College Democrats of America Video: Share it With the Cluessless, Smarmy Kid in Your Life.

The College Democrats of America held a casting call for clueless kids who wear smart glasses, and came up gangbusters.

In October, Campus Progress was telling young liberals to embrace their inner loser. They did this by trotting out a bunch of hairy, naked, and couch-potato doughy kids to talk about how great it would be to stay eligible for their parents’ health care plans until age 26, among other entitlement-mentality psychobabble.

This June, the College Democrats of America tried a similar video, although they decided to put some clothes on. Instead of hairy, doughy college students displaying the “Freshman 15” for the world to see, they opted for the smarmy looking young men who can say things like, “I’m a Democrat because I believe hope is the stuff of dreams,” with a straight face.

That’s interesting, because conservatives believe entitlement obligations that can castrate a nation are the things of nightmares. What’s also interesting is the liberal young woman who says, “I believe more women should be involved in politics, and the Democrat Party is our tool to do so,” because it’s also the primary tool used…for aborting them.

My main problem with this video isn’t so much the quixotic kids, because that’s expected of them. It’s not with the swagger of a 21 year old student who thinks he knows the ins and outs of free trade agreements because he took an Intro to Latin America class with a Hispanic Ward Churchill. It’s really with the bad music playing in the background. I always thought liberals were about what’s new and hot and trendy. How about Mumford and Sons: The Cave? It would suit you perfectly; just ask Plato.