Crazy is Patient. Don’t Be Lulled By Stuxnet Success.

Crazy is patient. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security because of the success of Stuxnet.

If the mainstream media hadn’t just tried to link the acts of a random madman to a peaceful movement aimed at restoring limited government and fiscal responsibility I’d say we couldn’t accuse them of not having good intentions…  However, one thing the Rep. Giffords tragedy has show is that liberal media  outlets often want so badly for something to be true that they’re willing to run with it with just a few indictors to go on. I’m worried that this is going to be the case with Iran now that Stuxnet has generally accomplished its goals:

Identified in June, Stuxnet is being called the most sophisticated cyber weapon ever unleashed, because of the insidious way in which it is believed to have secretly targeted specific equipment used in Iran’s nuclear program.

Computer experts have examined the worm for months, and many believe Stuxnet was created by Israel or the United States as part of a covert effort to hamper Iran’s alleged drive for an atomic weapon. But the extent to which the operation succeeded had remained unclear.

In recent weeks, however, a rough consensus has emerged that Stuxnet has had a measurable effect. In addition to the remarks from U.S. and Israeli officials, the Institute for Science and International Security, an independent think tank, judged in late December that Stuxnet appears to have “set back Iran’s progress.”


Stuxnet “will undoubtedly reshape international security and foreign policy forever,” said John Bumgarner, chief technology officer of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, a nonprofit research organization that studies cyber conflict. “It’s a tipping point that will usher in a cyber-defense revolution in military affairs.”

While Stuxnet is an incredibly awesome story, and it’s fun to think of Iranian mullah-nuts pulling their beards out for months trying to wonder why their centrifuges were all playing suicide bomber…it ultimately doesn’t change their will or desire to obtain nuclear weapons.

What I’m afraid will happen now is that liberals at the Los Angeles Times will become obsessed with “breathing space.”

After years of warning that an Iranian atomic bomb is right around the corner, Israeli officials now say Iran is at least four years away from deploying a nuclear weapon, maybe more. And Obama administration officials agree, although they shy away from endorsing a specific time frame. “We’ve gained some breathing space,” a senior U.S. official told me last week. “The good news is that we have slowed down the nuclear clock.”

Breathing space is fine, but it really all depends on what one plans on doing with that extra time. Is the goal to slow the clock down or is it to destroy the clock? What if Stuxnet hadn’t worked? What then?

Crazy is patient. Crazy outlasts politicians and sanctions and the weak-kneed will of bureaucrats at the United Nations who all talk a great game—until the s**t hits the fan.

Do a little research on who has done all the heavy lifting in Afghanistan over the years.  Afghanistan was one of those wars the United Nations was supposedly on board for, yet there are a lot of nations that are perfectly capable of helping out that have been MIA for years.

In short: The United Nations as it currently exists is painfully useless. Anyone expecting it to play a productive role in ultimately bringing the Iranian nuclear standoff to a peaceful end should probably not take a vacation to Las Vegas anytime soon.


Obama’s Jay-Z State of Mind, Iran, and Bolton’s Intelligent Mustache.

What happens when you have a president who seems to make Youtube Diplomacy a linchpin of his foreign policy? What happens when you have a president who goes on a tour of the Islamic world apologizing for real and perceived

I'm a billionaire, but John Bolton's stache still knows more about Iran than I do.

threats as if they were significantly responsible for muslim men strapping plastic explosives to their groin at 30,000 feet and burning off their genitals in the process? Well, besides improving business at the Indonesian throw a shoe at Obama booth, you find out that a lot of people in high places are really, really worried that President Obama has given Jay Z more time in The Situation Room than guys who need to be dealing with “The Situation” in Iran.

The answer? Would it be out of the realm of possibility to think Obama would turn to Allen Iverson? Perhaps Young Jeezy and Nas:

My president is black, rolls golden charms
Twenty-two inch rims like Hulk Hogan’s arms
When thousands of peoples is riled up to see you
That can arouse ya ego, we got mouths to feed so
Gotta stay true to who you are and where you came from
Cause at the top will be the same place you hang from
No matter how big you can ever be
For whatever fee or publicity, never lose your integrity
For years there’s been surprise horses in this stable
Just two albums in, I’m the realest nigga on this label
Mr. Black President, yo Obama for real
They gotta put your face on the five-thousand dollar bill

Congratulations, NAS, yes—the president is black. And when inflation hits perhaps we will put him on the “five thousand dollar” bill… It’s sad that you put all your intellectual currency in someone’s color instead of their understanding of basic economics, because if you did you’d see that liberalism has done nothing to lower unemployment among black men. And—back to the topic at hand—it apparently “does not have an effective long-range policy for dealing with Iran’s steady progress toward nuclear capability.”

When millions of people go into the voting booth on the same wavelength as Kenyan rappers who affix Godlike status to politicians (or the depressingly amusing Peggy Joseph), it’s a sure recipe for disaster.

Jay-Z, NAS, and Kenyan Rappers might hate John Bolton, but his mustache has more knowledge about how the Iranian situation will pan out than the President’s advisors. And that’s not me pointing it out, it’s The President’s Defense Secretary…

Jay Z is in the Situation Room in an Empire State of mind. Now, if only we can get him in a “John Bolton State of Mind” there might be hope (and change) for the Iranian nuke situation.

As it stands now, I think China is talking about talks, whereby they might agree to talk (sometime in the future) about serious sanction talks. Got it? Good.

Barack Obama, Youtube Diplomacy, and Iran.

When Iran isn’t busy killing its own people or sending Ahmadinejad around the world to deny the existence of gay people, it’s busy moving ahead with its nuclear program.

Usually, we only get the standard screw you to the United Nations in diplomat-speak, but everyone once-in-awhile you get a story like this, that really highlights the extent to which nutcase mullahs will go for their “peaceful” nuclear program.

All of this begs the question: What were the kids thinking when they voted for a guy who thinks he can win over a religious police state that monitors your every move on the internet, deems you an enemy of God, and then kills you?

And why do people continue to have faith in the United Nations when it perpetually demonstrates that it’s one big joke? You would have thought that they learned a thing or two after United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441…but I guess not. And why would they? The current president thinks George Bush would have succeeded with the world’s dictators and thugs if only he used a little more Youtube diplomacy.