Dan Slott Quantum Leap

The history of Dan Slott trolling the Internet in search of wrongs to right is well known. He scours comic websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook groups and YouTube accounts looking to play “Slott Bakula” in his own version of Quantum Leap — even as he whines about tight deadlines. The funny thing is, when it comes to douglasernstblog.com, he has always chosen to try and slime me from a distance. Doing so allows him to sling all sorts of ad hominem attacks, knowing that the vast majority of the people will not fact check him. Oddly enough, he now talks about me on YouTube.

Dan Slott’s Twitter buddies wrote about me on Newsarama, and when I started to make him look bad I was suddenly banned. When users defended me, the entire thread was locked. (The url to “The Inferior Online Debate” is now dead.) Dan Slott also took to Twitter to insult me and sic his followers on me. He couldn’t resist talking about me over at Comic Vine, and the moderator had to chide him for his behavior. He couldn’t resist douglasernstblog.com talk over at Comic Book Resources and turned to the moderator to shut down the thread when he couldn’t goad me into saying something worthy of a ban. He even resorted to making weirdly-veiled legal threats over at Comic Vine at one point. To top it all off, there are the Orwellian Marvel boards at his disposal, which I also fell victim to over the years.

Here’s how I found out Dan Slott decided to take his attacks on me to yet another social media platform: a reader pinged me to let me know that in Dan Slott’s world, when you disagree with him it means that you must have fallen victim to the Douglas Ernst Jedi Mind Trick.

Dan Slott YouTube 1

Note: A college student who disagrees with my politics and much of what I say just so happened to agree with a good portion my analysis regarding Superior Spider-Man. The comic is so bad that it transcends ideologies. Dan Slott’s reaction? The guy must be an idiot who can’t think for himself.

Dan Slott 2

Even though this student disagrees with much of what is said on this blog, because he’s roughly on the same page as me regarding Superior Spider-Man, Dan Slott labels him a mindless automaton spewing “talking points.” Insulting. Dan Slott is all about winning over hearts and minds over at Marvel.

As usual, when I came in to defend myself Dan Slott starting hurling bizarre attacks in an attempt to derail the discussion or possibly predispose certain readers to outright dismiss anything I said. While most people want to talk about Superior Spider-Man on a YouTube video about Superior Spider-Man, Dan Slott wants you focused on Trayvon Martin, Global Warming and a post I did Doctor Octopus’ desire to “transcend” the evils perpetrated upon the world by Hitler, Pol Pot and Ghenghis Khan “combined” (not to be confused with Bleeding Cool’s article, which described Superior Spider-Man’s “Nazi-like” torture practices).

Dan Slott YouTube 3I deny Global Warming, according to Dan Slott. (I thought it was “Climate Change” these days, Dan. Which is it?) Here’s what I actually said on the matter, so the world can see how intellectually dishonest you are, Mr. Slott:

There is no doubt that the climate “changes.” The question is: How big of a role does man play? Is it big enough to warrant the redistribution of wealth — to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars — from the private sector to a bureaucratic Leviathan? Answer: No. Is shaving a few degrees off computer models that even the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change now admits are flawed worth the price in individual liberty? Of course not.

And then there was Trayvon Martin:

Dan Slott YouTube 4

Here’s what I actually said, to show how intellectually dishonest Dan Slott is:

I don’t know if Zimmerman is “guilty.” Guilty of what? Murder 2?

  • An act is “imminently dangerous to another and demonstrating a depraved mind” if it is an act or series of acts that: a person of ordinary judgment would know is reasonably certain to kill or do serious bodily injury to another, and is done from ill will, hatred, spite, or an evil intent, and is of such a nature that the act itself indicates an indifference to human life.

I would say there is plenty of reasonable doubt. You? You apparently think that Zimmerman hunted this guy down in cold blood in “Rambo” fashion and deserves to go to prison. You also seem to have an endless list of excuses for a high school kid punching a man in the face. I can honestly say that if I was walking through a neighborhood late at night and an adult asked me what the heck I was doing I would not punch him in the face.

And finally, my post: ‘Is Dan Slott’s ‘Superior Spider-Man’ really a Superior anti-Semite?’ Read it. Read the whole thing and make your own decision if Dan Slott is being intellectually honest.  If you’re busy, here’s the takeaway line:

The guy who “just” came within inches of an extinction level event because he hated all of humanity is now housed in Peter Parker’s body. And fans “love” the story. It’s what brought them back to the book. Congrats Mr. Slott, those are the kinds of winners I want giving me high fives and pats on the back at comic conventions…

Poor Slott Bakula — he can never reunite with Al in the future because every time he tries to right wrongs…he’s the one who is wrong.


  1. I can just see it now:

    Al: “Ziggy says there’s a 94% chance you should try and retcon the One more Day story arc”

    Slott: “Marriage is so uncool! Villains are cool! Doc Ock should be Spider-Man!”

    Al: “Ziggy says there’s a 0.04% chance that that is why you are here.”

    Slott: “I don’t care what Ziggy thinks!”

    12 months later…..

    Slott: “Al! where are you Al? I haven’t seen you in months. I’ve done it. Doc Ock is Spider-Man! Why haven’t I leaped?”

    Another 12 months later…..

    Slott : “Maybe it was the wrong thing to do. Maybe I’ve changed the timeline too much. I better bring back Peter Parker. Oh Boy!”

    1. No better way to start the day than by laughing. 😀

      I loved quantum leap. It was the first American show I found on my own.

  2. My brother sent me this over night. I couldn’t resist:

    So if you are conservative you can’t criticize Dan Slott because conservatives can’t see his genius; and if you aren’t conservative then you can’t criticize him because your mind has been taken over by conservative talking points.

    I can see why Doc Ock took over Peter’s mind now; clearly mind hijacking is the only idea Slott has in his head. Did Burger King create the “Big King” to compete with the Big Mac…..or did Ronald and Hamburglar take over their minds? Dan’s world is so fun! 🙂

  3. Wow. Just … wow. It truly is hard to believe this guy is what is known as a “professional.” I know plenty of 8th graders with a maturity level that surpasses Slott’s.

    And if there’s any further proof needed that Slott lives in that northeast “progressive” bubble, merely look at his comments regarding Trayvon Martin and how history will “judge” you. Who was it, again, who once famously said in 1972 “I don’t know how Nixon won — I don’t know anyone who voted for him!”?

    1. I’m not sure what “the right side of history” is when my main issue has been that the state prosecutor overreached and as a result the jury was put in an incredibly awkward position. They even said that they felt Zimmerman was guilty of something, but that legally they could not do so with the hand they were dealt. If they went by the letter of the law, they could not convict him. So yes, I am on the “right side of history” when I stand up for the rule of law. I also believe that when a man is found innocent by a jury of his peers that it is bizarre to act as if he should never be allowed to show his face in public again, etc.

    2. It was a sad day when Zimmerman went free. Trayvon Martin was guilty of being aggressive with a guy who was giving him grief. Martin may have attacked him when the guy wouldn’t stop following him. (I’d likely do the same thing in the dark with a dude whose motives I didn’t know). Trayvon ultimately did not deserve a bullet, but Florida screwed the pooch so badly with that one we all feel a like we need a shower. Repeat and rinse with Casey Anthony.

    3. My issue with Dan Slott is that apparently if you don’t act as if Trayvon “creepy ass cracka” Martin was an angel, then somehow you think he deserved to die. Ummm, no. Not really, Dan. I just think that the case is a lot more complex than you’ve made it out to be. It was sad on many, many levels. There were no winners. Mr. Zimmerman didn’t go to jail, but … in some respects he’ll have to pay for this the rest of this life. And, ultimately, we’ll all meet our Maker. I don’t need to obsess over “the right side of history” like Dan Slott because I know that we all die and will answer to God for how we lived.

    4. I thought “progressives” were supposed to be all about “nuance.” Yet when it comes to anything racial, everything is a stark black and white, pardon the pun. No one I know who thought Zimmerman was being over-charged thought he was an angel, or even just a good guy. But the issue with a lot of folks, myself (and, I believe, guys like Doug and Carl) included was that the MSM made a complete mockery of the whole thing, notably NBC’s selective editing of the 911 call which made it sound as if Zimmerman was ridiculously gung-ho about Martin simply being black. Then there was the inane labeling of Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic,” which never occurs in the media — unless a case like this one arises.

      Then there was the even more insane narrative that this case is “proof” that civil rights haven’t evolved one iota since the Civil War. Some of my (liberal) FB friends even posted stuff like “It’s not safe to walk the streets as a black male in America,” completely and blissfully ignorant that that statement IS true — except that the main cause of the danger is other black men, not white racists.

      Slott, existing in his “progressive” northeast bubble, believes in the above narrative. Because to NOT do so is completely anathema, and will result in ostracism from his hippie granola clique, never to be allowed readmission.

    5. NBC’s edited tapes were truly scandalous. That alone shows you how the media, if it wants to destroy someone, will go to great lengths to do so. (See the end of Dan Rather’s career for further evidence.) The “white hispanic” coverage was one of the weirder moments in media history as well. I do not think I ever heard that before the Zimmerman case. They seemed to invent a racial description just for him so that they could shoehorn ‘white’ in there. The list goes on and on regarding the ways the media warped its coverage in order to inflame racial tensions. Guys like Dan Slott dutifully throw gas on the fire.

      Note to Dan Slott: Since I know you read the comments: Hello! Feel free to join the conversation — or not. You can just talk about me on YouTube or on Tweetlonger, since that’s easier than debating on a forum where people can actually compare what you say I’ve written to what is actually there.

      Hube, also a follow up on your Douglas Ernst Crony Retirement Package: You will be getting a quarterly statement regarding your Morningstar portfolio. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Morningstar’s performance over time. They really are a top notch investment research firm.

    6. That was my main problem, Hube, the MSM coverage of the trial and the invention of the term “white Hispanic” to turn it into a race issue. Not to mention, NBC editing the 911 call to make Zimmerman sound racist. I don’t think either Zimmerman or Martin were saints, but like you said progressives claim to be all about “nuance” except when it comes to race relations and make out Zimmerman to be the devil incarnate. The lengths the MSM will go to destroy people is absolutely disgusting.

      I knew a ton of people on FB and in real life who ridiculously claimed it was “evidence” that race relations haven’t changed since the Civil War or the 1960s. The phrase “Walking while Black” was bandied about frequently. Except, like Hube said, the danger to black men isn’t white racists. It’s other black men (although don’t tell that one Irish troll that, since he “knows” America better than we do, even though we actually live here).

      But Slott, like most progressives, refuses to step outside his progressive bubble and stays within his echo chamber of fellow progressives.

    7. Slott’s too much of a coward to ever show up here. He knows he’d be intellectually body-slammed, and choose to stay on Twitter where he knows his mindless fanboys will come to his defense no matter what.

  4. god forbid Don Bellisario and Deborah Pratt find out you rebooted QL with Slott! #MichaelWesterlyShouldBeSamBeckett 😉

    1. I never watched many TV shows growing up, but I did actually enjoy Quantum Leap. I can not lie. I really liked the premise, and it was a good wholesome show.

    2. Bakula was in a dress in roughly 1/3 of the episodes. That probably pissed off a whole demographic. 😀

    3. I wonder how many episodes he wore a dress. 🙂 Was it really 1/3? I remember just thinking it was funny as a kid. My main problem with the show was that they kept changing the time slot.

  5. If Slott spent as much time working on the plot of Superior as he did attacking Peter Parker fans and trying to defend his creation, then maybe it would be worth reading.

    Haha, I’m just kidding. Most body-snatching stories are terrible. With the exception of, like, that one Justice League Unlmited episode where Flash and Luthor switched places.

    1. Be careful, opunaya. Now that you’ve criticized Dan Slott on this blog he’ll label you one of my “cronies.” You know, kind of like those suited thugs the Superior Spider-Man employs. If you send me a mailing address I’ll make sure you receive the official “Douglas Ernst Crony” uniform. I’ve perfected the Kevlar vest. It’s lightweight and allows a full range of movement, while also offering the protection of older heavier models.

  6. I am sorry but how has history made ZImmerman guilty? I guess that is Slott logic for you.
    Dan you ignorant Slott! “I found that somewhere else and could not help but laugh.
    By the way compare Superior Spider-Man fairly to flagship books and you may be surprised that it is not doing as well as Slott wants you to think it is. History has facts that Slott cannot hide.
    It seems that Slott just wants every thing his way if not it is misinformation or offensive. I love how Slott cannot have a real discussion on facts instead he relies on character attacks and lies.

    1. The interesting thing about Slott’s sales boasts is that he’s not so much talking about how great he is at generating sales, but rather how awesome he is at managing decline.

      And, if he really wants to have a sales argument, patting yourself on the back for sales in today’s industry is like a guy on the Titanic bragging about the high perch he’s secured for himself after the crash.

      By the way, your Douglas Ernst Crony check is in the mail. You’ll notice that your take home pay is lower this time around. Due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act our insurance premiums went up. I had to recoup that cost somehow, so I took it out of your paycheck. I need to keep the lights on in my underground bunker.

  7. 1. IIRC, it was newspaper columnist Mary McGrory who famously said that she did not know anyone who voted for Nixon in 1972. But there were probably other journalists and movie stars who made similar statements. 2. You would think that, after the Zimmerman trial, prosecutors (especially in Florida) would have learned not to over-charge defendants. But in the recent Jacksonville “‘loud music’ homicide,” the prosecution sought a Murder One conviction for a case that had no evidence of premeditation, and maybe room for doubt as to criminal intent. And, after setting the bar too high resulted in a hung jury on the most serious charge, the prosecutor announced an intention to retry the defendant for the same thing. (If they would have charged the idiot with manslaughter and reckless endangerment, they probably could have gotten a guilty verdict on all counts even if the defendant’s parents had been on the jury.) Can you say, “Flat learning curve”? 3. And, yes, having the best-selling comic these days is like having the highest perch on the Titanic. The medium is dying. Today’s “best sellers” would have been cancelled for low sales in the Silver Age.

    1. I wasn’t sure if I should bring up the “loud music” case, Tom. That one has not received as much attention, but you are spot on. Once again, the prosecutor went too far. In Dan Slott’s world, coming to that same conclusion regarding the Trayvon Martin case is tantamount to saying the kid deserved to die. But hey, if he just says it enough times then he might be able to convince himself that’s what I actually said.

    2. Dan Slott is so immature that it defies comprehension. For a supposed professional, he sure doesn’t act like one when interacting with fans online, that’s for sure. I wonder if Marvel appreciates the fact that one of their employers is going around harassing people online instead of turning in a quality script. But then again, I see editor Stephen Wacker’s immature behavior on the CBR forums as well, and I remember how the entire Spider-Man writing staff (Slott, Mark “Go F*** Yourself” Waid, Zeb Wells, Marc Guggenheim) were pretty nasty to those who were critical of OMD back in 2008-09, so obviously Marvel has a lax attitude when it comes to their employees’ childish antics online.

      It’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t want Slott working for me, if I ran a comic book publishing company. I’d fire him in an instant if I found out he was harassing people online. Marvel obviously has low standards if they continue to allow these man-children to act the way they do on company time. If they’d spend more time working on quality scripts and less time trolling, maybe the stories wouldn’t suck.

    3. If they’d spend more time working on quality scripts and less time trolling, maybe the stories wouldn’t suck.

      Boom. Good one, Carl.

      By the way, I got your leave request form. I’m okay with you taking off next weekend. As you know, the Douglas Ernst Crony Paid Time Off policy is one of the best crony plans around. I have checked in the system and it appears that afterward you will still have 73 hours remaining. Unlike most jobs, your vacation days will carry over past your original start date.



    4. LOL at the Douglas Ernst Crony plan!

      In all seriousness, Hube mentioned that Slott whined about deadlines recently, and yet spends most of his free time trolling social media looking to start flame wars with people and harass them and threaten legal action against those who criticize him. Not that deadlines even matter anymore, of course, given that some titles are delayed for years at a time. They should ask Stan Lee about deadlines. He managed to make them in spite of, at one point, writing up to 10 titles at a time in the 1960s.

    5. Not that deadlines even matter anymore, of course, given that some titles are delayed for years at a time.

      Years ago I remember when Kevin Smith started his Spider-Man/Black Cat storyline and…that was a totally train wreck. It was a creative train wreck (e.g., Spider-Man breaking a common thugs nose just because he could), but then the delays just added a whole new level. I don’t even think he ever finished it. Embarrassing.

      Update: I just checked, and I guess he did finish…years later. Wow. Unbelievable.

    6. In regards to Slott’s behaviour, it has gotten to a point on comicvine where when Slott appears, people either ignore him or tread very carefully around him (i.e. try to get plot spoilers out of him without setting him off.). There’s been more than one occasion on comicvine recently where multiple posters have told off Slott for his behaviour (either telling him to ignore posters that rub him the wrong way or to leave threads for off topic nonsense).

      It is more unfortunate that this issue isn’t isolated to Slott and stretches to other employees. I was recently reading some comments on Crawlspace where it is apparent that Steve Wacker is infamous on that site for trolling.

      What is even more unfortunate is that Slott and Co try to use the notion of “invalid opinions” in their arguments. Just because someone has a particular perspective on an issue (or a particular political leaning which is not very relevant considering this is a comic book), it does not make their opinion “invalid” which is what Slott seems to think.

      A clever writer would try to gauge feedback from all sources and if there is a particular product that a large percentage don’t like, a smart marketer would release a sister product that is more likely to appeal to that slice of the market. In the case of Superior Spiderman, a smart marketer would have had an ongoing Peter Parker/Miguel O’Hara sister series running parallel to Superior. Slott comes across at being neither a smart writer or a smart marketer.

    7. It is more unfortunate that this issue isn’t isolated to Slott and stretches to other employees. I was recently reading some comments on Crawlspace where it is apparent that Steve Wacker is infamous on that site for trolling.

      Yes, I’ve dealt with Steve Wacker over at CBR, and “troll” is the nice way of putting it. He gives off a “Bluto” from Popeye vibe to me, even if he’s not as heavy.

      What is even more unfortunate is that Slott and Co try to use the notion of “invalid opinions” in their arguments. Just because someone has a particular perspective on an issue (or a particular political leaning which is not very relevant considering this is a comic book), it does not make their opinion “invalid” which is what Slott seems to think.

      Well, that’s why Slott always seems to find a way to mention that I’m conservative. He hopes that by throwing the word out there people will automatically dismiss anything I have to say. That’s why he goes to “Trayvon Martin” and “Global Warming,” which is rather hilarious. Any fair-minded person can see right through it. I would be really insulted if I ran across a discussion about a comic book character and suddenly the writer was essentially like, “Well, don’t listen to that guy because he voted for (insert random politician here).” What the heck does my opinion on climate change have to do with whether or not it was a good idea to kill off Peter Parker and stick a megalomaniac in his body for over a year? Nothing.

    8. I remember Kevin Smith’s attempt to write Spider-Man, how it was delayed for years…. and it was terrible. The dude cannot write comics. At all. He’s proof that just because you’re a fan, it doesn’t mean you can write comic books competently. His run on Daredevil was awful. His Batman: The Widening Gyre was awful and full of juvenile humor. His Green Arrow comic was OK but not really up to par.

    9. The juvenile humor was another thing that I didn’t like about Spider-Man/Black Cat. I don’t want “Jay and Silent Bob” humor in my Spider-Man book. That was the beginning of the end for me in terms of following Smith’s work. He likes to portray himself as the “everyman,” but it’s obvious that his fanboys inflated his ego. There is no excuse — none — for taking that long to finish the assignment. If Marvel hired me to do a job like that, I’d lock myself in a room for a week and not exit until I finished if that’s what I took. It says something about the guy that he just blew it off and was like, “Eh. Whatever.”

  8. “The juvenile humor was another thing that I didn’t like about Spider-Man/Black Cat. I don’t want “Jay and Silent Bob” humor in my Spider-Man book.”

    Neither do I. And I’ve never been a big Kevin Smith fan, apart from a few of his movies. I think he’s a bit overrated as a director and as a comic book writer. He does have an ego, I agree, largely thanks to the fanboys heaping undeserved praise on him. I notice he has a show now called “Comic Book Men,” but I refuse to watch it because I can’t stand him and because of the lousy comics he’s written.

    If it were me writing the story, I’d lock myself away for however long it took until I finished it and sent it to the editor for proofreading. There’s no excuse for taking as long as he did to finish what ultimately was an incredibly mediocre story. I could’ve produced a better story than that, trust me.

    And if you think that’s bad, just take a gander at some of the “ideas” he had for the Superman film he never made:


  9. Hey guys, Psycho here, yes THAT Psycho. Figured I’d pop in and thank Mr. Ernst for an entertaining article, but this time with myself taking center stage.

    That whole business was honestly more disappointing that I expected it to be. Slott kept hanging on 3 key (not really) parts of the conversation, the “limp-dick” insult, his constant use of the word “regurgitate”, and how I was inconsistent in terms of temperament (he never seemed to understand that my mood can change over the course of a 7 day argument.). He never really seemed eager to defend his comic, he chose instead to just insult my person. Thief and “poster-child for internet stupidity” are my favorites, he also seemed to believe that being a Jew means that nothing he writes resembles Antisemitism or the Holocaust. But he certainly struck a nerve along the line in regards to my Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD. I had mentioned to him that I had disorders early on, so he decided to make a jab at me about it. As soon as I actually specified them, he backpedaled immediately. His exact words were;

    “No offense, but you were vague about your condition– and at times I can’t tell when you are kidding, trolling, ranting, venting, and when you’re not. But if you honestly have Aspergers and ADHD, that explains a lot. Sorry for engaging you. Say whatever you want.”

    WOW. So apparently my disorders mean that anything I say, even things that I’ve given much thought to and have convictions about, shouldn’t be taken seriously? That essentially the 1st time anyone with knowledge of my disorders has said something so derogatory towards me. Not only is he a complete hack, but he’s a giant asshole too, big shocker.

    Dan, I know you’ll eventually read this like the creepy skulking toad you are, so read well.

    Fuck your shitty comic
    Fuck your online antics

    Can’t wait to see this asshole at NYCC.

    1. “No offense, but you were vague about your condition– and at times I can’t tell when you are kidding, trolling, ranting, venting, and when you’re not. But if you honestly have Aspergers and ADHD, that explains a lot. Sorry for engaging you. Say whatever you want.” — Dan Slott

      This is actually pretty insulting on multiple levels. It essentially puts forth that it’s not worth it to engage people with disorders such as Aspergers and ADHD while also using their condition as an excuse to absolve them from taking responsibility for their behavior.

      For instance, I think you’ve put forth a lot of worthwhile information in your reply. I think your opinions are worth engaging. However, I should also note that I generally try and keep the comments section fairly clear of profanity. While I understand your frustration (like I said, his comment is incredibly insulting), I think you cede some of the moral high ground when you start going into the “F**k you” realm of retorts.

      See, Dan Slott — was that so hard? I engaged this young man while also tactfully laying down the guidelines for my comments section.

      Again, that’s why Dan Slott doesn’t come around here; I generally do a fair job of moderating.

      Thanks for commenting, psychokineticex. You will always be taken seriously on this blog, provided that (imperfect as we all are) I can see that you strive to embrace your better angels.

    2. That’s what I like about you Doug, you’re a fair guy who doesn’t mince words. I apologize for the profanity, though I never really did claim the moral high-ground in that whole argument with Slott. I usually just use it sparingly, but part of me believes that it’s all Dan deserves. I used it a few times when speaking to him, and he kept bringing it up days later. So I’ll try to censor myself a bit better from now on.

    3. No problem. Like I said, I totally understand your frustration. Dan Slott will latch onto anything that he can use to sidetrack the conversation. For you at may have been a few swears, for me it’s “TrayvonGlobalWarmingHitlerheinouscrimes…” And remember: You don’t have to claim the moral high ground to have it. 😉

      I just find it interesting that Dan Slott refuses to acknowledge how his own behavior (e.g., marking SSM using anger to fuel sales) affects how Peter Parker fans interact with him.

  10. I’m sorry to hear about that, psychokineticex. I also have Asperger’s syndrome. What Slott said in response to you was pretty disgusting and insulting. He’s basically saying that you shouldn’t bother to engage people with Asperger’s and/or ADHD, and that to do so is beneath him. And Slott, like most progressives, pretends he’s so “tolerant.” Yeah, right.

    I’ve engaged Slott once before, on another blog where he showed up to troll and he was one of the biggest, most immature and insecure man-boys I’ve ever encountered.

    I agree with Doug in saying that you cede the moral high ground when using profanity. At my old blog, I refrained from using severe profanity because I felt it would lower the level of discourse. It was rare that I actually used f*** in a post, and when I did it was usually when I quoted someone else or in the one case where I was angry about a few trolls who were harassing a fellow comics blogger.

  11. Psychokineticex, I am sorry that you have had to go through that altercation with Slott. As it has already been mentioned you can see that Slott cannot have a legitimate conversation when things do not go his way. When facts escape Slott he goes for cheap attacks to get you off topic. While I also think it is bad form to use the tone you provided I can see your need to vent your frustration.
    I do find it fascinating that a person that claims he is all about tolerance seems to lack tolerance himself.
    Out of curiosity, where is the discussion that you had with him? I have found that he gets very bold when he has moderator support or when he can get his twitter fans to jump in for him. You may find a debate that he had with Rich Johnston recently to be very fascinating.
    This is a clear case where Slott does not have a leg to stand on and he tries to act as if one man can police the internet actions of other. I found this rather scary since it clearly matches his political views.

    1. @Truthwillwin1
      Wow…that article from Bleeding Cool is shocking stuff.

      Slott trolling a new site for posting spoilers on Batman (and they weren’t the first to put up the spoilers)? Any serious comic news site worth its weight posts newsworthy spoilers and posts them early? What was even more bizarre is that Slott singled out a single site and poster to direct his outrage on what is an industry practice?

      What is not surprising is that the core premise of Slott’s argument in that article was that spoilers have an impact on sales? This just further reinforces my opinion that Slott doesn’t care that you like his comics only that you bought it (and bought all in the series).

      This is probably why Slott primarily focuses on “bait and switch” plot twists and nothing else in his writing (just like reality TV producer). Slott probably cares more about driving sales and “creating a buzz” rather than simply “telling a good story”.

    2. Instead of the ShamWow guy, he’s the SlottWow guy. 🙂 “BuythissupercoolitsgoingtochangeMarvelasyouknowit issue of Superior Spider-Man! Never mind the fact that I always over promise and under deliver.”

      If I remember correctly from this article, he tried to argue that it was totally cool if Marvel leaked spoilers to CBR and other sites when it wanted, but if someone else did it that was no bueno. Umm, okay. Right… Like you said, if someone’s job is to get scoops on a comic, they’re going to do that. No one forces me to go to comic websites, and if I had friends who were into comics I’d just tell them not to ruin it for me. Case closed. If I did by some random chance run across a spoiler I’m a big boy and it’s not the end of the world. I think I’ll get over it.

  12. If I see a spoiler and I don’t want to read it I don’t click on it, problem solved. Second how can Slott blame Rich for what other people post without a spoiler warning that is not something he can control. If you notice Slott is clearly showing his radical left wing views for example you can only share the information we want you to share “sounds familiar”. Then after he clearly did not have a leg to stand on he acts like a victim on his twitter account. This guy is just sad. FYI I collected data on other top characters books to see the attrition and his book did not fare so well. Slott only wants to compare his work to books that always sold less. When compared properly as a professional would you compare competing products of the same level not just ones that have never been at the same level but then again that would not help him get the marketing buzz he wanted. You will also find that his 20K increase only comes close if you start the analysis based on when he was writing the book.

    1. Slott is, to quote Toy Story, a “sad, strange little man.” He is not a professional. He is a narcissistic man-child. As for spoilers, don’t the companies leak those to the websites all the time these days? It seems to me that Slott is getting mad about something that really doesn’t matter. And if I come across spoilers, I don’t go off on tirades and if friends tell me what happens in a movie/book/comic I have yet to read, I do the adult thing (something that’s anathema to Slott) and politely ask them to not spoil it for me.

  13. did you guys saw this: https://twitter.com/DanSlott/status/438865402337443840 ? I mean is this guy real? latter he said “Dan Slott ‏@DanSlott 27 de fev
    Batman doesn’t kill. Period. He apprehends/captures/incapacitate. He doesn’t kill. He brings criminals to justice. And he saves everyone.”… I think it was a great oportunity for somebody to tell him that nolan’s films sold a lot, made millions, and were acclaimed by critics and he should stop whining and all that crap… Or that it was just a history that Nolan wanted to tell..

  14. I always find it bizarre when people decide they “know” what happened in the absence of evidence, as in the Trayvon Martin case. People are so afraid of admitting they just don’t know.

    Also: Zimmerman sure looks brown to me. I’m brown so I think I’m allowed to say that. Funny how only Leftist white people decided he’s white because it suits the racial narrative they’ve concocted wherein they portray themselves as enlightened by throwing other white people under the bus and asking brown, black, red, and yellow people to pat them on the back for it.

    But seriously, why does anyone read these crappy comics nowadays? There are plenty of good old ones to track down, why torture yourself with this politically idiotic and naïve horseshit?

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