Douglas Ernst blog 1 million page views

Douglas Ernst Blog has hit 1 million page views, and to celebrate I’d like to send out “Douglas Ernst C.R.O.N.I.E.S.” shirts inspired by Marvel writer Dan Slott’s personal attacks on anyone who agrees with my analysis of his work on The Amazing Spider-Man.

If Dan Slott wants to call you my “cronies,” then I need to get you some gear. My biggest concern before having them made and shipped out is to make sure that a.) the shirt is made of quality material, and b.) the printing quality isn’t something reminiscent of an “iron-on” kit for children.

Update: The shirts are in, and they receive a passing grade. I’m happy with the first generation shirt.

DTE shirt arrival

Since I am a man of my word, I would like to offer a shirt to Magnetic Eye:

Douglas Ernst Magnetic Eye

I would also like to offer shirts to Carl, Hube, Nate Winchester, Truthwillwin1, and up to three others who will promise me they will try to take a picture next to Dan Slott wearing “Douglas Ernst C.R.O.N.I.E.S.” apparel. The design is subject to change, but the general look and feel will be as displayed in the image above.

If you are interested in receiving a shirt, then let me know and I will contact you via the email address that I see on the back end of WordPress. Once I get your address, then a package will randomly show up at your doorstep in the coming months (i.e., “free” stuff ships based on my work schedule and the condition of my bank account).

This blog started five years ago as a creative outlet. When I first began, I had perhaps five people read a day. Over time that number has grown significantly, all while writing when time allows. I have met really good people while blogging, including a few who I now feel comfortable calling friends. I am incredibly proud of hitting the 1 million mark on what can best be described as a side-project, but it means nothing next to the relationships I’ve formed with a few of you. I mean it when I say that I care about you, the trajectory of your lives, and that I try to find time to pray for you.

As I said when I hit 1,000 blog posts, I cannot thank my regular readers enough for taking time out of their day to entertain my missives. It means a lot to me, and I will never forget your kindness and generosity. You give me time — time you can never reclaim — and for that I will always be grateful.




  1. I need one of those shirts to be identified as a CRONY, even though I normally hit you up over fb and not in the comments.

  2. Gave me a chuckle this morning Doug. I have no chance of meeting Slott so won’t put my name down for one

    1. Glad I could help make you chuckle, Andrew! I still haven’t finalized what shirt I want to buy (Quality Hanes? Champion long-sleeve t-shirt?), so I may be able to get one to you anyway. Depending on the shirts that I buy, it can get pretty pricey. I may have to order a single shirt first to see what kind of quality I’m going to get on the printing. If that is good, then I’m fine spending a chunk of change on you guys.

      I took a chance on another company not too long ago and the print quality was horrible. I just threw the shirt in the trash and never wore it once.

    2. No problem. I’ll certainly be in touch. My guess is that I’ll send you an email around mid-to-late June. I’ll probably comment on this blog post before I send out emails. That way, if you don’t see anything, you can double-check to make sure it didn’t end up in your spam folder.

  3. Wow! thanks Douglas. Had a crap day at work and this simply made my day. That’s mighty generous of you. Are you sure you don’t want anything for it?

    1. If I made your day a little better with the announcement, then that makes me happy. 🙂 I don’t want anything for the shirt. I’ll reach out to you sometime in the near future for an address. I’m in Chicago for a week, but once I get home and settled I’ll figure everything out.

    1. Thanks for the offer, Truth! I think I’m good. It’s just that I was fooling around with all the different shirts and designs and the more I liked a shirt, the more expensive (understandably) it was. With some styles you can’t just buy 1 shirt — you have to buy a minimum of, say, six. I think what I may do is just get the design exactly where I want it, buy the shirts…and if they stink I’ll tell you guys, “Expect Round 2 a year from now. Those will be better.” I know that’s it’s just a fun thing, but I’d feel bad if they didn’t turn out half-decent.

  4. Ha, a very amusing project Doug. I’d love someone to try and get close to Dan with one of these shirts, it’d be the supreme test of his public persona to see if he could hold in his frustrations and ride things along.

    Incidently, there was a very nice Peter/MJ scene in today’s edition of the Spidey newspaper strip, it ticked me pink so much that I wrote this on my facebook

    “Don’t you just love the days when Marvel simply leaves these two alone to work their magic? 28+ years strong together (at least in this strip) and the pair still inspire me to be a better, more complete and wholesome person to the family that encircles and enhances me. This made my Monday, well done strip writers.”

    1. That’s great news! I’d actually consider buying those. It seems like a no-brainer with the number of fans who have read the strip over the years.

      When I was a kid I used to read Spidey’s adventures in The Chicago Tribune’s funny pages every day. There was also an experiment where you could buy an empty comic book that had a slot for each day’s newspaper strip. You would cut out the newspaper strip and then tape or glue it into the comic. When the story was complete, you’d have it all ready to read whenever you wanted. The story involved Beast teaming up with Spider-Man.

    2. Yeah, that’ll be the Mutant Agenda, a story they later adapted into a two part episode of the 90s animated Spider-Man series

  5. I would love to buy a book with the comic strip stories, in my opinion it is better than any Spider-man comic coming out now.

    1. I hope that Mr. Slott has honestly reflected on a lot of the feedback regarding his online behavior over the past few years and used that time to grow as a person. It would be nice to see if he turned over a new leaf.

    2. I don’t think I would go that far, while his post was “nice” it still had some Slott tone with all caps and his shove it in your face to try to prove he was right.

      With that said it was much better than his usual behavior.

  6. I was much amused when I got online and saw this in my list of alerts.

    But that’s actually a cool idea! 🙂
    I highly doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity to be near Slott, let alone take a selfie near him (I’ve been to all of one Comic convention in my life and that only so I could meet John Barrowman–still need to meet his sister, a co-written book is incomplete if only one person autographs it–and I lack the funds/transportation options to go to more any time soon), so I would never promise anything on that score.

    But then again, as for social networking, I’m something of a quasi-active lurker who is only slowly learning to use the “social” aspect. And yours is one of the few highly political-centric blogs I have any interest in reading–I prefer to stick to writing tips otherwise.
    Anyway, point being, I sided with you regarding some of that Slott vitriol, but I don’t know yet if I’d go so far as to call myself one of your cronies. 😉

    But a cool idea, just the same, for those who can make the attempt.

    1. Dan and I have a rather fun history. He went through all sorts of interesting stages with me. First he would take veiled shots at me via Twitter. Then he would talk about me on other websites. Then he specifically referenced me by name in Twitlonger. There was one epic Google debate where he went back and basically deleted his entire end of the conversation because he looked really bad. Fun times. Finally, he opted for silence.

      If you stick around long enough on the Spider-Man blog posts, my guess that someone free will end up being mailed to you. I’m actually thinking about giving away something in the near future…but I need to figure out when to put it out there. We’ll see. Regardless, thanks for reading!

    2. You’re gonna love this…but…Dan is actually in charge of creating the “Nu Mu” universe after Secret Wars via his Silver Surfer run, as the Surfer is tasked with building the universe up from scratch. His ego’s going to have no restraint after this, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

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