Westerns have been box office poison for quite some time, but for whatever reason the powers that be allowed director Antoine Fuqua to have a go at a “Magnificent Seven” remake. The film, which stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, came in first place its opening weekend for good reason — it’s awesome.


Anyone who is familiar with the Western genre doesn’t need to work too hard to guess how the story goes:

  • Bad dude controls a town and kills good people.
  • Stranger is enlisted to take out bad dude.
  • Showdown eventually happens and bad dude is removed from the equation.

Where is the fun in the movie if we already know how it goes, you ask? In this case, everywhere.

Denzel Washington plays post-Cvil War bounty hunter Chisolm, Chris Pratt plays a troubled gambler with a heart of gold, and the two of them eventually put together a motley crew that will oust the evil Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard) from a mining town. Their success will also avenge the death of a frontierswoman Emma Cullen’s (Haley Bennett) husband.


There are elements of the movie that could be spoiled in an extensive review, so in this case I’ll stick to saying that everyone in this movie looks like they’re having a great time. The scenery is beautiful. Every single actor has his or her moment to shine. The gunfights are top-notch, and there are even a few surprises towards the end that had the audience gasping during my showing.

In short, this is the movie that Sony’s team on Ghostbusters should have seen before making this summer’s box office bomb. Mr. Fuqua pays homage to Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai (1954), John Sturges Magnificent Seven (1960), and other Westerns while also creating something distinctly his own.

This is not a Western for Baby Boomers, nor it does it try to be. It tips its hat to the past, but it cinematically moves forward. In a year of lackluster movies, this is a fun film that is worth seeing before it leaves theaters. See it in IMAX if you get a chance. This blogger did not, and I’ve been kicking myself for the decision for the past week.


  1. Like the sun rising in the morning, the usual suspects lost their minds.

    Obviously, some people wanted the Seven Samurai story to be retold as a story of a bunch of #BLM activists in the 1800’s shooting white people on horseback to save American Indians from proto-republicans that pretend to be democrats. Probably to save the cotton for white liberals that care in Massachusetts.

    Probably wait for this on Amazon/Netflix, but looks all right

    Love Luke Cage…please tell me you watched it and saw some of the ..ahem…politically incorrect vibes I did…If only these people ran the Comic Book Division.

    1. I think this quote from the Heat Street sums it up: “Unfortunately culture critics can never be pleased until they have sucked all the joy out of the universe, as per their sick robotic function.”

      Today’s leftist activists have totally gone off the deep end. It’s like they work for some Bureau of Creative Integrity that mandates all works push “The Cause.” It’s downright scary.

      “Love Luke Cage…please tell me you watched it and saw some of the ..ahem…politically incorrect vibes I did…If only these people ran the Comic Book Division.”

      I really wanted to just go for a Luke Cage marathon this weekend, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I was determined to finish Letters to a Young Catholic, get a couple blog posts up, and do some creative writing…

  2. You’d think the fact that they have black cowboys (which actually existed) and a diverse team would placate them, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about SJWs is that they’re never satisfied. They’re always finding something to whine about. I wish they’d just go away, preferably to a technology-free desert island where they can scream at each other day and let the adults take charge of things again.

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