Army race termite shows unauthorized ‘white privilege’ slide during diversity training

Medal of HonorA 637-page Pentagon training manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) includes a section on “white privilege.” Officers are taught that “white males represent the haves as compared to the have-notes.” The manual was revealed in 2013 due to solid reporting by Fox’s Todd Starnes. It should come as no surprise then that the Army now has an infestation of race termites in its ranks.

USA Today reported Friday:

WASHINGTON — Army officials are investigating a diversity training briefing at Fort Gordon, Ga., in which a slide about “white privilege” was inappropriately shown to soldiers, according to an Army spokeswoman

The Equal Opportunity briefing took place Thursday for about 400 soldiers of the 67th Signal Battalion, Capt. Lindsay Roman, an Army spokeswoman, said Friday. The slide titled “The Luxury of Obliviousness” has bullet-point items about “white privilege.”

One item reads, “Race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans or to how white privilege affects them. ‘To be white in America means not having to think about it.'”

The presentation was not authorized, nor was it part of the standard slides shown to soldiers, Roman said.

“The unit (Equal Opportunity) instructor deviated from the authorized topic and content which was provided,” Roman said. “To prevent further instances, all unit instructors will receive additional training on the importance of following Army EO training requirements.”

First of all, following lawful orders is a “biggie” in the Army. I hope the EO instructor pays dearly for his or her offense, but I digress.

One of the beautiful things about the Army, which I sadly didn’t appreciate until after I left, was just devoid it was of all the inescapable political correctness found in the civilian world. Race is first stripped of all infantrymen in basic training — your are just a number. I was “Roster Number 144.” After graduation, race wasn’t an issue at my unit because no one really cares about race. They care about performance.

Do you follow orders? Can you be trusted to do what is right even when no one is looking? Are you loyal? Are you a “fat body” or are you a “PT stud”? Can you march 25 miles with 65 pounds on your back without lagging behind? None of those questions have anything to do with race. I can honestly say that I never had any race problems during my time in Charlie Company, 1/18 Infantry Battalion. It was only when I got out of the Army that I realized there was an entire industry of people dedicated to using race to divide the population.

The civilian world is full of people who make excuses — for everything. It’s filled with quitters. It’s filled with people who sit around feeling sorry for themselves instead of getting up off their butt and making the impossible possible. Yes, it’s also filled with millions of men and women with grit in their spit who work hard to and make the world a better place, but it can not be denied that the proportion of professional whiners in its ranks is astounding.

Mitt Romney was rightfully thumped in the polls for the delivery of his “47 percent” comment in 2012, but his core argument was sound: there is a cancerous mass of Americans who do not see work as a virtue and try to avoid it at all costs. One way to avoid work is to blame “white privilege” on any number of life’s unfortunate circumstances and then use it as a cudgel on those who dare to speak painful truths. It is an incredibly frightening realization that race termites have finished hollowing out American culture and found a way to burrow into a world that was previously out of their reach: the military.

Certain occupational specialties will always be resistant to politically correct psychobabble. The problem is that “race-baiter resistant” is not the same as “race-baiter proof.” Will the man to your right trust you when he’s been indoctrinated with Pentagon manuals and EO diversity training courses that say to “assume racism is everywhere, every day”? Answer: Not likely.

If the Army is smart, then they’ll put a boot up this EO instructor’s butt and make sure that “white privilege” slides are only used when they’re printed out and taped to pop-up targets.

‘White privilege’: Break glass and use in case of ideological emergency

Food Stamp FraudMultiple Facebook friends of mine have shared an article titled “30 People Arrested For Food Stamp Fraud; Guess How Many Were Black.” In each case I pointed out that the piece’s key statistic makes the headline laughable — “Approximately 99.83% of the population is white.” If a county’s population is 99.83 percent green, then it stands to reason that any 30 arrests in that area are likely to produce a lot of green people. It’s a meaningless statistic in a debate that requires data on a national level. Objective people can see this. However, when it comes to those with leftist ideological blinders on, even pointing out basic statistical truths becomes an occasion to use “white privilege” to end the debate.

The following exchange occurred between me and a friend I’ve known for roughly a decade:

Convo1In case of emergency, break the glass on the “white privilege” tool box and then go to work extinguishing any legitimate challenges to your worldview.

Convo2Question: Would my friend respond to the Daily Kos’s Ms. Shona — a liberal black woman who makes the exact same statistical case as Douglas “white privilege” Ernst — with “I think you view [this article] as discrimination while unlike most people being white comes with white privilege,”?

Answer: Of course not.

The reason why turning to “white privilege” is popular in any racial debate is that it’s the perfect intellectual crutch for the individual whose argument can’t withstand the weight of serious rebuttal.

Question: Would my friend tell Ms. Shona — a liberal black woman who makes the exact same statistical case as Douglas “white privilege” Ernst — “I recommend you watch ‘White Like Me’. Maybe you would think differently,”?

Answer: Of course not.

Using “white privilege” in an argument is like turning on a racial force field when your ideological bubble is about to burst.

Think about it this way: Tumblr CEO David Karp had his bubble burst on national television when he was discussing Net Neutrality. He couldn’t find a way to turn Net Neutrality into a race issue (e.g.,  “AT&T would think differently if its board of directors just watched ‘White Like Me’.”), and so he crumbled. When discussing race, white privilege will always be there for you — just like an old episode of (ironically, liberal white) “Friends.”

So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A. It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear. When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year — but white privilege will be there for you (when the rain starts to pour). White privilege will be there for you (like I’ve been there before). White privilege will be there for you (’cause you’re there for me too)…

The bottom line is this: It’s a good bet that people who know how to use statistics and think objectively also know how to acquire wealth and influence. That has nothing to do with “white privilege” and everything to do with being a responsible individual in a complex civil society. My advice to the race-goggles wearing crowd is to take them off when you’re in your bedroom at night and read more books on basic statistics.

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Feminist ‘clump of cells’ who works at Burger King forgets that we’re ‘all the same inside’

Created Equal abortion debate

Burger King recently started a limited-market promotion of the Proud Whopper, which included the underlying message “We’re all the same inside.” It was supposed to be a show of support for San Francisco’s gay community, but it could also serve as Burger King’s stealth pro-life campaign. Since Burger King employee Victoria Duran of Columbus, Ohio seems to think that the unborn are just a “clump of cells,” the Proud Burger message can teach her that we’re all just bigger “clumps of cells.”

Ms. Duran is composed of many more cells than an unborn child, but no one is advocating that we kill her. It seems odd that she would a.) discriminate against someone with less cells than she, and b.) resort to assault and battery on the streets of Columbus because other clumps of cells are exercising their First Amendment rights.

Abortion debate created equal


Created Equal films captured it all on tape.

As Hotair’s Ed Morrisey observes, “It’s amusing in one respect to see someone so passionately engaged in exposing her ignorance of human biology while attempting to lecture someone else about it, as well as her ignorance on basic American civics.”

As humorous as it is, it’s also rather frightening. While Ms. Duran ultimately has little power to strip social conservatives of their rights, there are plenty of “Durans” out there who would love to see that happen. Sometimes they expose themselves (literally) in places like Argentina when they assault Catholic men, or sometimes such bigotry rears its head when guys like Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott tells Hobby Lobby and its Christian supporters they should go to “Christ-land.”

Let us revisit Ms. Duran’s actual speech. While it is hardly eloquent, the intellectual DNA is similar among “clumps of cells” who categorize themselves as liberal.

“This is absolute lying there, fucking dipship. That is not what a fetus looks like, okay? It’s a clump of cells at twelve weeks. It does not look like that. It’s a clump of mother fucking cells. No hands are shown at that time. You so white privilege racist fucking male that doesn’t stand for women’s rights. Get the fuck out of her, fucking dipshit. And get that camera out of my face, either. Fuckwit! … Fuck you. Fuckwit. You are fucking white male privilege assholes. What you are is a racist motherfucker as well. How dare you fucking do this kind of shit, asshole. … You fucking sexist misogynist motherfuckers. That is all you are! You don’t give a shit about women! You don’t give a shit about life! All you are is a bunch of assholes. All you are a bunch … No uterus, no right to talk about it! Understand me, motherfucker? … Your signs deserve to get fucked up!

The thought police are out in full force. Race? Class? Gender? It’s all there. “Privileged…white…males” only have free speech until that speech upsets women like Ms. Duran. Then it’s gone. Regardless, it seems odd that Ms. Duran would accuse a young man from Created Equal of being racist, when it is women like Ms. Duran that have arguably cheered on black genocide via abortion for decades.

What if science told us that certain DNA sequences are likely to result in a gay or lesbian child? Would Ms. Duran support abortion then? Does she support forced abortions in China? Burger King’s motto used to be “Your way, right away,” but in Ms. Duran’s world it’s “My way, right away. Understand me, punk?”

We used to live by the old saying: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Today, a bunch of totalitarian thug wannabes don’t even give the phrase lip service — they just get in your face, destroy your property and threaten you with violence.

At the end of the day, it is not the Victoria Durans of the world who are the most dangerous to society as a whole. Instead, we must primarily concern ourselves with influential individuals sowing seeds of hate into the fertile minds of the young. Her consciousness is filled with weeds, but it is the farmer who planted them there that we should be concerned about.

And with that, I will leave you with this: Even The Burger King Kids Club was once just a “clump of cartoon cells.”



Just in case there are any Ms. Durans who want to take part in the comments section, I have some hard science for you.

Five weeks after conception, the embryo first begins to assume features of human appearance. The face is recognizable, with the formation of discernible eyes, nose, and ears. Limbs emerge from protruding buds; digits, cartilage, and muscles develop. The cerebral hemispheres begin to fill the brain area, and the optic stalk becomes apparent. Nerve connections are established between the retina and the brain. The digestive tract rotates from its prior tubular structure, and the liver starts to produce blood cells and bile. Two tubes emerge from the pharynx to become bronchi, and the lungs have lobes and bronchioles. The heart is beating at 5 weeks and is almost completely developed by 8 weeks after conception. The diaphragm begins to divide the heart and lungs from the abdominal cavity. The kidneys approach their final form at this time. The urogenital and rectal passages separate, and germ cells migrate toward the genital ridges for future transformation into ovaries or testes. Differentiation of internal ducts begins, with persistence of either müllerian or wolffian ducts. Virilization of external genitalia occurs in male embryos. The embryo increases from about 6 to 33 mm in length and increases 50 times in weight.

Structurally, the fetus has become straighter, and the tubular neural canal along which the spinal cord develops becomes filled with nerve cells. Ears remain low on the sides of the head. Teeth are forming, and the two bony plates of the palate fuse in the midline. Disruptions during the latter part of the embryonic period lead to various forms of cleft lip and palate. By 10 weeks after the last menstrual period, all major organ systems have become established and integrated,” (Gabbe Obstetrics: Normal and Problem Pregnancies. 6th Ed. Copyright 2012 Saunders/Elsevier. Chapter 8: Drugs and Environmental Agents in Pregnancy and Lactation: Embryology, Tetratology, Epidemiology).

Update II:

It looks like I wasn’t too far off with my observation about the intellectual DNA of Ms. Durnan. From the Tumblr account “Pro-choice or No Voice” comes this gem: “I always look at these ‘pro-choicer assaults pro-lifer’ videos hoping to see some smug little shit get socked in the face…”

You have it first hand from the source, folks. That’s the “tolerance” of Ms. Duran’s worldview.

Pro Choice Tumblr

‘White Privilege’ artist: Does it exist, or do I simply lack critical thinking skills?

There was a time when people who lectured Americans on “white privilege” were mostly content to read the ramblings of Peggy McIntosh and shame-scribble self-loathing messages on their faces. Since that didn’t work, artists like Jamie Kapp — formerly known as “jamie the ignorant American” on Tumblr — decided they would mangle statistics in comic book form instead.

Since Jamie’s art was picked up on Buzzfeed, I thought I should clear up a few things for those who haven’t at least read ‘Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics’ by Joel Best.


The reason why no one on the Internet “seems to” want to understand the concept is pretty simple. There are a number of reasons, actually. Some examples include:

  1. It’s usually peddled by people like Suey “only white people can be racist” Park.
  2. Self made men, like those who dealt with angry drill sergeants early on in life (before putting themselves through college) aren’t usually willing to be lectured to on how tough the real world can be.
  3. Military men, who have friends of all colors they would have gladly died for during their service, don’t take kindly to academics of the “all white people are ‘subconsciously racist'” mold.

Regardless, on to the statistics:

“When it comes to school, I’m 78% more likely to be admitted because of my race. A [person of color] with the exact same grades has about a 22% chance,” says Jamie.

Where are these numbers coming from? How are they tabulated? What variables were factored into the study? What colleges are these people applying to?

At some point in time, the “white privilege” crowd decided they weren’t having much success, so they decided to try the old Jedi Mind Trick. Newsflash: The Jedi Mind Trick, like white privilege, is a work of fiction. If these activists spent half as much time complaining about their lot in life and focused more intently on accomplishing their hopes and dreams, the results would put an end to all their racial psychobabble.

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend black kids with a 4.0 grade point average, who applied to the exact same school as “average white guy x,” really did only have a 22% chance of getting into that institution. One might then ask the following questions: “What were the school districts like for the black kids who applied? Where did they come from? Is an ‘A’ from the public schools in Detroit, Chicago or Philadelphia the same as an ‘A’ from the town ‘average white guy x’ came from?” If one finds that school districts in inner cities — cities often overwhelmingly run by minorities —  have different standards than those elsewhere, we can then ask why and dig deeper to the root of the problem. We can ask cultural questions and compare the percentage of intact nuclear families across races. We can do surveys on parental attitudes about the importance of education or examine voting patterns. We can ask if it is possible for a city like Detroit — run for decades by progressives, many of them minorities — to be the “victim” of “white privilege.” Did white privilege clouds from Orange County, Calif. make their way east until they dumped fiscal malfeasance and out-of-wedlock births on Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia?

Given that colleges have an extremely high amount of pressure on them to have a diverse campus (as long as that diversity doesn’t include ideological diversity) does anyone really believe that administrators aren’t bending over backwards to increase minority participation?

Moving on, Jamie asserts that a “white male with a criminal record is 5% more likely to get a job over a man of color with a clean record.” Again, is the artist being intentionally vague or is she really just incapable of looking at numbers beyond a cursory level?

What kind of crimes are typically committed by white men and what kind of crimes are committed by black men? What kind of jobs do they apply for? If “criminal record” includes everything from the time “white guy x” got a DUI during his freshman year in college to the random black guy who held up a liquor store, then anyone who is intellectually honest will have more work to do in order to make the case for white privilege.

The problem with the white privilege crowd is that they like to paint with broad brushstrokes because when they begin to fill in the details the flaws in their racial tapestry begin to show.

It’s easy to say someone is “subconsciously” racist. It’s easy to throw out numbers and hope that your audience just accepts your interpretation of the data without follow up questions. It is hard to confront uncomfortable truths about different races, cultures and religions — all races, cultures and religions. If you buy into Suey “only white people can be racist” Park’s premise, you don’t have to talk about questionable aspects of any culture except “white” culture (whatever the heck that means).

At the end of the day it appears that Jamie and her activist friends simply need to go back to the drawing board.

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Peggy McIntosh: Reading for race-baiting losers who write on their own face

Do you know who walks around with writing on their face? Guys who get drunk and pass out amongst practical jokers, or … race-baiting losers. The “Unfair Campaign” is apparently filled with a lot of losers.

Not too long ago a blog post of mine touched on my days at USC, where a professor assigned Peggy McIntosh’s essay White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. The message was clear:  You’re white. You’re racist. You don’t even know it. The system is rigged in your favor and will always be that way. For a former infantryman who had plenty of minority “battle buddies” I would have gladly died for, it was an eye-opening experience. Behind the veil of compassion covering its surface, liberalism is an ugly, depressing and angry ideology that only thrives by dividing decent people against one another.

Black vs. White. Rich vs. Poor. Man vs. Woman. Over and over again my college professors presented a bleak vision for the world, in which “the system” pitted one group against another in perpetual battle. It’s fitting, since a decade after I read McIntosh’s essay another college has used it to inspire its online campaign: Unfair: It’s hard to see racism when you’re white.

Perhaps. But it’s not hard to see stupidity if you’re smart — and this entire organization is filled with stupid, race-baiting clowns.

Unfair’s website is educational, but for all the wrong reasons:

What is racism?  Racism is more than individual prejudice based on race.  Racism is the power of a dominant group, through its systems and institutions, to enforce the dominant culture’s history, values, practices and beliefs.  It advantages those in the dominant group and disadvantages those who are not.  It results in disparities.

What is white privilege?  A set of advantages that are given to people who are part of the majority and dominant group.  These opportunities and privileges are often invisible.

Got that? Racism has a brand new definition that conveniently allows liberal advocates to see racism in any disparity that exists, and the “advantages” of the “dominant group” are … “invisible.”

Since the real definition of racism doesn’t work in a country where some of the most successful entertainers, athletes, businessmen and politicians (i.e., the President of the United States) happen to be black, they changed it. By making “advantages” invisible to everyone but them, it makes it impossible for critics to engage in any meaningful debate. Example: “Don’t believe Doug. He’s not making sense because he can’t even see his ‘unearned privileges.'”

Let’s destroy their logic on disparities, shall we?

If there is racism, then we will find disparity in this community. Disparities exist. Therefore, there is racism.


When I went to USC there seemed to be a huge disparity between the number of Asians who were Engineering majors compared to white students. Does that mean that someone, somewhere was building a racist system detrimental to white people? No. It may just mean that white kids weren’t serious about hard sciences and became English and Political Science majors (like me) at a higher rate. And now we get to live with student loans the rest of our lives while our Asian friends became doctors and engineers.

Why aren’t more Asian third basemen in Major League Baseball? Why aren’t there more white people behind the counter at the DMV? Why are there so many Mexicans serving me Japanese food at Benihana these days? When I was a kid they were all … Japanese. The answers: I don’t care.

I want to see the best baseball player on the field. I want to be get my drivers license renewed in a hurry. I want the “Splash and Meadow” with my steak medium-rare, and I’ll have sushi as an appetizer. Just make it well, mi amigo.

Dear Unfair Campaign,

I like the “dominant culture” of the United States, and I will fight to keep it that way. And I have no problem intellectually slapping around idiots when they get out of line.

Read a little more from the “dominant culture.” Write the Declaration of Independence on your face if you have to. Maybe you’ll learn something.



We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.