Lebron James: We Are All Narcissists Now.

Lebron James: Selling shoes to quick-footed narcissists everywhere.

Do you remember when Lebron James said he wanted to dunk on George Bush? I do:

Maxim Magazine: If there was one guy on the planet you could dunk on, who would it be?

Lebron James: If it doesn’t have to be a basketball player, George W. Bush. I would dunk on his a**, break the rim, and shatter the glass.

Lebron James could have dunked on anyone. Anyone. It could have been Hitler. It could have been Stalin. It could have been Saddam Hussein or his sons who ran rape rooms and torture rooms. It could have been Osama Bin Laden.  It could have been some serial killer who’s still at large, a drug runner, a warlord, or any of history’s genocidal maniacs.  But who did he pick to dunk, break rims, and shatter glass on? George Bush. That should tell you something about Mr. James. He’s either an idiot, or a band wagon jumper (or…both!).

Cleveland fans now know which category he falls into, and as an extra bonus he’s showed us all what a narcissistic clown he is to boot.  I think I’ll call him King Clown Boot (and I’m not talking about his Twitter account, where he actually refers to himself as KingJames:

“Until you understand who Lebron James is, Lebron James is a win-win situation—and will continue to be a win-win situation,”  (Lebron James).

Not only does Lebron have a habit of pulling out a “triple-double” during basketball games, but he’s apparently just as capable of talking about himself in third person!

I originally wanted to just reiterate the story Reason TV released, in particular the economic incentive to leave the city  (or never move there to begin with) that Cleveland’s liberalism creates among the population.  Lebron might not want to admit that money had something to do with his move, because then he would be acknowledging that the economic philosophy that conservatives (including Bush) adhere to has merit.

George Bush was the most powerful man in the world. He had his finger on the little red button.  But he was still much more humble and gracious then any of his critics—the same people who took pot shots at the man over the war, the economy, and our civil liberties—without saying peep since Obama:

  • Increased troop levels in Afghanistan
  • Presided over increased deaths in Afghanistan
  • Expanded the “Stimulus” (that didn’t stimulate) far beyond anything enacted during Bush’s tenure
  • Presided over the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history
  • Failed to close Gitmo

Me personally? I think increasing troops in Afghanistan was a wise decision, provided the Rules of Engagement allow our soldiers to do what needs to be done (i.e., fulfill their mission). I think setting random timelines for withdrawal was foolhardy. I was never a fan of bailouts, and I was never all that concerned with keeping jihadi head choppers locked up in Gitmo. However, guys like Lebron James were. And they should be called out on it.  If Bush was an “idiot”, what does that make Obama, who expanded upon many of the policies that took place during the Bush years, while failing to live up to the bulk of his campaign promises?

Lebron James, like your average Hollywood celebrity, is just like anyone else who is surrounded by people telling them how great they are every day. In James’ instance he even embraces the “King” aspect of his celebrity, which is interesting since most of the Bush bashers told us he wanted King-like or Dictatorial powers…  Eventually it goes to your head and, like a drug, you start saying and doing things to stay in favor with the arbiters of cool (who are really anything but).  And a clear cut sign that it’s taken effect with Lebron is his third person musings on the “win-win” nature of being Lebron.

You might want to dunk on a retired Texan, Lebron, but the truth of the matter is that everyone now knows what a narcissist you are.