Obama to Use Greek Temple from Democratic Convention to Plug Hole.

I turns out that the Washington Post is shocked (shocked, I tell you!) that people actually expect Barack Obama to deliver the goods on a wide range of public policy issues that he…ummm, campaigned on.  And the Washington Post is shocked (shocked, I tell you!) that the guy who doesn’t sweat is suddenly sweating it big time when it comes to that big messy earth-pore gushing junk at the bottom of the ocean:

Why can’t he . . . well, you get the point. Obama, it turns out, is not Superman. In (unhappy) truth, no president is, no matter how politically gifted and no matter how many people, in this country and around the world, root for his success.

Wait a second…so it turns out that giving someone a Nobel Peace Prize before they’ve ever actually achieved tangible results isn’t a really clever way to trick dictators and despots into being “swell” guys? You mean the candidate who claimed electing him would be “the moment…when the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal” suddenly finds himself presiding over rising (oily) tides caused by a hemorrhaging hole in the earth?  You don’t say.

I have an idea: Why doesn’t someone find that huge set of Greek Pillars Obama used for his Denver convention speech and use it to plug the hole in the Gulf? One would think that a Greek Temple created to symbolize the greatness of The One would be big enough to put a stop to all of this. That is…unless they were fake imitations of the real thing. Hmmm.

It is only at the end of the piece that—in passing—that the author acknowledges Barack Obama’s own culpability in the credibility gap he now experiences:

Obama, fairly enough, is reaping what he sowed in assigning himself an impossible mission as a global savior. But Americans are his culpable enablers. Few people want to hear this, but he’s doing the best he can, considering the difficult circumstances that he and the nation face. And what he needs most from the public is a quality that distinguishes adults from children: patience.

George Bush was going to go "Old School" on your grandpa using the Patriot Act, but Obama is "doing the best he can"? Hypocrites.

I don’t really remember calls for “patience” when George W. Bush was trying to figure out how to secure victory in Iraq. I do remember Harry Reid literally surrendering to our enemies. Regardless, this sets the stage nicely for Democrats to call for extensions of Obama’s Afghanistan timeline since the reality on the ground doesn’t seem to be cooperating with his previous rhetoric and artificial pullout dates.  Obama’s doing “the best he can…considering the difficult circumstances that he and the nation face.” That’s so weird, because in a post 9/11 world it seemed like that’s exactly what George W. Bush was doing, and the left was trying to convince us that he was going to go Old School on your grandpa with federal agents using the Patriot Act, make himself King George by fiat, and say “FUDGE IT!” to the U.S. Constitution. But that didn’t happen. Instead, he’s making Facebook videos with a bit of the same charm and grace he showed in office (albeit with an awkward green screen viewers can do without).

When it comes to Afghanistan, I’m willing to give the president all the time he (and the nation) needs in order to succeed.  I will never play politics with national security or go down in history like Harry Reid, 21st Century Retreat Monkey.  It’s just annoying how the appeals for “patience” only happen when a Democrat is in office.

My name is Douglas Ernst, and I hereby endorse The Axl Rose Doctrine in times of war.

The "Axl Rose Doctrine " apparently only applies to the nation when a Democrat is in office during a time of war. For those of you without a MA in AxlRosian thought, we're talking about "Patience."

The Elitist Conservative: “Rock? Metal? Cockles, I Wish I Was in East Egg!”

I wrote some time ago about elitist conservatives when Christopher Buckley was trying to convince people he was somehow relevant

Like the good doctor, watch over the political landscape very carefully as we move forward. Not everyone has your best interest in mind.

when—he’s not. However, I think the topic needs to be explored a bit more, because in the coming months things are going to get tough. And in tough times a number of groups are going to try to chart the path we follow to victory. The only problem is, if we can’t spot the elitist conservatives on air as they try and frame the national debate, we’re in trouble. Once the definition of victory is established, it’s tough to change it.

I won’t name names, but I’d like to throw out a few things for you to think about as you’re watching the Sunday morning talk shows:

  • If the conservative talking head you’re watching is just as giddy as their liberal counterparts to engage in ego scream fests, there’s a good chance they’re an elitist.
  • Go to Brooks Brothers and find the ugliest piece of clothing in the store. Lock the image in a safe deposit box in the back of your brain. The next time you see someone wearing a facsimile of it, listen to them very carefully. This trick does not work if you’re actually looking at something that is sharp.
  • Invite your conservative friends over for a party. Throw in some classic GNR, specifically Welcome to the Jungle. If the look on their face doesn’t just say, “not my taste,” but “Cockles, I wish I was in East Egg right about now!, your friend might be an elitist.
  • If Welcome to the Jungle produces a questionable response, throw in some Andrew W.K and some classic Rob Zombie. If their face tells you they just threw up  something madras in their mouth to match their shorts…be careful.
  • If you think the world is a better place when Americans know their country Kicks Ass with its sheer awesomeness (Kind of like a famous French guy you might have heard of…), and want to keep it that way—but the pinhead on TV insinuates there’s something to be said for “multi-polar” worlds (i.e., a euphemism for a world where Iran and Russia have equal clout on the world stage)…don’t listen to them.

While I’m sort of joking with most of the post, the underlying point is dead serious. There are people on our own side who are just as condescending towards Middle America as John“I pronounce Genghis Khan ‘jen-gis kahn'” Kerry. Sure, they might not accuse the military of being hair-trigger war crimes waiting to happen…but they still look down on people like you and I, who came from suburban areas in midwestern states.

Ultimately, grassroots are going to have “grasstops.” And if that has to happen in order to successfully lobby members of Congress, we might as well pick people who are going to accurately represent us and the issues we care about. Just food for thought.

With that I have to go. It’s time to go twisting, turning, through the never…

Don’t tread on me.

Obama Realizes He Might Very Well Need Bush’s Matrix-Like Shoe Dodging Skills.

If you’re like me, you might occasionally wonder if all that muslim

Muslim world reacts to Obama outreach. Is there at least a pair of Jordans in there?

outreach Barack Obama has done over the first year is paying dividends. And the answer is emphatically: Yes. Unfortunately, the payday is going to the guy who runs the “throw a shoe at Obama” booth in Indonesia. You know, that Islamic country that is slightly more friendly towards Beyonce and Gwen Stefani than Malaysia (provided they essentially wear winter jackets and moon boots during their performances). It’s also the same country, however, that gets to deal with Bali terrorists that like to kill you to Euro-Asian fusion dance beats and Sunday churchgoers who get bomb threats with Holy Communion.

It’s not that I don’t think there’s a place in the world for Youtube Diplomacy, or high stakes geo-political chess matches in which pawns like Ashton Kutcher can conceivably take out KGB Kings with his Dude, Where’s My Car intellect. I do. Actually…I don’t, but if I did it would be a really, really, really small one. Instead, these sorts of gestures (which apparently get you a Nobel Peace Prize) seem to be play a much bigger role than I think most Americans are comfortable with. Symbolism over Strength does not appear to be working. From the reset button with the Russians to carefully prepared outreach pieces to the Muslim world, the Obama administration seems to have put far too much faith in his image to alter a country’s actions based on its self-interest. They seem to be learning this the hard way, but I guess it’s better late than never, right? Unless “late” in this case actually winds up being too late…

Whether it’s underwear Christmas bombers from Yemen, Pakistani Taliban press releases, Iraqi election day bombs, Iranian efforts to acquire nukes, or shoe-throwing Indonesians—large swathes of the muslim world still (and always will) despise the United States and its President, regardless of party affiliation. For further explanation read Mark Steyn’s wonderful book America Alone.

And so I ask you this, the most important of all questions, Mr. President: Will you display Bush’s Matrix-like reflexes when the first shoe flies? I’d ask David Axelrod, but he’s cranky and acting like David Axl Rose right about now.