OkCupid’s hypocrite CEO Sam Yagan admits he donated to the ‘enemy’ — because it benefited him

Sam Yagan

It was only a week ago that Mozilla’s Brendan Eich was forced to step down as CEO of the company he co-founded, in part because he once held the same view on gay marriage that pre-2012 election President Obama did, and in part because of a self-righteous smear campaign orchestrated by OkCupid’s data broker CEO Sam Yagan.

Mr. Yagan slimed Brendan Eich as an “enemy” of love a human decency shortly after after it was revealed that OkCupid secretly collects users’ personal information and sells it to the highest bidder. Some of us wondered if the whole thing wasn’t just a self-serving attempt to get some good press after countless OkCupid users and potential customers found out that the company operates more like the NSA than a dating service on many levels.

We now have an answer.

OKCupid, the online dating site that took Mozilla’s CEO to task for a donation to a campaign to ban same-sex marriage in California, is now under fire for its own CEO essentially doing the same.

OKCupid CEO and co-founder Sam Yagan in 2004 gave $500 to Rep. Chris Cannon’s campaign, despite the fact the lawmaker, during his tenure from 1997 to 2009, voted for a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage, Mother Jones reported.

Mr. Cannon also voted against a measure that would have added sexual orientation to the federal rules against job discrimination, as well as voting to outlaw adoptions by gay couples.

Square that news with OkCupid’s personal attack on Mr. Eich:

Ok Cupid Mozilla

Now read the statement Mr. Yagan released after his own political donation to the “enemy” became known.

“A decade ago, I made a contribution to Representative Chris Cannon because he was the ranking Republican on the House subcommittee that oversaw the Internet and Intellectual Property, matters important to my business and our industry.  I accept responsibility for not knowing where he stood on gay rights in particular; I unequivocally support marriage equality and I would not make that contribution again today.  However, a contribution made to a candidate with views on hundreds of issues has no equivalence to a contribution supporting Prop. 8, a single issue that has no purpose other than to affirmatively prohibit gay marriage, which I believe is a basic civil right.” — Sam Yagan, hypocrite and CEO of OkCupid.

So bringing “all people” together is of utmost concern to Mr. Yagan, and yet he didn’t care enough to look into the stance on gay marriage of the politician he was going to donate to? Mr. Yagan labels men like Brendan Eich and “enemy,” whom he wishes “nothing but failure” for, because of his stance on gay marriage — and yet he now tries to say with a straight face that he it just sorta-kinda slipped by him that Rep. Cannon was a vehement opponent of gay marriage?

Mr. Yagan isn’t “accepting responsibility” for anything, because if he were he would apply the standard he used against Mr. Eich and step down as CEO. Mr. Yagan hasn’t accepted responsibility — he released a statement and hopes that the fetid stench of his hypocrisy will all disappear. He voted for a Republican when it would put cash in his pocket and he voted for President Barack “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman” Obama when it was financially beneficial.

By Mr. Yagan’s own definition, he is an “enemy” of decent people and someone who deserves “nothing but failure.”

Personally, I do not wish Mr. Yagan failure. Instead, I wish that that all the people who blindly believed that his campaign to oust Mr. Eich as CEO of Mozilla was sincere will now think twice before they declare “enemies” on complex social issues. I wish that more people become aware that OkCupid harvests its users’ most intimate personal information and sells it to anyone with deep pockets — including those who Mr. Yagan would define as the gay and lesbian community’s “enemy” if it would give him good press.

And with that, I leave you with the ’60 Minutes’ story on data brokers like OkCupid, which are “okay” letting the world know about your medical history, your religion, politics and sexual proclivities if the price is right.

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Chick-fil-A harassment clown Adam M. Smith: Face of today’s left

Take a good look at today’s left. Adam M. Smith is the epitome of it. He’s the kind of guy who goes to a fast food restaurant to pick fights with the sweet young woman behind the counter — who only wants to put food on her own table. Adam is a bully who takes his video camera on an ideological “drive by” to Chick-fil-A because he knows he’ll get his clock cleaned in the appropriate forums for debate.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you know that liberal activists weirdly tried to politicize the fast food industry, using the personal opinions of Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy as a pretext for bullying men and women of faith — particularly Christian men and women. (Islam is off limits to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and his Boston buddy Mayor Thomas Menino.)

When I don’t like a company or a product I simply don’t shop there. I have a job and a life and generally think it’s weird to be wondering how the president of Olive Garden feels about partial birth abortion. What I would never do is what Adam M. Smith did to a poor young woman working the window at a Chick-fil-A on Wednesday, which was to harass her and berate her in a way that solidifies his position as a Grade A loser. Apparently his bosses thought so too, because he was fired when evidence of the clip went viral (the original post was taken down).

What kind of jerk berates a cashier who simply wants to give a guy a free glass of water? He even ended with “I don’t know how you live with yourself and work here.” Perhaps I should see if the CEO of Taco Bell is an Obama supporter — and by extension in favor of his Terror Tuesday assassination meetings, which would then give me the cover to harangue some poor teenager with acne. Or not, because I’m not a jerk.

Question: Is the union of a man and a woman, in which it is generally assumed that children will follow and that they will be raised in a loving home by their biological parents, something special? Is that a bond that deserves to have a unique institution carved out for itself within society? Is that an ideal that should be held up and cherished for the role it plays in creating a healthy, vibrant civilization? That is a very worthwhile debate, but it is harder and harder to have because of men like Adam M. Smith, bullies who literally “drive by” with hateful rants disguised as a call for tolerance. He is Chris Matthews without the MSNBC contract.

Before he was fired, Adam M. Smith was a CFO. He was a CFO who chose to ambush a young woman with a video camera. He peppered her with questions and insults, knowing full well that she wasn’t the appropriate target for his rage and that the drive-through window wasn’t the appropriate forum for a debate. His victim handled herself with poise and grace. She killed him with kindness, and in a few short minutes the ugly left told us everything we needed to know about it.

Bravo to this young woman for handling herself like a true professional. Take notes, Adam. Maybe you can use them during your next job interview.

Here is Adam M. Smith’s victim, a young lady behind the counter of Chick-fil-A who handled herself with grace and poise when ambushed by the ideological bully.

Barack Obama: The ‘evolution’ of a flip-flop

For the better part of Barack Obama’s adult life he publicly announced that marriage was between a man and a woman. Less than twenty-four hours after he “evolved” on the issue his campaign put out an attack ad labeling Mitt Romney “backwards” on the issue. Think about that …

After decades of “evolution,” President Barack Obama finally came out of the closet yesterday and admitted that he is in favor of same sex marriage. Like the anti-gay caterpillar in his anti-gay cocoon for decades, he finally transformed into a beautiful gay-marriage supporting butterfly on ABC news for all the world (particularly his Super PAC donors) to see. Fine. We won’t even talk about how it’s called “evolution” when he switches long held positions and a “flip-flop” when when Mitt Romney does the same thing. In fact, I won’t even pass a value judgment on his new found stance.

What I would like to do, however, is to note the campaign ad that came out less than 24 hours later accusing Mitt Romney of being “backwards” on gay marriage, as if Barack Obama has been some gay crusader for the better part of his political career.

So was Barack Obama “backwards” last week? Was he “backwards” for all those years when he couldn’t give an answer on gay marriage, but instead did his professorial parsing and deconstruction of the topic until people left him alone? If the union between a man and a woman — one geared towards procreation — is something that society deems special enough to have its own institution, then the subject immediately becomes a bit more nuanced than “backwards” and “forwards.”

For a guy who gave George Bush a hard time over the “for us or against us” mentality, it’s rather interesting that he would give us “backwards” and “forwards” as the only two options, especially since he’s spent most of his adult life trying to convince the world he lives in the space between.

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight: The economy stinks. And instead of dealing with the $16 trillion dollars of debt we’ve found ourselves in, we have a president who wants us talking about gay marriage. He thinks you’re so dumb that you won’t understand what he’s doing. A few months ago he was calling Georgetown law students to talk about contraceptives. Then he wanted you focused on Warren Buffett’s secretary. Now, it’s gay marriage. Oddly enough, the federal budget, unemployment and entitlement reform keeps getting pushed aside for things like … “slow jamming” student loan news with Jimmy Fallon.

If you can’t see what’s going on it probably means that you’re in your own cocoon. I suggest breaking out and flying away as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.

Next: Left to Use Gay Rights Logic On Fiscal Crisis.

Jason Alexander believes New York’s gay marriage law was a great step for “humanity.” Next up for liberals: applying gay rights logic to the laws of supply and demand.

Hollywood was certainly happy with New York State’s passing of a gay marriage bill. In fact, liberals everywhere were so psyched by the development that some have already surmised that the same logic can be carried over into the budgetary realm, where the law of supply and demand and its conservative disciples have thwarted “progress” for centuries! Faced with skyrocketing national debt and no way to pay for it, New York’s gay marriage victory has instilled hope that the world will finally “advance mankind” when it comes to knuckle-dragging creditors (as Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander might put it).

Wiping tears from her eyes in Greenwich Village, a young Bongo Studies Major at New York University puts it best:

I’ve never been attracted to men. I’ve never had a desire to be with one. Now society has progressed to the point where a majority of New Yorkers understand. The conventional wisdom and the Laws of Nature strongly suggest that a union between men and women should have a special institution set aside for them—but that’s not true. Likewise, certain mathematical properties suggest that algebraic equations only work if strict adherence to the rules of dead white men are followed. Well, I’ve never had a desire to live within my means. I’ve never had a desire to balance my budget. And millions of others around the globe haven’t either! Perhaps those old dead men…were wrong. Did you ever think of that?

Paul Ryan may have a budget plan, but it appears as though his hard data may be up against a new foe: “progress.” For years conservatives have based public policy on the idea that prices mean something, that they’re not just arbitrarily decided upon by “greedy” businessmen (playing poker with liberals like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in a smoke-and-cocaine-filled hooker closet). Now, if the left gains traction, the right will have to convince millions of Americans that unprecedented debt isn’t something to be embraced. What’s an easier sell: fiscal conservatism or Repudiation Pride parades? Long story short: free market conservatives have their work cut out for them.

Editor’s Note: This post was written in a Safe House for Satire.