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Do the writers of The Big Bang Theory read this blog? If not, it appears as though we’re on the exact same wavelength when it comes to Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man.

Here is what I said on February 1st after Dan Slott stalked “The Main Event” and got intellectually body slammed:

“It was only a few weeks ago that Dan Slott thought long-time Spider-Man fans would be okay reading a rip-off of 2003′s “Freaky Friday” starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan — only with Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. (Or was that 1988′s “Vice Versa” starring Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage?)

Dan Slott’s general response to me over the course of Superior Spider-Man has been to call me an idiot multiple times while abusing the caps-lock button, to call me a “bad person,” and to try and link me with some guy I don’t even know who writes fan fiction Spider-Man porn.

Now, take the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory:

Howard: What were they thinking putting Doctor Octopus’ mind in Peter Parker’s body?

Raj: I’ve been quite enjoying that. It combines all the superhero fun of Spider-Man with all the body-switching shenanigans of ‘Freaky Friday.’

Dan Slott’s reaction? Feigned joy.

Dan Slott Big Bang Theory

Let me spell it out for Mr. Slott and everyone else who keeps saying “Raj likes the Superior Spider-Man”: The reality is that the writers just made a joke that cut deep — at Dan Slott’s expense.

When a character on a television says he loves Superior Spider-Man because it reminds him of the “shenanigans of ‘Freaky Friday,” it is the equivalent of a Little Mac power punch to Mike Tyson on the old school NES. Correction: a Little Mac power punch to Glass Joe.

Howard asks “What were they thinking?” and the response — accentuated by the laugh track — was that Marvel killed off Peter Parker for what is essentially a rehashed version of Freaky Friday. Congratulations. Freaky Friday grossed $110 million dollars, so using the ‘Slott Rule’ for success, we only have to wait a few more decades before people realize the genius of Lindsay Lohan’s portrayal of Anna Coleman.

As I’ve said before, I believe there is room in the Marvel Universe for Doctor Octopus to play the “Superior Freaky Friday Spider-Man.” I am not opposed to having a megalomaniac running around New York with spider-powers. I just think that executing Peter Parker (twice) so that Dan Slott could make Jamie Lee Octavius everyone’s favorite wall crawler was an error of monumental proportions.

Ask yourself this question, Spider-Man fans: Knowing what you know about how Dan Slott conducts himself on message boards, how would he respond if someone said that they hated Superior Spider-Man because it was little more than ‘Freaky Friday’ with Marvel characters? Now ask yourself why he took to Twitter to feign admiration for a joke told at his expense. Perhaps because it’s a little more dangerous to mock and ridicule the writers of The Big Bang Theory than it is to personally attack the average fan? Hmmm.

Thank you, writers of The Big Bang Theory, for delivering a KNOCK OUT blow to this abomination.

Update: Someone over at ComicVine shared my blog post. Dan Slott has decided that personal attacks and weird discussions on Trayvon Martain and Ben Shapiro would be appropriate instead of actually discussing Superior Spider-Man.

“Douglas Ernst was clearly in the wrong– and horribly offensive– in the WORST way a human being could possibly be. He has NEVER apologized for that BASELESS, DISGUSTING, and REPREHENSIBLE attack. He has stuck to his guns that he was in the right for doing this TERRIBLE and ATROCIOUS thing. Douglas Ernst is a bad person. Plain and simple. Why you people give him the time of day here I’ll never know,” (Dan Slott).

It’s good to know “All-Caps” Dan Slott dislikes me so much that he … reads my commentary on legal cases like the Trayvon Martin case.

Speaking of legal issues, Dan Slott is now making weirdly veiled legal threats in my direction. Dan Slott stifles debate? Who would ever get that idea?

“If someone, like you, who is in the habit of spreading gross falsehoods about me online, I am interested to see if any of them rise to the level of being liable and actionable,” (Dan Slott).

Side note: Here’s Slott’s tweet after (one would assume, given the timing) reading this post. All press is good press, right? Even if writers are mocking your product, who cares if the attention will bring in more sales. Sad.

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  1. Maybe Slott thinks that Jonathan Swift wanted to sell poor Irish babies for food. And that Randy Newman hates short people. And that Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” were patriotic anthems.

    1. Just for the Record: I know that Bruce Springstein’s Song is an anti-war Vietnam Song made for, ironically, the same kind of people who called returning Vietnam vets baby killers yet support abortion.

      I didn’t know that a harmless sounding song with harmless sounding lyrics like “This Land is Your Land” was anti-American though. Unless lyrics like “From California to the New York Isles” and “This land was made for you and me” are secretly part of a commie agenda.

    2. Yes, foods lines are on the right track. America. Abundance. And yet, starving people. Apparently, private property is part of the problem according to the writer. If we were all Communists we’d be able to share this wealth…or something. Boiler plate statist propaganda. If you read up on him you should soon run across commentary on his politics.

    3. Actually, a lot of people seem to think “This Land is Your Land” is a patriotic song. It often gets played at Fourth of July picnics and other patriotic celebrations. But only the first couple of verses, leaving out the parts about the Private Property (or No Trespassing) sign, and the hungry people at the relief office. Irony is the most easily misunderstood form of satire.

    4. Ummm…what did you say?

      Let me reiterate: I’m a Puerto-Rican dude, and NOT one of them bi-lingual types. I was born thanks to two Puerto-Rican parents (both in the army’s medical sector) in Fort Hood (Yes, I was shaken up when I heard Hassan shoot the place up), moved to Hinesville Georgia right out of Fort Stewart when I was three, moved to Hawaii when I was about 9 or 10, moved to Jacksonville when I was twelve, and moved to Winter Park (right outside Orlando AND Sanford, where Treyvon was taken out) when I was 18 to go to school.

      Though I am Puerto-Rican (and, according to some people who look at me, Mexican, Arab, or Indian) I’m probably more white-bred American than I care to admit and know about as much spanish as to ask, “Where’s the bathroom?”

      From what you’ve wrote, the best guess I can make is that you asked me if I’m from Venezuela, perhaps or then.

    5. Forgive me, Emm, I certainly did not mean to give offense (if you took any, that is). I’m a Spanish teacher and know quite a few folks from Venezuela. My favorite music group is from there, too.

    6. Nah man, is cool. I wasn’t going all “Angry Spanish Guy” on ya, I was just stating something about myself.

      On that note, whenever my parents tried to make me learn Spanish, I rebelled as a gut instinct and they backed off because they were lax like that. Looking back, I sorta kinda wish they spanked me a little bit more until I learned, since they were folks who believed in the all powerful belt.

    7. If I had it all to do over again I would have taken Spanish in high school instead of German, and I would have actually finished my homework… It’s always handy to know a second language.

      The other day I was at Panera and this very “white” looking guy was waiting for his food. The women behind the counter started talking about how good looking he was in Spanish, so he let them know he knew exactly what they were saying — in Spanish. One of the ladies blushed and hid where he couldn’t see her. It was pretty funny.

      I was getting half decent at Spanish when I lived in L.A., but I haven’t used it for years. I used to sound like a caveman, but I could understand about 50 percent of what was being said in a conversation. When you don’t have someone to practice with, you forget.

    8. I think you’re the first person I’ve met with a complete Latino name (first and last) that hasn’t known Spanish. Nevertheless, this was an assumption on my part, and I apologize.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how f***ing immature these comics creators are. It’s bad enough they spout off about politics (usually just MSNBC-like talking points) and then get miffed when people dare to challenge them on some of it, but to peruse bulletin boards and blogs for critical comments to challenge is ridiculously obsessive. I mean, how often have we seen Slott tweet about how much “work” he’s swamped with? Who knows, maybe Marvel pays him to troll social media too?

    1. The guy says I’m a “bad” person. He says he doesn’t know why readers give me “the time of day,” while readily acknowledging that he’s trolling my blog and reading posts unrelated to Spider-Man. Classic!

    2. I saw the episode when it aired. I do have to say this about Slott he’s always bragging about how he has to work so hard writing to issues a month. I’m sorry not only would he have more time if he wasn’t trolling people but two issues isn’t a awful lot of work and it should be Much easier for him then it has Ever Been because the characters now exist merely as props to serve the interest of Spock. Bendis has three times the load which is something you can brag about or what about Stan in the Silver Age when he co-wrote practically everything in Marvel at the same time. When I was a teenager I tried to make an original 50 issue limited series I only wrote twenty two but I discovered that if you have any talent it doesn’t take two weeks to write these things I was able to consistently churn out a good script in two days. Also if Dan Slott has to be such a lefty gun control nut then why does he have his Mary Sue use a gun to kill? Why does he equip his Arachnauts with guns? Why is there even this Arachnaut militia in the first place? Why does he do all of these things and continue to scream to the heavens that Ock is the better hero? I also love how Ock is never forgiving these killers he sometimes says these types don’t change catches the apparent hypocrisy of his statement and shuts up. Or how Peter showed him mercy in Ends Of The Earth but Ock didn’t show him mercy twice. I might be able to wait for Peter’s Possible return without completely going bananas MIGHT but if Mary Jane ends up with Pedro before or if for any one of the many reasons Ock’s providing for Peter and MJ not to be able to get back together its just… its not going to be pretty.

      I also want to address a question Why does no one like the 90’s comics? The answer because comics in the 90’s had the unified theme of event after event and the ongoing psychological torture of every virtuous being to the maximum extent possible without insanity resulting. That is why! I was able to handle the House Of M I can’t imagine why anyone would subject a person to that but I could because at the end of the day Peter stayed true to himself he sacrificed his perfect world to make things right. One More Day was harder and needless and of course Quesada had a less than noble motive for it but I could wait for them to get back together. But this…

      I’m sorry Dan I’m sorry if there are a couple people who don’t worship your downright Satanic (I wish I could be more polite but I honest to God cant find any other word for it) approach to writing. But when there are thousands of people who all agree that what you did was evil enough to make them forgive every other mistake that previous writers have made in your industry then that means something. We are just Peons that may be true but we are still human we whose voice you cannot silence will continue to stand for what is right because we still believe in right and wrong good and evil God the law and other antiquated notions like that and you will be judged for this whether you believe fiction can affect society or not. We will not spend our hard earned money to support the whims of one who chooses to cater to those who embrace Nihilism as it’s own form of pornography. We will stand like Noah faultless among his contemporaries and we will move against the current of this society that wants to strangle to death anyone who so much as doesn’t cheer for the next wave of unrighteousness.

    1. It’s times like this that I wish there was another big comic company that would rise up and challenge Marvel and DC’s binary quasi-oligarchy over the American comic book industry with a more neutral or conservative slant than they have. Yeah, I know that there are independents (and good ones) like IDW, Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite, Valiant, and etc, but what I’m asking for is a TRULY ICONIC comic company to rise up and challenge them.

      It’s a shame then that trying to break into the Comic Book industry and make it as big as those two is more laughable than the failure of Multiculturalism.

  3. Great article, I like how Slott tries to spin it to a complement. WB the competitor is in control of the show it clearly was a negative statement about the book.
    This is another classic Slott distortion…pun intended.

    1. He can be happy that he’ll probably get a boost in sales for the book because of the mention, but the bottom line is that it was a joke told at his expense. There’s no other way to take it. Sorry, Mr. Slott. That’s the reality.

      Dan Slott didn’t like that I brought that to light, so as usual he had to bring up my post: ‘Is Dan Slott’s ‘Superior Spider-Man’ really a Superior anti-Semite?’ (Note the question mark. Mr. Slott always ignores that.)

      What he doesn’t get (in some sense because moral relativism has warped his mind), is that my “Nazi” post pointed out the obvious — it doesn’t matter what Dan Slott’s intentions are if the end result is that a monster worse than Hitler is in Peter Parker’s body.

      He was the one who made Doc Ock say he wanted to transcend Hitler, Pol Pot and Khan — at the exact moment he was on the brink of causing an extinction-level event — not me. That context is important. There are certain moments in history where a man says something that reveals his true character. Ock did, and I wrote about it. I’m sorry if Dan Slott doesn’t like it, or if deep down he knows I’m right. Why else would he be so obsessed with it? He’s so mad he reads through my blog posts and comments unrelated to Spider-Man…

      If Dan Slott wanted to go toe-to-toe over my old blog posts, he could come here. If he acted like a rational adult, perhaps I might tweak the piece for him. But he won’t because he needs his personal attacks. It was nice to see the moderator over at Comic Vine put him in his place. Like I said, his strategy is blatantly transparent.

  4. The show is on a channel that is owned by Marvels competitor, the statement was clearly a shot at the book not a complement. It is on CBS and the show is from Warner Brothers.
    Direct competition taking a shot at how dumb the current run is. This once again is Slott twisting the truth as usual.

  5. Slott will not post here he does not have the guts to post where he cant have some sort of control. He knows that when he gets beat he can ask for the forum to get closed. He is starting to find out that the Vine will not let him get away with it like he is used to. I love how he got called out by a moderator.

    1. This guy has almost 39,000 Twitter followers and fans who defend him no matter how he behaves, and yet he constantly plays the victim. Hube dares to write about him, and suddenly he’s tweeting about us. Why? The reason is because we’re effective.

      Dan Slott seems to think people are as dumb as the supporting cast of The Superior Spider-Man. He complains about what I write, as if people can’t step back and objectively look at an issue and come to a rational conclusion. He acts as if I’m scared to defend myself on Comic Vine, when the real issue is … I can’t. If I do, it suddenly becomes about me. If I start posting my content on Comic Vine, he’d accuse me of shamelessly promoting my blog. He wants me to talk about “Trayvon” or (fill in the blank with the Dan Slott redirect of the day) so I become the problem. Sorry. Not happening.

      Like you said, he doesn’t want to come into this ring because my hands aren’t tied behind my back here. I’ll come out swinging, and at the end of the day he’s going to be intellectually bruised and bloodied.

  6. I also love how Slott is so ridiculously anal about spelling on Twitter, berating followers (“It’s ‘Spider-Man’ with a hyphen!” and “It’s ‘Liz Allan,’ not ‘Allen'”) yet he consistently spells Trayvon Martin’s first name incorrectly (“Treyvon”).

    Shows what a real “news junkie” he must be. LOL

    1. Slott’s immaturity knows no bounds. The fact that he tried to threaten legal action against Doug just proves it more. He’s a douche.

    2. I can’t see why anyone would want to follow Slott on twitter, let alone read anything he’s written after the way he’s acted on social media.

    3. His blog is on a delay. Mine is to, in many respects. Sometimes you have spammers, people who just throw out a long list of expletives, etc. He probably just hasn’t gotten around to moderating the day’s comments yet.

  7. I’d like to address something here that was said over at Comic Vine.

    Was it worth it? Dan Slott laughs off 9 months without Peter Parker for kids.

    Over at Comic Vine I asked the following question: Was it worth it?

    Was it worth killing Peter Parker (twice) for this length of time so that a glorified version of “Freaky Friday” (as observed by the writers of The Big Bang Theory and myself) could play out? Is it worth it that for a good chunk of time during their formative years, young readers get The Superior Spider-Man to try and set their moral compass to? Is it worth all the damage done to the supporting cast, whose intelligence seems to have been lowered by a good 20 points so that SSM can continue?

    Slott’s response is telling:

    “The story has been running for 9 months. According to the mind of Douglas Ernst, 9 months equals “a good chunk of time” during a readers formative years. This explains a lot. Like how on the Douglas Ernst clock, taking seconds to save the lives of fallen enemy soldiers is “precious” time that Peter Parker/Spider-Man could’ve spent saving the world,”(Dan Slott)

    Nine months is basically an entire school year. An entire school year. Middle School is a weird time for kids, and somewhere in those two years (and perhaps into freshman year of high school) there comes a point where a kid basically chooses the group he’s going to hang out with. When I was in 7th grade, that’s when kids started dabbling in drugs. 8th grade, even more, and by freshman year you basically put your cards in with a certain group of kids.

    Don’t believe me about the timeline? Ask Brian Holloway about how important 9 months could be to kid.

    Nine months (or more) without Peter Parker is actually a rather long time for kids who are looking for guidance, as their own moral compass is shaky at that point in their life. Kids want to fit in. Their hormones are acting weird. They want to be popular. And yet, consciously or not, they’re looking for role models. The fact that Dan Slott doesn’t realize that is telling.

    When I was a kid, myself and most of my friends were into comics up until freshman year of high school. At that point girls became much more important. However, it can’t be denied that — consciously or not — reading the adventures of Peter Parker helped shape who I am. I can’t quantify it, but I know that “with great power comes great responsibility” stuck with me then and it will carry with me until my dying day.

    Side note: I worked in high schools and middle schools for almost two years after I graduated from undergrad (while I saved money for graduate school). All my beliefs about just how important those two or three years are to a kid were only reinforced during that time.

    I’ve already covered how unrealistic and dumb it was for Spider-Man to freak out over North Korea’s gulag overseers, so I won’t comment on that. People can always read the post or my take down of Slott’s distortions if they wish.

  8. Finally someone said it! It had to be you, Douglas… I found it funny that the “greatest writer in spider-man history” couldn’t understand the joke made on him… And rushed to his twitter to thank the “compliment” he had received from Raj…

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Pedrada.

      Yes, the only thing that I can think of is that it was Dan Slott’s way of getting out in front of a situation. He framed it the best way possible (i.e., a lot of people got to hear about Spider-Man), but conveniently left out the part where his idea was the butt of the joke — big time.

    2. Greatest writer in Spider-man history? Whoever told you that must’ve never met Stan Lee, BMB or JMS.

  9. Slott has left his mark on Spider-Man, no one can deny it….I just hope someday someone has enough ass wipe to clean it up.

  10. Funny. Cast of Big Bang theory was in the latest issue of superior (page 2 I think), though not credited it is clearly them.

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