to continue speaking out and doing the job media outlets won’t do because they too are “scared.” And when it’s over and the West has been won we can look back at all the media outlets that shirked their duty to define direct threats to the nation and say, “Screw them. We did it without them.”

Pakistan’s ISI Drinking Jihad Slurpees? You Be the Judge.

I thought I was going to go to bed early tonight, but right when I was going to turn in for the night I found out that another “ISI not-so-secretly smitten with the Taliban” story has popped up:

Insurgent commanders confirmed that the ISI are even represented, as participants or observers, on the Taliban supreme leadership council, known as the Quetta Shura, and the Haqqani command council.

Commanders also described how they received training and medical care in Pakistan. Some said border guards had turned a blind eye to fighters as they crossed back and forth.

Here’s all you really need to know about Pakistan: these are the same guys

Pakistan's ungovernable tribal region: teeming with jihad-friendly clowns that resemble Dawn of the Dead zombies when worked up into a frenzy over Facebook groups, infidel cartoons, and a little thing called...freedom of speech.

who just went bonkers over inconsequential Facebook groups, going so far as to call for holy war against websites… They can’t control their borders, which are teeming with jihadi nut cases that eerily remind me of Dawn of the Dead remake zombies when they get worked up into a frenzy (or if you listen to them talk about how they favor death more than life…), and yet they regularly complain about respecting their “sovereignty.”  Newsflash: If you have zero control over ideological moon-bats with Ottoman Empire-at-any-cost machinations (e.g., blowing up women, children, and anyone else who gets in their way), then you have no sovereignty.

I almost feel bad for the Obama administration. They’re between a rock and a jihadi place.  The United States needs Pakistan’s cooperation, and yet significant portions of the population—and by extension the government and its intelligence apparatus—drinks intellectual Slurpees laced with jihad juice on the way home from work.  However, as I said before, liberals didn’t cut George Bush much slack for the bizarro world he had to deal with, so muted criticism is the best I muster for the current administration.

Before I fall asleep tonight I’m sure I’ll ruminate a bit on what the kids are thinking about all of this.  Those same moral relativist MGMT fans I talked about in an earlier post must find themselves in a conundrum: How can you be non-judgemental about a culture that is openly hostile toward your socialistpeacelove circle of happiness? How do you “live fast and die young” when Pakistani madrassas are churning out jihadi warriors who want to kill you before you pump yourself up with hallucinogens? If alQaeda and Co. at least waited until after the kids dropped some quality acid, their heads would feel as though they were floating away painlessly instead of being chopped off Daniel Pearl dull-knife style (i.e., bringing the hurt).

Moral Relativism mixed with a multi-culturalism, a horrid education system that churns out Sean Penn ignorance, and the me-me-me “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” mindset is going to kill Western Civilization if we don’t wake up—NOW.

While I have little in common with the Rubik’s Cube headed liberal kids of this generation…I’d still like them to have a head.  Let’s try and reach them before it’s too late.

This kid might be a liberal with a Rubik's Cube head...but I still want him to have a head. Wake up, Western Civilization!

Painting “Mohammed at 1000 Meters” May Cause Holy War: “Dot Heard ‘Round The World.”

It looks as though the Pakistani users of Farmville can rest easy, as Facebook is once again operating lawfully within the country:

LAHORE, Pakistan – Pakistan lifted a ban on Facebook on Monday after officials from the social networking site apologized for a page deemed offensive to Muslims and removed its contents, a top information technology official said…

“In response to our protest, Facebook has tendered their apology and informed us that all the sacrilegious material has been removed from the URL,” said Najibullah Malik, secretary of Pakistan’s information technology ministry, referring to the technical term for a Web page.
Facebook assured the Pakistani government that “nothing of this sort will happen in the future,” Malik said.

Let me translate this for my readers: Facebook has joined a long list of Westerners who subscribe to the dhimmitude way of life. Paging George Ramero…Paging George Romero… we have plenty of fodder for your next social critique using zombies (pick the dhimmis or the extremists).

How can Facebook assure Pakistan “nothing of this sort” will happen again,

Pakistani imams: Those cute little pigs you got going on in Farmville? Yeah, those offend us too. They gotta go. This ain't over, Facebook. Not by a long shot.

when no one knows what will set these nutcases off? These are the same people who threaten to kill cartoonists over material that offends them. These are the same people who have killed movie makers over material that offends them (as Hollywood sits silently by).

If, hypothetically, I started a Facebook Page titled: “I like Tasty, Tasty, pork…and Pakistani Muslims Should Too!” what would happen? Would the mere fact that I suggested they like something that isn’t in accordance with their religion warrant some sort of protest?

What if I started a contest to find out what the minimum threshold needed to cause riots in Pakistan was? In some sense, we need answers to these questions. We need to find the boundaries of what’s acceptable to them. We already know that Mohammed in a Bear Suit (who actually turned out to be Santa Claus) is out of the question. Does that mean “the insinuation that Mohammed was in a Bear Suit” is what’s really out of the question?

Or perhaps I shouldn’t. Things could get out of hand rather quickly:

The Facebook controversy sparked a handful of protests across Pakistan, many by student members of radical Islamic groups. Some of the protesters carried signs advocating holy war against the website for allowing the page.

I would really hate it if a “holy war” started because of little old me. What if WordPress got dragged into it as well for even allowing such ruminations to begin with? Sad, but fascinating…

What if I painted a dot on the horizon titled “Mohammed at 1000 Meters”? Would that inflame imams in the tribal areas of Pakistan? I’m not sure, but I think the psychological profiles we can glean from their reaction would be priceless. I almost think sociologists should pay me for coming up with such a novel idea. When I’m dead (perhaps due to a fatwa placed on me by extremist groups?), I hope I appear in the 32rd edition of whatever sociology book my alma mater, USC, requires.

Instead of “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World” my depiction of Mohammed at 1000 meters will be forever referred to as “The Dot Heard ‘Round The World.”

I suppose that would negate all the good will the President’s muslim outreach garned, huh? Oh, wait…it never really materialized to begin with.

Students See Greece Enter Eighth Circle of Hell, Realize Profs Lied about Liberalism.

Roger L. Simon has an interesting piece over at Pajamas Media about the Culture Wars:

Woody Allen told Spain’s La Vanguardia that it would be a good idea if Barack Obama could be dictator for a “few years” to overcome obstructionist Republicans. Just a few days later, Friedman fantasized, on Meet the Press yet, that the solution to America’s problems might be to be more like China.

These are liberals? Well, you might say, and you might be right (pace Jonah Goldberg), that this has been their unspoken attitude all along. But publicly, this is crazy stuff. It’s self-destructive…

…Liberalism, as we have known it for decades, is on the defensive. With the welfare state unsustainable, it has nowhere to turn and its adherents are turning tail in every direction.

If you’ve read my blog in recent days you know how I feel about Woody “I sleep with my adopted daughter-turned-wife and I’m okay with it” Allen. However, I don’t want to be too quick on the draw in regards to whatever is happening with the public’s perception of liberalism.  No one wants to become the conservative James Carville, predicting “40 years” of control and then having that prediction crumble before your book hits the bargain bin at your local bookstore.

With that said, I will reiterate what I’ve said before: technology is the conservative’s friend. Barack Obama knows it. The New York Times and any number of liberal race-baiters on their payroll know it. And every liberal who thinks they can scare voters into thinking the Elusive Teaparty Racist Bigfoot is more of a threat to the nation than entitlement spending on methamphetamines knows it.

Students have been taught for years that Europe and its Nanny State satellite sucklers are what we should aspire to be. Now the kids find out their overpaid prof from New Jersey was not telling them the whole story. You know…the part where Greece enters the Eighth Circle of Hell.

Students have been taught for years that “all cultures are equal” (particularly those with a penchant for raising Grade A jihadi whack jobs). Well, it turns out—in case those students didn’t use the internet to watch innocent civilians get their heads chopped off—that those other cultures get all itchy when they watch cartoons, and instead of buying a product with some good antihistamines, they threaten to kill people.

Liberalism is a lie. Their magical utopia is a lie. Al Sharpton’s Communist fantasies are lies. And social media platforms all allow for individuals like you and I to tell everyone about it in detail. In gloriously and honestly researched detail that anyone with a modicum of impartiality in them can understand.

All that’s required of us is to articulate conservatism in ways that our friends, family, and community leaders understand. That’s no easy task, but it’s extremely motivating. So get to it!

Up Next: Pakistan to Freak Over Stick Figure Prophet Flip Books.

Although I’ve been too busy to blog, I haven’t been too busy to let the Draw Mohammad Day Facebook flap escape my radar. Personally, I think it’s interesting that Pakistan can’t control its own borders, lets jihadi head-choppers roam free, can’t stop them from training Faisal Shahzad-bags for Times Square bomb plots…and yet, when it comes to banning facebook—they’re on the case! It’s actually rather fascinating to know that if I drew Stick Figure Mohammad that I might be subject to death threats and fatwas and whatever else Islamic Rage Boy has in store for infidels like me.

Cartoons...make...me...ANGRY! ARRRRG!

There’s a part of me that wants to publish a flip book of Stick Figure Mohammad pole vaulting over famous landmarks, birthday cakes, and unicorns. He’d be completely indistinguishable from other stick men except I would call him Mohammad. And, if the outrage was outrageously outrageous enough I could apologize to members of a certain community for “offending” anyone (Even though, quite frankly, I find it offensive when people fly jetliners into large metropolitan areas and kill 3,000 individuals in the name of prophets banned from flip books).

Here’s the deal: When certain people stop strapping explosives to their groin in an attempt to kill innocent civilians I’ll start caring about campaigns that pop up on facebook. Or, when people stop threatening the South Park creators with an untimely death over a cartoon, I’ll stop playing the tiny violin between my thumb and forefinger.

Note to Pakistan: Come talk to me when Mehsud is dead. Otherwise, deal with it.

Do you know what this is? It's the world's tiniest violin...playing just for Islamic Rage Boy.

New York Vendor, Hero. Dhimmitude Consumers Silent.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the New York City T-shirt vendor who saw something wrong and did the right thing:

…The bomb was left inside a dark green Nissan Pathfinder, left with its engine running and hazard lights flashing near the junction of 45th Street and Broadway.

A T-shirt vendor, who was a Vietnam veteran, alerted police when he noticed smoke coming out of it. Police hurriedly evacuated thousands of tourists and theatre-goers, including women in evening gowns, from the area on Broadway’s busiest night of the week.”

Juxtapose this story with that of the heartless bastards who did nothing as a hero lay dying on the cold concrete, which was warmed temporarily by…his own blood. How easy

This Spider-Man panel is interesting for two reasons: 1. It imparts an important lesson to readers of all ages. 2. The kind of people who would kill New Yorkers simply for being New Yorkers find this comic offensive.

would it have been for this vendor to scuttle away and say, “not my problem,”? For every hero, there are a slew of people who, for whatever reason, slink away from the responsibility to do what is right.  I’m just glad that on this night it was the Vietnam Vet who happened to be nearby, and not the herds of sheep who ensured the death of Alfredo Tale-Yax.

This story is also interesting for the South Park component, but at the same time I’d like to wait a few days to see how it all unfolds before jumping to conclusions:

The device, which failed to detonate, was left near the offices of Viacom, which owns the irreverent cartoon series.
Last month postings on an Islamic website warned the creators of South Park – Matt Stone and Trey Parker – that they could face violent reprisals after an episode of the show featured Mohammed in a bear suit.

Is it possible that we live in a world where sick and twisted souls would attempt to cause large scale death and destruction because of a cartoon image of Mohammed in a bear suit? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you know that the answer is a resounding YES (although, Osama Bin Laden seems to have been living under a rock for years and he’s precisely the kind of guy who would do such a thing…so even you Neal Gabler Mole Men don’t have an excuse for not knowing the correct answer).

There are a lot of ways this story can twist and turn over the next few days, so I’ll refrain from giving my opinions on Viacom for now. However, I would like to take a moment to ask the President how all that outreach to the Islamic world is paying off. It appears that fanatics are…just as fanatical. And it appears that the clash (or should we go with really bad chafing action?) of civilizations that everyone wants to pretend isn’t happening—is.

Media Think South Park Creators Can Put Heads Back On With Dhimmitude Tape.

I don’t care what their politics are, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are

Every time some Islamic Extremist chops off heads the media treats you like Petey, "the blind kid," from Dumb and Dumber. We can't tape Trey and Matt's heads back on, so let's watch their back.

American Heroes. I know that might sound weird to the people who only think of them as the guys who created Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo, but the latest “stink” by Islamic nutcases in New York City solidifies my belief that history will be kind to them. Mark Steyn was right years ago when he declared America Alone. When it comes to the clash of cultures between Western Civilization and those who get misty eyed when they think about a return of the Ottoman Empire, most people want to pretend it isn’t happening…

Diane West couldn’t be more correct when she states that American Media left them out to dry. They did. Including you, Mr. Bill O’Reilly. And for all of his faults, at least Jon Stewart seems to get what’s going on.

Theo van Gogh was assassinated for a movie. Danish cartoonists need safe houses to protect them and their nieces from ax-wielding Somalian muslims. Nick Berg… no longer has a head. New York City no longer has the World Trade Center. And on, and on, and on… But instead of treating this threat with the seriousness it deserves, the current administration has declared a War on Man-Made Disasters.

In response to the Sharia Law dreams and head chopping antics of large swathes of the muslim world, media treat American citizens as if they’re auditioning for a role in Dumber and Dumber. Next time you hear about a beheading, remember that most news outlets will cover it like a dead parrot from a 90’s comedy classic:

Llyod: Oh, I’m sorry Harry. What happened?

Harry: His head fell off.

Llyod: His head fell off?!

Harry: Yeah, it was pretty old.

Llyod: That’s it, I’ve had it with this dump! We have no food. We have no jobs. Our pets’ heads are falling off!

Every time some thug group of Islamic radicals try to shut someone up with threats and intimidation, liberal media outlets treat you like Petey, “the blind kid,” from Dumb and Dumber.

Even old New York was once New Amsterdam…but the media doesn’t seem to worry if it becomes New Constantinople. They also don’t seem to worry about threats to take a dull knife to Trey’s head and turn him into Particle Man. Well, I got news for you Walter Cronkite (the guy who thinks Karl Rove and Osama Bin Laden are in cahoots): I’m not a fan of being brought to a soccer field to have my head blown off. Conservatives increasingly know what dhimmitude is and we’re not going to keep quiet about it, no matter how many underwear bombers you downplay.

But back to Trey and Matt. Standing up for Free Speech while the rest of the world cowers in fear is worth a salute. They deserve our respect. Even when they poke fun of their country, it’s obvious that the two of them love it dearly. America: F-Yeah… Don’t forget it. Kick Ass. And never shut up in the face of those trying to topple one of the most important pillars of a free society.

(Bonus points if you recognized the Zoolander reference…)

Seth Macfarlane, Intellectual Light Weight.

It’s no surprise that Seth Macfarlane is liberal. So it should
shock no one he went for a Palin family Down Syndrome “joke” in a recent episode.

It’s self-evident that Macfarlane is of the same mean-spirited mold of Bill Maher, as explained in my previous post. At this point in time I think it’s better to concentrate on what, to me, is more interesting about his motivations for comical cheap shots: it’s all he has. He’s an intellectual light weight.
Anyone who has watched Team America: World Police knows this. Or South Park, for that matter. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have had their share of run ins with the Political Correctness Police, but they’ve always used their comedy as a vehicle to deliver a broader message about American culture.

Deep down Seth Macfarlane knows South Park dropped an atomic bomb on his charade with Cartoon Wars. Throwing out random Full House references for the sake of referencing Bob Saget is only funny for so long. How do you relate to your audience when that gets old if you’re incapable of astute observations on the culture as a whole? Partisan attacks on individuals or political parties!

Congratulations, Seth, you’re able to string along the lowest common denominator from Keith Olbermann’s audience by referencing Gary Coleman and the Republican Party in the same sentence. You’re a genius.

As weightlifter Ronnie Coleman would say: “Light weight!”