George Orwell’s Animal Farm is famous for the quote “Some animals are more equal than others.” Someone should write an update called American Farm that includes the line “Some hate crimes are more equal than others” after the Washington, D.C., attack of war hero Christopher Marquez.

Most media outlets have not covered the Feb. 12 attack of Marquez, who served eight years on active duty between 2003 and 2011. In short, the Bronze Star recipient sat down to eat in a McDonald’s in the nation’s capital and was accosted by a group of teens demanding to know if he thought “black lives matter.”

Like most sane people, he tried to ignore them and just eat his burger. He was promptly ambushed and robbed upon exiting the restaurant.

“I believe this was a hate crime and I was targeted because of my skin color,” Marquez told the Daily Caller Feb. 15. “Too many of these types of attacks have been happening against white people by members of the black community and the majority of the mainstream media refuses to report on it.”

Suspects arrested in connection with Christopher Marquez’s assault and robbery will not be charged with a hate crime, despite harassing him with racial questions prior to their attack. (Photo: D.C. Metropolitan Police Department)

There are two very interesting facts about Marquez’s case:

  1. Cops finally arrested and charge two individuals in connection with the incident, but they will not be charged with a hate crime — even though they were explicitly harassing him about race and calling him “racist” before the attack.
  2. President Obama, who always seems eager to weigh in on race-related crimes, somehow can’t find his voice when it comes to Black Lives Matter supporters who beat a Marine veteran unconscious and stole $400, a VA medical card, and three credit cards from his back pocket just miles from the White House. What did his assailants spend the stolen cash on, you ask? Answer: liquor, a Five Guys burgers, and products from Walmart.

Regular readers of this blog may remember the case of Allen Haywood, who was attacked by a similar group of kids on the DC Metro Green Line in 2011. They may also remember my own tale on the Green Line from September 17, 2011.

I wrote then:

As I came home late from work on the D.C. Metro Green line, an inebriated older man approached me. I stood towards the back of the Metro minding my own business. The stranger crept up beside me, but just enough to my rear to obscure his actions. There was almost no one else on the train. I angled slightly towards him and he whispered in my ear,  “Why don’t you sit down? Don’t you like black people?” I ignored him. He raised his voice: “Why don’t you sit down? Don’t you like black people?” Again, I ignored him. Since the third time around is a charm I finally answered, “I’ve been sitting all day.”

He didn’t believe me.

The man continued to ask me the question, and when I ignored him some more (all the while paying close attention to his position and body language) he turned his question into a statement. Then, he squared up, stated that I didn’t like black people and pushed his palm into my shoulder, which I immediately swiped down with a force that surprised him. He approached again, reaching out his hand to push my shoulder and I swiped it hard enough to make him stutter-step backwards.

On his third attempt to escalate the situation he came at me from the side and bumped me. I responded by shoving him to the other side of the Metro car with enough force so that, should I have chosen to pounce, the backward momentum with which he was stumbling would have put him at a distinct disadvantage.

At this time the Metro stopped, the man gave me a few hard glares and left the train car.

This is an ongoing problem in Washington, D.C., whether the mainstream media wants to admit it or not.

I used to take the Green Line home from work on a regular basis, and groups of kids would act like psychopaths — almost daring someone to speak up. They would also look for women who possessed zero situational awareness and then steal their cell phones right before the Metro doors closed at any given stop.

In my case I was just singled out by a drunk man who, like the teenagers, has convinced himself that any white person who doesn’t greet him with giant smiles after a long day of work is somehow racist and worthy of a physical confrontation.

Incidents like this regularly get swept under the rug, yet the media cannot get enough of the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida; the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; or the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland.

Meanwhile, a Marine veteran who literally helped inspire the iconic war memorial “No Man Left Behind” at Camp Pendleton, California, is ambushed — on American soil — and there is deafening silence.


For those who do not remember, Marquez was in Fallujah’s “Hell House” in 2004 when he helped aide Marine Sgt. Maj. Brad Kasal with lance corporal Dane Shaffer. The image of the three men, which went viral, was sculpted into the memorial by Vietnam veteran John Phelps in November 2015.


The moral of the story here is that no group naturally has a monopoly on hate, but for whatever reason American media outlets are obsessed with filling certain subsets of the population with it.

Christopher Marquez, who now attends American University, will be fine in the long-run. Your friendly neighborhood blogger, who also attended American University, has fared rather well since 2011.

My guess is that the drunken man on the Green Line and the McDonald’s attackers — all filled with racial animosity towards guys like us — will have a slew of needlessly rough days ahead. Perhaps they should have enlisted in the Army like me or the Marines like Mr. Marquez.

At a minimum, minorities in Washington, D.C., would be wise to stop listening to race activists, whose careers are dependent upon keeping as many people as possible in a perpetual state of anger and confusion.


  1. Can we expect anything from the great race agitator Obama at this point? The man couldn’t be bothered to even issue a statement about Chris Kyle. The White House had nothing to say about the girl in San Francisco (at first, they may have later). The President did jump in feet first without looking for Trayvon, Mike Brown, Clockboy and more.

    I was born in 1981 and the only time I remember the country being this racially divided was Rodney King and OJ. Those incidents were blips. Obama is creating a lasting racial divide.

    1. “The President did jump in feet first without looking for Trayvon, Mike Brown, Clockboy and more.”

      Clockboy was possibly the worst example. The school wasn’t even allowed to share its side of the story because the kid was a minor. His parents refused to sign the consent forms to allow them to talk. Obama, without knowing anything, wades into the story. Then it turns out the kid simply took the guts from an existing digital clock and secured them on the inside of what looked to be a suitcase.

      He had past disciplinary problems. His family is filled with Muslim activists. His dad is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. But yet the kid gets calls from Ellen DenGeneres, invites to the White House, etc. Unreal.

    2. Obama held a White House meeting last Thursday, and publicly thanked the leaders of the BLM movement for their “outstanding” work.

      Marquez undoubtedly would have been prosecuted for a hate crime if he had punched his attackers in self-defense.

      And if one of the thugs had resisted arrest, and a cop used a hammerlock to subdue him, then there would have been riots. The cop would have been prosecuted on civil rights charges. And Obama would be on TV, blubbering, “If I had a son, he’d look like the kid whose arm got twisted.”

      Clockboy was a set-up. The family was lawyered up even before the little creep arrived at the school that morning.

      Zero tolerance policies have been in effect for years. A child in Colorado got suspended from school for pointing his finger and saying “bang” while playing cops-and-robbers at recess. Two kids in Maryland got suspended for the same thing. Another child in Maryland got suspended for biting a Pop Tart into a shape that vaguely resembled a handgun. A boy in Arizona was suspended for having a picture of a gun as the screen saver on his laptop. A kid in Virginia was suspended for playing with a toy gun in his own yard (nowhere near school property). And two boys in California got suspended for having knives in their cars (one had a pocket knife in the glove compartment, another had three fillet knives in a tackle box).

      Then there was the kid in Oregon who got sent home for wearing a “support our troops” T-shirt (it had a picture of an M-16/M4-type rifle on it).

      None of those kids was a Muslim. And none got invited to the White House.

    3. Me too. I remember a time when I really did think we might “beat” racism and move on as a nation at least (possibly species at best). I can recall seeing a few gangs around town and they were actually multi-cultural, it was kind of heartwarming in a weird way.

      Now? Now I really wonder if I’m going to live long enough to see a full on new civil war break out only between races and not states.

      And I really hate that.

      Almost as much as I hate that our nation will public crucify someone that shot a lion but not someone who harmed one of our veterans.

    4. “I can recall seeing a few gangs around town and they were actually multi-cultural, it was kind of heartwarming in a weird way.”

      It’s like Doctor Octopus and Mysterio putting aside their differences and finally working together for the destruction of the free world. 😉

      “Our nation will public crucify someone that shot a lion but not someone who harmed one of our veterans.”

      People tried to destroy that dentist’s life. Reporters were hanging around outside his offices, the Twitter and Tumblr mobs were trying to find his home address, etc. When it comes to thugs in Washington, D.C., who ambush a veteran trying to eat a hamburger in peace…crickets.

    5. “It’s like Doctor Octopus and Mysterio putting aside their differences…”

      Were Doc Ock and Mysterio different races? Or that different in general? Huh, well done on out geeking me there.

    6. “Were Doc Ock and Mysterio different races?”

      Silly Nate…Marvel only increases its diversity when it comes to heroes. Not villains. I was merely talking about evil forces putting aside petty squabbles to unite in the fight against good. Its sad, but somewhat “heartwarming” to see evil alliances form, as you put it. Heh. 😉

    7. lol Well why would they need more diverse heroes? We all know that only white people (not writing comic books) are evil, having any other race be evil would just be unrealistic and break suspension of disbelief.

    8. “We all know that only white people (not writing comic books) are evil, having any other race be evil would just be unrealistic and break suspension of disbelief.”

      You do realize that screenshots will be taken of this exchange by some freshman college student doing research for “White Privilege 101,” don’t you? Heh.

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