Plato’s Man in the Cave Allegory Updated: Nation in the Toilet.

Someone needs to update Plato's Republic. We are no longer the man in the cave. We are the nation in the toilet. I invite you to climb out with me.

In January the world saw video of Alan Haywood, a DC florist who was attacked on the Metro Green Line by a bunch of thugs…for minding his own business. Less than one year later I had the unfortunate experience of writing about a run-in with a Green Line low-life, although it ended quite differently since thugs don’t like it when their victim becomes the aggressor.

Today there is the case of Scotty Mandingo Strahan, who it appears is the young man responsible for cold-cocking a homeless, elderly man along Chicago’s Red Line. We can thank WorldStarHipHop for bringing this incident into the light, where it can now be examined (and possibly used to ensure that justice is served).

Some people despise sites like WorldStarHipHop and its glorification of a culture that finds entertainment value in treating homeless people as a punching bag. To me, WorldStarHipHop is whatever you make of it. For me, it’s a mirror that simply reflects American cultural decline. It serves as a wake-up call for those caught in the cesspool created by decades of moral relativism. Are we too close to the waterfall to prevent ourselves from going over a cliff? Are we stuck in an undertow and only gasping for breath before it all goes black? I don’t know, but the image of a homeless elderly man lying unconscious on the cold concrete, while his hand rests on the American flag on his chest, is powerful for all the wrong reasons.

Listen to the audio, and in between the hoots and hollers and laughs and giggles someone asks why the perpetrator didn’t go through the man’s pockets! The response: He’s homeless! (i.e., I would have robbed him too, but I knew he didn’t have anything on him).

When it’s not psychoanalyzing our political process, the world wonders why a Penn State coach can get away with robbing children of their innocence for years on end. The world wonders why it’s ignored or under the radar until it blows up in our faces (at which time everyone gets up on a moral pedestal and pretends like they would have been the Knight in Shining Armor if only they were there to rise to the challenge).

The truth hurts: We’re like the man in the cave Plato speaks about in The Republic, but instead of a deep dark cave we’re the Nation in The Toilet. We’ve been in the toilet so long that most of us don’t even realize it because we’ve never looked up. Most people think they live in a pretty porcelain palace until they get hit in the head with a big piece of crap (e.g., The Penn State scandal).

Sad, isn’t it? Instead of swimming in circles, try climbing out of the toilet and helping a few others on your way out.