DD Elektra

I never thought a modern Daredevil writer would make me bust into cheesy clichés, but here it is: It’s hot in Hell Kitchen under Charles Soules’ and Matteo Buffagni’s direction! Heck, kudos to color artist Matt Milla as well. Daredevil #6 kicks off “Elektric Connection” and the return of Elektra. The entire issue crackles with sexual tension, fisticuffs, and one very broken arm (sorry, Blindspot).

Here is what readers need to know: Soule keeps it simple and sweet:

  • Daredevil’s secret identity has been restored and no-one is the wiser — including Elektra.
  • The famous assassin shows up at a New York City bond hearing as Murdock is trying to work. She knows he has a connection to Daredevil and wants a meeting ASAP.
  • The “meeting” (or rather, beating) commences in short order.
  • Elektra wants to know what Daredevil has done with her daughter, and vows to “cut away every lie” in his body if he doesn’t give her answers.

Perhaps the best way to describe Soules’ writing is “efficient.” Words are not wasted. Each word means something. Each sentence is important. There is a plan. Both he and Buffagni know exactly what they need to do. They execute their respective jobs to the hilt. It is a welcome reprieve after digesting Marvel fare like The Amazing Spider-Man # 11.

Murdoch Elektra date

In one brief interaction between Matt Murdock and Elektra at a “lawyer bar,” one can see why Daredevil is one of the strongest titles on the market at the moment. In addition to Buffagni’s gorgeous art, it is obvious that Mr. Soule is a man who has had complex, mature relationships with the fairer sex.

Take, for instance, Murdock’s decision to meet with Elektra for a drink after she shows up at a bond hearing. His head is separated into an upper and lower half by Buffagni’s panels. Yes, he is “split” between being Daredevil and a New York City prosecutor, but he also spars between his logical  self and his bodily passions. Matt does not want to tell Elektra where Daredevil is, but he also would really like to sleep with her again.

Needless to say, our Catholic superhero will have some explaining to do in the confession booth on Sunday. Murdock sets up a meeting between Daredevil and Elektra, and things get ugly fast. At one point Blindspot shows up and within seconds his arm is broken and he is off to see Night Nurse. Murdock finally has enough pussyfooting around and channels his inner Michael Keaton as Batman (i.e., “You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!”).

Daredevil Elektra fight

The issue ends, as mentioned earlier, with Elektra demanding to know the location of her daughter. Whatever Daredevil did to essentially mind-wipe the world of his secret identity has a great upside, but it also appears as though it will come with painful consequences.

If you’re looking for a top-notch Marvel book, then go with Daredevil. The protector of Hell’s Kitchen has not been this cool in a long time.

Bonus: Michael Keaton getting “nuts” as Bruce Wayne never gets old.


  1. I’m tempted to pick up the first trade paperback of Soule’s run just based on this review. I was always a fan of Daredevil but recent writers have put me off the title.

    1. I didn’t read Daredevil while Waid had him in San Francisco for an extended period of time, but something tells me it would just be … bad. My brother used to read Daredevil growing up, so I was raised on Frank Miller’s version of Murdock reigning supreme during that era. I tried to the book in the 90s and it went off the rails and I walked away. I was back in the 2000s for a short while, but the book still wasn’t quite right to me. This is the first time in many years I’ve been excited to read a Daredevil’s adventures.

  2. Thanks Doug, the book sounds promising. I’ve been wanting to check out this run, it’s been quite a while since I last picked up Daredevil.

    BTW, congrats on the Hugo nomination!

  3. Great Review Doug. In Marvel Comics, Spider-Man and Daredevil are my favorite superheroes, however, Murdock has to stay away from Felicia. I’m now tempted to pick this one up. Keep up the Good work.
    BTW, congratulation on the Hugo Nomination.
    Quick Question : How did Matt Murdock’s secret identety has been restored ? Cauz I haven’t been reading to many comics outside of ASM (And that’s a waste of money), did they pull a Brand New Day on Murdock ?

    1. “BTW, congratulation on the Hugo Nomination.”


      “Quick Question: How did Matt Murdock’s secret identety has been restored ? Cauz I haven’t been reading to many comics outside of ASM (And that’s a waste of money), did they pull a Brand New Day on Murdock?”

      I was wondering the same thing myself! 🙂 I came on with DD #5, although I don’t think it’s been revealed yet. I’m assuming that it has something to do with Secret Wars and that gap of time that hasn’t been addressed in many books (e.g., Peter Parker learning Mandarin, getting into a serious relationship with a woman who recently tried to kill him, etc.)

    1. “Enjoyed the story but the art is outstanding!”

      I can’t get enough of the artwork. The style is perfect for a Daredevil book. I want to think “noir” when I read about Matt Murdock’s adventures and I want fights with ninjas. I have nothing against San Francisco, but I want my Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen.

  4. The recommendation from you is very assuring. I loved Waid’s DD and wasn’t quite so sure about this, but now I’ll definitely pick it up, I love Electra/DD scenes, .sad that Electra has lost her knowledge of who Matt is, but it’s also nice to see her interact with him like a buddy again, even if it’s to just further her own ends and get details on her daughter. I wonder how Matt made everyone forget?

    1. “I loved Waid’s DD and wasn’t quite so sure about this, but now I’ll definitely pick it up.”

      Make sure to circle back and let me know what you think. I hope you like it. 🙂

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