Boko Haram thugs scream ‘Allahu Akhbar,’ kidnap girls as U.S. feminists lament ‘micro-aggression’

Boko Haram
American feminism is dead because we now live in a world where Ayaan Hirsi Ali — whose genitals were mutilated by Islamic subhumans — is barred from speaking at Brandeis University, while Suey “only white people can be racist” Park has articles published by Time. Condoleezza Rice must essentially be forced out of a speaking engagement to Rutgers’ 2014 graduating class, but “Snooki” is welcomed with open arms — and $32,000. The same “feminists” who would take a stand against Ms. Rice because she’s a “war criminal” are the same “feminists” who would welcome Hillary (I voted for the Iraq War and gave a thumbs up to Obama’s steroidal drone program) Clinton in a heartbeat.

American feminism is dead because while American feminists fret over the “pressure” to wear Ugg boots, little girls are kidnapped and sold into slavery in Nigeria.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday:

The gunmen commanded the hundreds of students at the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School to gather outside. The men went into a storeroom and removed all the food. Then they set fire to the room.

“They … started shouting, ‘Allahu Akhbar,’ (God is great),” the 16-year-old student said. “And we knew.”

What they knew was chilling: The men were not government soldiers at all. They were members of the ruthless Islamic extremist group called Boko Haram [which means “Western education is sinful”]. They kidnapped the entire group of girls and drove them away in pickup trucks into the dense forest.

Three weeks later, 276 girls are still missing. …

Some of the kidnapped girls have been forced into “marriage” with their Boko Haram abductors, sold for a nominal bride price of $12, according to parents who talked with villagers. Others have been taken across borders to Cameroon and Chad, they said. Their accounts could not be verified, but child marriage is common in northern Nigeria, where it is allowed under Islamic law but not the country’s Western-style constitution.

Wait a second. I was taught by my college professors that “all cultures were equal.” I was told I was supposed to cheer on “diversity.” What’s going on?

Is a culture where large swathes of the population condones burning schools for little girls to the ground — and selling children for $12 into forced marriages — equal to Western Civilization? Am I supposed to offer a seat at the “diversity” table to an organization that literally translates: “Western education is sinful”? How strange is it that modern American liberals have reached a point where they give big wet intellectual kisses to individuals who seek to destroy them?

Mark Steyn and Ace of Spades probably put it best in reference to the revocation of Hirsi Ali’s speaking engagement at Brandeis.

First Steyn:

As for Brandeis president Frederick Lawrence and the others who took this decision, nobody’s asking them to be as brave as Ayaan Hirsi Ali. They will never know what it’s like to have their associates murdered and to be forced into living under armed guard. They will never have to “share the risk” that Ms Hirsi Ali faces every day of her life. All that was required of President Lawrence & Co was that they not be total craven, jelly-spined squishes who fold like a cheap Bedouin tent at the first hint of pressure.

But Lawrence couldn’t even do that. Ayaan Hirsi Ali campaigns against female genital mutilation – that’s to say, the barbarous practice by which Muslim men deny women sexual pleasure by having their clitorises cut off. Lawrence and the other fellows who run Brandeis are in no danger of any equivalent procedure since it seems clear they’ve nothing down there to chop off anyway. The eunuchs of the American academy are the beneficiaries of western liberty, of the spirit of openness and inquiry that is the principal difference between us and the intellectually stagnant Muslim world. But they will not lift a finger to defend that tradition.

And then Ace:

The letter demanding that Hirsi Ali be dis-invited from speaking at Brandeis was, get this, largely signed by women in the Women and Gender Studies program, and more-or-less-explicitly stated that Ali’s focus on genuine repression of women took the focus off the trivial microagressions they prefer to gab about.

[The professors said Hirsi Ali’s views on Islam “obscure(s) such violence in our midst among non-Muslims, including on our own campus.”]

Well, they’re not practicing forced clitorectomies at Brandeis, nor are they practicing forced marriage (which is essentially family-arranged rape for life), so I take their complaint to mean this:

Hirsi Ali’s own story of genuine oppression, and her agitation about important, fundamental rights of, and dignities owed, to women, makes our own neurotic prattlings seem rather silly and fluffy by comparison.

Modern American feminists have just about zero moral authority because, like the NAACP giving a lifetime achievement awards to a racist NBA owner in exchange for cold hard cash, they sold out long ago.

Ideologues with deep pockets are happy to pay women with useless degrees in Gender Studies to hold workshops where they try and convince other impressionable young women that “pressure” to wear certain kinds of clothes in the United States is worth dedicating countless hours of rage and anger. Meanwhile, real outrages take place in the Middle East, Africa and all parts of the globe where friends and allies of the Boko Haram worldview takes root.

The most recent example: Brunei. CNN reported May 1:

Brunei has become the first East Asian country to adopt sharia law, despite widespread condemnation from international human rights groups.

The Islamic criminal law is set to include punishments such as flogging, dismemberment and death by stoning for crimes such as rape, adultery and sodomy. The religious laws will operate alongside the existing civil penal code.

During a ceremony Wednesday morning, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, announced the commencement of the first phase of the sharia-based penal code, according to the government’s official website.

The oil-rich kingdom, located on the island of Borneo, has a population of just 412,000 people.

The reaction among American feminists? A few press releases here and there that really just say: When are the midterm elections going to heat up so we can pretend like white, straight, and Christian Republican men are more of a threat to world peace than Islamic nutcases with a never-ending mission to chop off female genitalia and hurl rocks at as many women as possible?

The next time an American feminist on your local college campus lectures you on “micro-aggression,” ask her when she’s going to voluntarily offer herself up for female genital mutilation in the name of “diversity,” and then continue about your business.

Colbert cannibalized by liberals for joke using Asians: The thought police always turn on its own

Colbert Asian

Dutiful liberal Stephen Colbert decided to wade into the Washington Redskins debate by making a joke on air and over Twitter, which has now highlighted quite nicely where you end up when you follow that worldview to its logical conclusion: the land of livid thought police.

Colbert’s tweet — “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.” — sparked the ire of our old friend Suey “only white people can be racist” Park, and now #CancelCobert is trending on Twitter. Sadly, Mr. Colbert, for some weird reason, still doesn’t understand that his own ideology breeds intellectual cannibals. Conservatives have the same problem, but the difference between a liberal and a conservative is that the conservative doesn’t want an all-power federal government — and the weapons at its disposal — filled with thought police. The conservative just wants to be left alone.

Suey Park and her “allies”? They want power and control.

Colbert Suey Park

But the great thing about Suey Park feminists is that they never miss an opportunity  to burn bridges. Disagree with them and you’re not an “ally,” which means that although her venom is typically spewed towards white people, she has a way of also turning off fellow Asians, black people, and any other minority who isn’t a political radical.

Suey Park Colbert

Poor Haichi only wants to fight real racists. I guess he’s not one of Suey’s allies.


Ditto for Oliver. It looks like his eyes are starting to open. Keep going, Oliver! Suey Park is the face of liberalism, and it is totalitarian at its core.

Oliver WillisDon’t believe me? Look at her feed. Suey Park and her fellow leftists are angry and they have no intention of engaging in civil discourse. Due to her scorched earth campaigns, which take out large numbers of people she needs in order to build a real movement, she is mostly relegated to throwing online temper tantrums that go nowhere. News outlets get the clicks, the marketing department is happy, and Suey gets to feel as though she did something productive for “the cause.” That said, you can see that the seeds of violence are there. In the right political climate — if a perfect political storm occurs — people like her sometimes come to power.

For a good example of what happens when raving socialists get control of the wheel, see Venezuela.


Suey Park Stephen Colbert

Ultimately, Stephen Colbert will survive professionally. The left likes him too much to ever make him pay for any transgression he might be guilty of in the eyes of its fringe elements. Bill Maher also knows this all too well. Given that, I believe the best way to take advantage of this moment is to reach out to your independent (but left-leaning) friends and family, and explain to them how those who claim to be the most “tolerant” among us are, in fact, totalitarians in training.

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Update: Suey Park recently went on Huffington Post Live and demonstrated just how self-destructive her worldview is. She can’t even go on a show with two liberal men for over five minutes without ensuring that they’ll never want anything to do with her again, if possible.

Suey Park
Hi, My name is Suey Park. I like to go on liberal shows and complain about liberal white men. I wish the world wasn’t so structurally white, whatever that means. If only it was more structurally Korean we could all enjoy North Korean-inspired gulags and dance to K-Pop Asian women doing their best sex-doll imitations.

‘Tiger mom’ Amy Chua touts U.S. minority success; feminist Suey Park raises the flag for mediocrity

The Tiger mom has returned. Yale Law professor Amy Chua made headlines a few years ago when an excerpt of her book, ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,’ ran in the Wall Street Journal. The headline: “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.” In February, ‘The Triple Package’ is set to hit bookshelves. Media outlets are already talking about it, and feminists are creating hashtags like NotYourAsianTigerMom to mobilize opposition; the flag for mediocrity has been raised (but not too high) on Twitter, and the troops are ready to fight (but not too hard) for their right to settle for less.

Forbes reports:

Prediction: Amy Chua’s new book will not sell as well as her last one. In her latest tome, Yale law professor Chua together with her husband Jed Rubenfeld, also a Yale law professor, argues that some groups like Jews, Indians and Mormons, do better in America than other groups like African-Americans, Hispanics and Protestants. Though they don’t rush to name the inferior groups, they imply them by leaving them off their list of the top eight “cultural groups,” as they carefully call them, presumably because they don’t want to be labeled as racists. The other superior groups: Chinese, Iranian, Lebanese-Americans, Nigerians and Cuban exiles.

The book is called The Triple Package, which stands for the three traits the authors insist groups need in order to get ahead: a superiority complex, a feeling of insecurity, and impulse control. Only when that trifecta comes together do people “generate drive, grit, and systematic disproportionate group success.”

Enter Suey “only white people can be racist” Park:


But wait — Ms. Park tells her Twitter followers that only white people can be racist? How is that so?

Remember: In Suey Park's world, only white people can be racist. Have fun trying to build a movement on that line, Ms. Park.
Remember: In Suey Park’s world, only white people can be racist. Have fun trying to build a movement on that line, Ms. Park.

Who is right? Suey Park or her mom? How can Amy Chua be racist against black people when her research shows that Nigerian immigrants in the United States fare rather well? How can she have some sort of innate hatred for brown people when Cubans and Indians make it onto her list of successful minority groups that she believes the rest of us would be wise to emulate? While one can agree or disagree with Ms. Chua’s parenting skills, it seems to be a stretch of the imagination to conclude that extolling Nigerians for their speedy attainment of the American Dream is somehow racist.

When you get down to it, Ms. Park really just wishes people would stop thinking so highly of the work ethic Asians have become known for in the United States. Previous generations of asians worked hard to gain the respect of their fellow countrymen; Suey Park works hard to tear this “myth” down. Priorities, priorities, priorities…

Suey.Park.Not.Your.Asian.Sidekick (1)

When you’re white, American feminists of the Suey Parkian mold want you to know that you’re damned if you do and if you’re damned if you don’t. Criticize aspects of a culture that doesn’t value education and hard work? Racist. Behave indifferently towards a specific minority culture because you think they just want to be left alone? Racist. Hold up aspects of a minority immigrant’s culture as something all Americans should admire and respect? Racist.

In the mind of the progressive feminists, every turn is a bleak one. They are never happy, and instead of acknowledging that their own inner demons prevent them from reaching their full potential they blame whatever boogeyman their minds can conjure up. Hint: he usually comes with low levels of melanin.

Enter Suey Park disciple Tim Chng:


Translation: “As Asians, we must band together to fight — fight I tell you — to overcome those pesky positive associations white Americans have with Asian people. And so, we must fail. Not spectacularly (as that is what they would expect of us), but dismally, in the kind of fashion that progressive comedian Aziz Ansari expects of black men.”

Enter Quang Do, who spouts the kind of gibberish that will rank your tweet among Suey Park’s favorites:


Tens-of-millions of Asian immigrants come to American shores, work hard, and establish a name for themselves as an industrious and reliable people — and progressives see it as oppression. Classic.

Here's another way to get on Suey Park's "favorite" tweet list: refer to "whitey."
Here’s another way to get on Suey Park’s “favorite” tweet list: refer to “whitey.”

Check out the NotYourAsianTigerMom hashtag when you get a chance. Take in all the negativity and then ask yourself whether the people posting there are really “oppressed” in the sort of way that would prevent them from attaining the vast majority of their hopes and dreams, or if they’re just the architects of a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.

You can't make this stuff up.
You can’t make this stuff up.

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U.S. feminists worry over pressure to ‘wear Ugg boots’ while India still deals with dowry

In America today, the modern liberal feminist has a strange problem on her hands — the United States is light years ahead of much of the rest of the world when it comes to women’s rights. Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice, Meg Whitman, Nancy Pelosi, Ruth Bater Ginsburg, Janet Yellen, Sonya Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Megyn Kelly, Sheryl Sandberg, Michelle Obama, and Melinda Gates barely scratch the surface of the endless list of female role models — living proof of just how much progress America has made since its inception. The tendency of the modern American feminist to inflate legitimate concerns into insurmountable obstacles often makes them look silly.

Take for instance, feminist Suey Park. After recently calling her out for seeing white boogeymen where they don’t exist it was then intimated online and in the comments section of this blog that I was racist. What I didn’t get a chance to do while discussing Ms. Park’s fears of “structural whiteness” was to zoom out to 30,000 feet. Pulling back allows readers to compare Ms. Park’s problems with those of women around the globe. It allows us to see if limited time and resources are being allocated properly.

An example of what the modern American liberal feminist spends her time talking about:

But I also saw a lot of pressure to dye my hair lighter, wear color contacts, to wear Abercrombie jeans, to wear Ugg boots and Northface and it was all these symbols to make me look more white but could never make me white enough, which was really frustrating, so of course I took that out on my body.

As an Asian American woman you’re told that you have to be smart and pretty to be heard. And you have to be exceptional, and of course people want us to be exceptional, so it was hard for me because I did struggle with math and science and I couldn’t live up to the ideals of what my sister could.

And now, off to India:

Ms. [Preeti] Dhaka’s training as one of the capital’s nearly 1,000 female investigators couldn’t insulate her from Indian traditions that often conspire against laws meant to enforce women’s rights. After a day of protest duty on New Year’s Eve, she wrote a despairing note: Her new husband, unhappy that her dowry hadn’t included a car, “tried to motivate me to die.” …

Pressuring a bride or her family for wedding gifts is against a 1961 law passed in an effort to end dowry abuses. The dowry tradition persists, with a woman’s family often giving lavish gifts to her fiancé’s family.

Dowry disputes remain a prevalent cause of violence against women, usually by husbands or in-laws who think a dowry was too small. According to government crime statistics, nearly one woman was killed every hour in India last year over dowries. In Delhi, “dowry comes a lot” in police complaints by women, says Ms. Insan. “In the village, the girls don’t come forward. They prefer to protect the home.” …

On Jan. 12, her body was discovered hanging by a scarf from a ceiling fan in her husband’s quarters, according to a police report.

Police charged Mr. Mund, his mother and his sister with harassing Ms. Dhaka into killing herself and inflicting cruelty on her. They are awaiting trial.

The dowry persists. It looks like for all the legitimate complaints about the British Empire, India could use some more “structural whiteness” when it comes to women’s rights. (I would replace “structural whiteness” with “Western Civilization,” but for the purposes of this blog post we’ll stick with feminist jargon.)

In America, “pressure” to “wear Ugg boots” makes it into fawning Washington Post pieces on upstart feminists. In India, women still die over dowry disputes.

In America, “structural whiteness” causes so much pressure to be “exceptional” that  feminists have turned it into an issue; in the Middle East, Islamic clerics issue fatwas on the legitimacy of raping non-Muslims in Syria:

An Islamic cleric has cleared the path for rebels in Syria, who are trying to oust President Bashar Assad, to rape women, so long as they’re non-Sunni.

Salafi Sheikh Yasir al-Ajlawni, who hails from Jordan but who lived in Damascus for 17 years, sent a message via YouTube: It’s a “legitimate fatwa” for Muslims waging war against Mr. Assad and trying to put in place a Sharia government to “capture and have sex with” Alawites and other non-Sunni, non-Muslim women, Human Events reports. Mr. Assad is part of the Alawites sect.

Americans should always strive to form a more perfect union, but it is also important for us to acknowledge that the system of governance put in place by our founding fathers is exceptional. Liberal U.S. feminists struggle (in large part because they’ve formed coalitions with perpetual race-baiters) to admit the greatness of the American experiment and, as a result, the credibility of their own cause continues to take a hits.

Remember: In Suey Park's world, only white people can be racist. Have fun trying to build a movement on that line, Ms. Park.
Remember: In Suey Park’s world, only white people can be racist. Have fun trying to build a movement on that line, Ms. Park.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll think I’ll read up on Policymic’s “Top 28 Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013.” Beyonce made the list. Who knew that prancing around as a sex object now constitutes coming out as a “proud feminist.”

Beyonce Partition
Beyonce made PolicyMic’s list of “Top 28” feminist moments of 2013. Congratulations, feminists: Beyonce is the new face (or was that butt?) of your movement. It’s a good bet that the “Giggity” to “Female Empowerment” comment ratio in her YouTube videos is not something Gloria Steinem would applaud.

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Quintessential feminist Suey Park blames ‘structural whiteness’ for her personal problems

Suey Park is a young liberal feminist who recently gained some notoriety within academic circles for starting the Twitter hashtag “#NotYourAsianSidekick.” She told the Washington Post she wanted to “create a space where Asian American feminism does not leave any group behind and where they’ll be anything but a sidekick.” Her story gives us a unique opportunity to identify what the next crop of liberal American feminists represent.

Before doing that, it is probably best to familiarize yourself with Dinesh D’Souza, the author who immigrated to the U.S. from India decades ago. In August of 2000 he sat down with C-SPAN and said the following about America:

I come from a middle-class family. My father is a chemical engineer; my mom, a housewife. And I’ve thought hard about what is it [about America] that has made my life different […] and I would answer this way: If I had stayed in India, if I’d remained, I would have probably ended up living one mile from where I was born. I would probably have married a girl of my identical religious and socioeconomic background. I would probably be a doctor or a lawyer or a software programmer, and I would have a whole set of opinions that could be predicted in advance. By coming to America, my life has taken a totally different shape. I became interested in American politics. I […] went into writing and journalism, public speaking. I joined the government, the Reagan administration. So America, in a sense, gave me the chance to write the script of my own life. And I think that’s the intoxicating appeal of America to outsiders, it’s a country that’s sort of like a blank sheet of paper and you are the artist, and you get to create your own destiny instead of having it given to you.

America is a country where you write the script of your own life. It’s a country that is like a “blank sheet of paper” and you are “the artist” who creates his or her own destiny instead of having it given to you.

Remember that.

Suey Park is like most liberal feminists — they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to blame others for the obstacles to their advancement. They live in the past, looking for the elusive boogeyman who made them feel sad, angry, insecure, weak or confused. In those cases where there is a grain of truth to their complaints, they inflate it into a mountain that they can endlessly traverse.

When did Ms. Park find her excuse mountain? Childhood.

Suey Park: It was a long time ago — from when I was really young. Even from the start of kindergarten, I was quickly racialized and made to understand that I was different based on what my mom packed for me in my lunch bag. On the playground other kids would pull their eyelids to their side and run around and chase me. I always thought to myself that someone must have taught them that. What kid would know to put their hands on their eyelids and make their eyes slanted? It’s not like they would look at an Asian girl for the first time if they never heard of Asians and do that. So it really proved to me that racism is taught.

Things seem so much bigger than they really are when we’re young. Sadly, for Ms. Park, the childhood trials and tribulations all kids go through have been turned a weird affirmation of American racism. Is it more likely that some dumb mean kids saw someone who looked different and responded to it like dumb kids have for thousands of years — or that parents instilled Asian hate in their kids when they tucked them in at night?

Kids can be downright mean in their attempts to come across as smart, witty or popular. Sometimes, insecure kids become bullies to mask their pain. “Mom is an alcoholic. Dad is abusive. Might as well go pick on the scrawny kid to make myself feel like I’m in control…”

Jerks make fun of fat kids, skinny kids, birthmarks, overbites, glasses, the tall, the short, the shy, white kids, black kids, Hispanic kids and yes, Asian kids. Those who don’t go through life with race-goggles strapped tight around their head can see that.

Suey Park: As an Asian American woman you’re told that you have to be smart and pretty to be heard. And you have to be exceptional, and of course people want us to be exceptional, so it was hard for me because I did struggle with math and science and I couldn’t live up to the ideals of what my sister could. So then I internalized that I had to be the pretty one and that I had to be the thin one and that became extra hard for me as I hit puberty and I wanted to hold onto it.

We’re back to childhood again. Freud would have a field day with Ms. Park. Keep that in mind as she discusses her eating disorder and the big boogeyman reveal.

Suey Park: I also think there’s also a lot of silence around mental health issues and eating disorders in Asian American families whether it be because of a cultural barrier or a communication barrier. There’s a lot of pressure to not struggle. It was hard for me to tell my parents about my eating disorder because I didn’t want them to know I was struggling because I knew they had sacrificed so much to give me this good life and so-called American dream.

So Ms. Park has a competitive dynamic going on between she and her sister, her parents put pressure on her to succeed, and the household environment wasn’t conducive to talking about emotional and psychological challenges. Sounds like something that any American might deal with, right? Wrong.

Suey Park: I think what was most disappointing was that even some “progressive” white people or “progressive” Asian Americans were telling me that I was demanding too much and telling me that meritocracy exists and that I should stop complaining and try to overcome my circumstances — the typical spiel.

The boogeyman is real, and he is white. Those darn white people and their “spiels” about overcoming adversity. Apparently, Ms. Park hasn’t been hanging out with the progressive white kids from Minnesoata, because they scrawl all over their bodies with black ink in bizarre attempts to shame themselves for their whiteness.

Instead of seeing a blank sheet of paper, Ms. Park sees “white” and then wonders why there isn’t a “Korean” color in her box of Crayola crayons.

Ms. Park continues:

Suey Park: I think a lot of white people have a visceral reaction to the fact that they belong to a structural whiteness. But I think it shows us something really important, which is that fraction of discomfort is nothing compared to a lifetime of being racialized and put in a subordinate class of people in the U.S.

“Structural whiteness.” Feminists like Peggy McIntosh said that “white privilege” was invisible, and that we couldn’t see it. Now Ms. Park comes along to inform us that this invisible whiteness is of immense size and shape — and it’s subordinating Asians. America is a giant mad house that is so insidious that millions of immigrants come here thinking they can shape their own destiny. If Dinesh really understood he was in an oppressive white matrix, he’d realize that his many successes and the American dream he fondly speaks of are figments of his imagination — it’s really only a “so-called” American dream.

Side note: When I was in college I had a professor tell me the American dream didn’t exist. I told him that I was living proof that it did exist. I left home at 18 years old with $100 to my name. I joined the military, and only a few years later I was putting myself through college at the University of Southern California. It took a little longer than I expected after an honorable discharge, requiring some time as an overnight stock boy at Target (as the only white guy, for those obsessed with race), but I got there. I often get nostalgic for those 1:00 a.m. breaks, where I’d watch my coworkers play soccer in the parking lot while I cheered them on and ate tacos from the back of a food truck, but I digress.

Question for Suey Park: Would she prefer something more “structurally Korean”? The gulags in North Korea are filled with Koreans, and sometimes you get to watch your parents get executed. They put rocks in your mouth and then tape it shut before the firing squad gets to work. (We can’t risk the Dear Leader getting disparaged by someone with nothing left to lose, now can we?) I’d talk about South Korea, but the wealth and prosperity it has seen over the last several decades is largely due to its embrace of America’s “structural whiteness” and the safety and security provided by our marbled Armed Forces. Check out satellite imagery of North and South Korea if you’d like to see what “structural whiteness” can do for the nation state nearest you…

The problem with most feminists is that they spend the bulk of their time reading the ramblings of other feminists, and not enough time examining the authors of the greatest experiment in self-governance in the history of mankind. Their intellectual wells on Washington, Jefferson, Madison and John Jay are dry, but they run deep on Gloria Steinem wannabes.

A bunch of really white guys hundreds of years ago laid down a road map for achieving levels of freedom and individual liberty that, to this day, is an aberration in much of the world. The ideas embedded in the Declaration of Independence and codified into the law by the U.S. Constitution transcend race. America is not structured around “whiteness” — it is structured around freedom and liberty. That is what millions of immigrants get, and what Americans like Ms. Park either a.) fail to understand or b.) willfully downplay to concentrate on a level of racism that simply does not exist in modern America.

In the end, we all want to be happy. Even though I disagree with Ms. Park, I want her pursuit of happiness to end well. According to her Washington Post piece, she has achieved her own definition of success. That’s great, right? Wrong again, white America.

Immediately I’ve become the cool Asian friend and all of my Facebook friends who thought I was really annoying for talking about racism, my feelings and my eating disorder are somehow now tokenizing me as a successful Asian American woman. I mean, how token is that?

At one time Ms. Park was upset because her friends rightfully found her obsession with race annoying. Now that she has found a modicum of success, and they patted her on the back for it, she is perturbed that she has become a “token.” But is she really a token — or just a token in her own mind?

No matter what happens to Ms. Park, there is always something to complain about.

Congratulations, Ms. Park — you are the quintessential liberal feminist.

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Remember: In Suey Park's world, only white people can be racist. Have fun trying to build a movement on that line, Ms. Park.
Remember: In Suey Park’s world, only white people can be racist. Have fun trying to build a movement on that line, Ms. Park.