Note to Gibbs: Romney’s taxes are filed with Obama’s college transcripts

Here are Mitt Romney’s 2010 taxes, which are posted on his campaign website. Strangely, a picture of Robert Gibbs looking like an idiot was also filed with the IRS. Now, about President Obama’s college transcripts…

This blog started February 14, 2010, which coincided with Robert Gibbs joining Twitter. It wasn’t by accident — the guy was a total embarrassment and I couldn’t resist writing about it for a second longer. He’s back, proving once again why he was the one White House Press Secretary who could make Scott McClellan look like genius behind the podium.

Asked about Harry Reid’s phantom Bain Capitol buddy and Romney’s taxes, Gibbs had this to say:

Again, put the tax returns out. Put this whole thing to rest. Candy, have you ever seen anybody go to such great lengths to not put something out? And when you generally don’t put something out, isn’t it because you’re generally hiding something?

That is a really, really good point, Robert. Given that Barack Obama has shown that he’ll never miss an opportunity to divide Americans along economic lines, I can understand why the Romney camp wouldn’t want to give them any more ammunition with which to sow the seeds of envy. So that brings us to the big question: What the heck is in the college transcripts that President Obama has under lock and key?

One would think that if President Obama was as smart as the Chris Matthews crowd makes him out to be, he’d want to show everyone what a stellar student he was. Why would a guy who is so into himself that he once claimed the rising global warming waters would recede with his election suddenly shrink from disclosing his academic pedigree? Odd…isn’t it, Mr. Gibbs?

My guess is that Romney’s 2002 tax returns are in a filing cabinet in dark, damp basement, wedged somewhere in between President Obama’s college transcripts and the Ark of the Covenant. When President Obama releases his college transcripts, my guess is he’ll get a few more years of tax returns.

Mitt Romney surrogates: If you don’t put Gibbs into a campaign ad sometime between now and election day, ‘dereliction of duty’ will be written on your foreheads.

Sad Gibbs. Nuff’ Said.

SAD GIBBS. Nuff' said.

Robert Gibbs just got around to acknowledging what everyone has known for quite some time: hopeandchange didn’t deliver as advertised, and things aren’t looking too good for elected officials who bought stock in it.  There’s a mountain of debt for all those jobless college grads who voted for Obama in droves, and the view on the horizon is…gloomy to say the least. When it comes to Health Care, the side effects are sickening (no pun intended), and after presiding over the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, the perception of inaction in the face of concrete lists of things to do will make down south townhall meetings very interesting in the coming months.

It’s no wonder Sad Gibbs is on display:

“I think there’s no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause Republicans to gain control. There’s no doubt about that,” press secretary Robert Gibbs told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The rest of the article goes on to speculate whether the comment was meant to energize liberal voters or manage expectations.  I really don’t care, and neither should you. Conservatives should now start focusing on putting time and resources into making sure those they plan on voting for get the message that they expect principled conservatism from their elected leaders and nothing less. While I’m not a fan of airing the dirty laundry of our allies out for everyone to see (Chris Matthews gets leg tingles from that sort of thing), it goes without saying that certain individuals and political parties I have a lot in common with strayed quite far off the conservative reservation in recent years. The great thing about the Tea Party movement is that they seem to be doing a good job letting those individuals know that it’s not going to be business as usual going forward; saying the right things isn’t good enough. We want action.

Sad Gibbs should be. And elitist conservatives better be looking over their shoulder in the weeks and months ahead because, as I said before, we’re gunning for you too.

Conservatives to remake Will Smith classic: A Nightmare on Dingell’s Street.

Anyone who has read my blog since its inception knows how I feel about Robert Gibbs, a Press Secretary who perpetually seems to need water wings to prevent him from drowning.

It looks like President Obama threw Gibbs into the deep end with a pair of iron boots, (only, instead of Link, think of Gibbs as a hopelessly lost Goonie who would die long before ever making it to the ice cave)

The sad truth is, Robert Gibbs doesn’t want to tell all those “pro-life” Democrats that they compromised whatever principles they may have had for a couple bridges, perhaps a hospital, a pet project or

Get Ready for a Nightmare...on Dingell's Street

two–and that’s it.  Because once the madness starts, it’s tough to reverse course. And anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

The problem with liberal moral relativists is that because they don’t have any principles to guide them, they become suckers for hucksters with a knack for language (e.g., The One). With the right language you can do anything you want while simultaneously appealing to disparate groups with opposing self-interests (e.g., Labor Unions and Environmentalists). The modern-day Democratic Party is a textbook case for this, which is why they place so much emphasis on delivery instead of adherence to any set of core values. It’s also why they love lawyers and judges who can twist words in weird ways or find penumbras formed by emanations (Don’t get it? Exactly. Just don’t expect to be a liberal Justice on the Supreme Court.) to get the public policy outcomes they could never achieve through (gasp!) the ballot box.

George W. Bush might not have been one for lexical wizardry, but he’s smart enough to know that “intact dilation and extraction” is the same thing as vacuuming out a baby’s brain and calling it a day, no matter how hard you try to “sterilize” the language. Likewise, any “pro-life” Democrat who was really pro-life would have seen the slight of hand going on, laughed, and walked away.

As it stands now, we have a lot of work to do to roll this disaster back. Note to Rep. John Dingell: “controlling” us isn’t going to be easy. I hope you’re ready for Nightmare on Dingell’s Street.

Robert Gibbs, Beltway Brown-Noser and Jim Carrey Lloyd Christmas Fodder.

The catalyst for this blog was Robert Gibbs’ foray into the Twitterverse, offering up his Gibbsian absurdity for the world to see in 140 characters or

Nipp, Nipp, Nipp, Nipp, Nopp, Nopp, Nopp, Nopp.

less. And so, it brings a great smile to my face that the guy who owes his career to being one heck of a Beltway Brown-Noser gives me the opportunity to cover his latest newsworthy moment.

Is it possible to lampoon a guy who uses the Sarah Palin scandal de rigueur to mask his woeful tenure as a Press Secretary? Is it possible to ridicule a guy who depends on the Gibbs Giggle Index to obfuscate Obama administration failures (When the truth is, they’re often laughing at him for the efforts)? The answer: Yes. And you can archive that, Gibber.

Ask yourself if you’ve ever gotten any worthwhile information from a Robert Gibbs Press Briefing?  For the life of me I can’t think of any substantive information that has been given out at one these fiascos…for years. Am I wrong, or just jaded? It feels as though Gibbs looked at wonderful examples of past Press Secretaries and said, “Nope, I’ll model myself after that guy.

The next time Gibbs mentions Supreme Court cases the American people disagree with, I wonder if someone will ask him about Kelo vs. New London. Somehow I doubt anyone would ask Robert “Captain Stubing” Gibbs about a decision that completely undermines your private property rights because it’s kind of a bummer to think that one of the pillars of a free society was demolished right in front of our eyes and no one noticed. My own reaction, years later, is still something akin to Snake’s death. Or was it… Snaaake’s death?

Regardless, all you need to know about Robert Gibbs has already been said-by Jim Carrey.

Planet Gibbs enters Twitter Universe.

If White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has decided he’s going to offer up his unique blend of unpreparedness with unwarranted self-esteem on Twitter, then it appears I now have no choice but to begin chronicling it all here.

With the Gibbsian stream-of-consciousness now being tweeted on a daily basis, a blog is the only way I’ll be able to fight the urge to turn my own Twitter account into a response factory to the one man who could make Scott McClellan look like a pro…

Personally, I pine for the days of Arie Fleischer. He was like this brilliant little sock monkey who could smack down Hellen Thomas’ inane questions at will. He enjoyed a good intellectual joust, but he was an affable guy.

Tony Snow was great, but he was like a Press Secretary Superman. I loved the guy, and he was an ideal Pres Sec, but I like my heroes with a few minor flaws in them, which is probably why I’m more of a Batman kind of guy.