In April of 2013, the world had a chance to see what modern leftist “feminism” is all about when Belgian Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard was harassed by screaming topless women who drenched him in water while he prayed.


Now, Argentina’s feminists are making news, less because of their stance on abortion and more because their behavior is hardly discernible from wild animals.

Buenos Aires, December 2nd, 2013 – Extremely disturbing video footage from Argentina shows a mob of feminists at a recent protest attacking and sexually molesting a group of Rosary-praying Catholic men who were peacefully protecting the cathedral in the city of San Juan from threats of vandalism.

The women, many of them topless, spray-painted the men’s crotches and faces and swastikas on their chests and foreheads, using markers to paint their faces with Hitler-like moustaches. They also performed obscene sexual acts in front of them and pushed their breasts onto their faces, all the while shouting “get your rosaries out of our ovaries.”

Argentina spraypaint Catholic menWho is the feminist genius who thought that spray painting the faces and crotches of praying men would be a good public relations move?

Feminist Argentina spit

Let’s give a slow clap for the women who decided that spitting in the faces of men, who only wanted to protect their church from vandalism, was a legitimate way to express their feelings.

Where were the police? Answer:

The police reportedly told the media they were unable to intervene because “they are women.”

Women are unequal before the law in Argentina — unfortunately, they are unequal in ways that allow them to assault and sexually molest peaceful citizens with impunity. In a more just society they would have gotten a crack of the baton across the wrist and then hauled off to jail for attempting to spray paint an innocent man’s face and eyes.

Argentina Spraypaint eyes

More fascinating at these kinds of protests are the women who think stripping down naked and acting like a fool says, “I love myself,” when in reality it says, “I loathe myself.”

Feminist Argentia head in crotch

Nothing telegraphs the righteousness of your cause more than proudly displaying rolls of belly fat and inviting another woman to shove her head between your crotch.

Argentia feminist

Disgruntled because a chain of men who believe in God prevent you from filling their church walls with graffiti? Take off your shirt and rub your breasts against the arms linking them all together. Bravo.

Eventually, their “protest” broke down into what can only be described as a bunch of savages howling and hooting around a fire. Apparently, there was singing:

According to InfoCatolica, some of the women chanted a song, with the lyrics: “To the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, who wants to get between our sheets, we say that we want to be whores, travesties and lesbians. Legal abortion in every hospital.”

Whores, indeed. Mission accomplished, ladies!

Argentina feminists fire

And finally, no protest populated with screaming banshees would be complete without burning an effigy of some kind. These women chose Pope Francis.

Inside the cathedral, 700 people were also in prayer accompanied by their bishop Mos. Alfonso Delgado. After unsuccessfully trying to get into the building, the women burned a human-sized effigy of Pope Francis.

If modern liberal feminists want to burn effigies of the guy who sneaks out in the middle of the night to give alms to the poor, who washes and kisses the feet of drug addicted teens, and who lovingly embraces people with tumors all over their body, I say “go for it.” I’m actually a little disheartened that some religious people want evidence of this protest banned from YouTube — the world should see it. Any town that wants church attendance to skyrocket should invite Argentina’s liberal feminists to protest in their neighborhood as soon as possible.

Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio washes feet of shelter residents during 2008 Mass at church in Buenos Aires

Different versions of the video are disappearing on YouTube, but I’ll keep it up as long as possible.


  1. As a woman I feel really humiliated by them, and ashamed on their behalf. Being pro-choice is one thing, but when they express their opinions in such a barbaric manner it also makes you wonder: where’s the self-respect? Where’s the dignity? And the whole shoving of breasts thing reminds me of the giant parading vaginas at the recent telethon in Texas raising funds for abortion clinics. It’s not liberating, it’s degrading. Anyway, good on those men for not retaliating. Godly gentlemen.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, karenzai. I really appreciate it. And yes, “barbaric” is a good way to describe their behavior.

      I’ve seen that giant Planned Parenthood vagina before and I always wonder who came up with that idea. It’s so bizarre. I would think that most people who are conflicted about how they feel on the abortion issue would see that and then walk over to the guys praying in the corner…

    2. “Being pro-choice is one thing…”

      Yeah. It is. Being pro-abortion in sheep’s clothing is the one thing being pro-choice is.

    3. Well it makes a change from catholic so called priests abusing young boys etc,and then bribing victims to keep quiet about it.

  2. Total insanity and the mark of dangerous individuals.

    But then how can it be otherwise? Anyone who condones the murder of the unborn in the womb is completely crazy and needs mental treatment.

    1. Well it makes a change from catholic so called priests abusing young boys etc,and then bribing victims to keep quiet about it.

    2. Wow, someone was really eager to swing the conversation around to Catholic priest scandals. What a surprise. Regardless, if you think you’re going to completely side-track the discussion, you’re wrong. I don’t like feeding trolls, so if you want to go that route your comments will just be deleted.

    3. I am merely pointing out the irony of their behaviour in comparison to the behaviour of your catholic so called priests.

      I am not trying to side track the discussion, you catholics are the worst trolls on this blogsite, touting your disgusting heresies and dogmas.

    4. I am not trying to side track the discussion, you catholics are the worst trolls on this blogsite, touting your disgusting heresies and dogmas.

      “Heresy! Dogma! Rarrrar! Goobledeegobbledeegook…” Okay, I see where this is going. I’m done with you. Sadness, I see you “unliked” the blog post. Whatever shall I do? I think I’ll get over it.

      Update: Oh, it’s back again. Umm, okay.

    5. Another point that I would like to make is that I was pointing out the hypocrisy of the whinge that they were being treated in that fashion.
      Although i do not agree that they should have been treated like that, i do find it ironic that you object to my pointing out that Catholicism/The vatican is not known for behaving well towards children.!!!

    6. I do find it ironic that you object to my pointing out that Catholicism/The vatican is not known for behaving well towards children.!!!

      Nice triple-exclamation mark. Too bad you didn’t land it. No, I’m not opposed to someone pointing out that an institution is incredibly large as the Catholic Church has some flawed people in it. Using your logic, the very first thing I should do when we start talking about public schools is to rant about educators who have abused kids. Maybe I’ll start a website called publiceducationspooksite, since you’re such an inspirational guy. Or not.

  3. Alright, who here thinks he’d have the cajones to not lash out like those people there did? I know I wouldn’t. I’d have run to my bed at home and cried myself to sleep.

    1. I think I would have been okay with spray paint, but the second someone touches me…that’s when all bets are off. I think if one of those women started trying to write on me with a black marker the cops would have been hauling me off to jail.

      Someone can scream at me all day and it won’t phase me. They can call me every name in the book and I’ll just smile. But if someone puts their hands on me, then it’s a whole new ballgame.

  4. Well it makes a change from catholic so called priests abusing young boys etc,and then bribing victims to keep quiet about it.

    1. Oh quit using the exception of a few bad priests for the justification of the entire Catholic Church.

    2. It such a desperate thing to bring up. We’re talking about the actions of these feminists against men of faith, and his reaction is, “Priestswithboys!Priestswithboys!” It’s a good bet he’s also the same type of guy who responds to any criticism of the president with “Racismslavey!Racismslavery!” It’s pathetic.

    3. I think it is the rule rather than the exception, that catholic so called priests are abusing children etc,,,

      It is no surprise that they are trying to cover up their disgusting practices…as well as bribing victims to say nothing..

      It is also evident that your so called church is an anti christ religion, and apostate, and heretic…
      I sincerely encourage you to actually get a Bible and get out of that false religion…

    4. I think it is the rule rather than the exception, that catholic so called priests are abusing children etc,,,

      Never go full-troll. Never go full-troll. Banned.

      Update: For those who doubt this guy’s troll credentials, I’ll note that he followed up this post with comments linking me to some desire to “gag” and “behead” people who don’t agree with me because…Catholics are also known for beheadings now too, I guess? Gotcha.

    5. PS,
      I would never even attempt to try and justify the catholic so called church, seeing as it is not justifiable from the Scriptures in any way at all.

      the catholic so called church is The Whore of Babylon.

    6. So this spookchristian clown must be a Paul Hislop acolyte. Hislop, in his anti-Catholic screed “The Two Babylons,” referred to the church as the “Whore of Babylon.”

    7. That’s fine if he has a thing against the Catholic church. I know that some of my readers are probably not the biggest fans, either…but at least they’ve been pretty respectful — just as I would extend respect their way if we talked about their denomination.

      Anyone who busts through the doors and starts making insane assertions upon their first visit here (e.g., the abuses in the church are the “rule” rather than the exception) is going to get called out. And then when they start intimating that I’d behead people who disagree with me if I could get away with it…they’re going to get banned.

  5. As regular readers know, I sometimes share my dreams. I will do so here.

    Last night I had a dream where a man was telling me about a special kind of vampire. Instead of sucking blood, these vampires only survive by making their victims eat their “waste” (to put it nicely). I woke up and tried to figure out what the lesson was. Then, I read some of the comments on this post and it hit me: You don’t have to swallow an emotional vampire’s s**t.

    I already knew this, but it was reenforced by the “waste” a certain person left here this morning. Cut them off once they identify themselves and force them to go somewhere else. You’ll be glad you did.

  6. Good advice. Don’t feed the trolls.

    Although it’s amusing, your time is better spent writing than trying to change the mind of a demented psychopath. Just hit delete, throw a ban on the trolls, and move on in glee.

    1. Yep. Usually I give them just enough time to reconsider, in the slim chance that a flash of maturity will motivate them to have a real conversation. If they opt not to sit at the adult table, then the comments that are left behind still have value. Like the women protesting in this video, I want people to see who they are and what they represent.

  7. Sometimes I despair at the world we live in. The actions of these “feminists” is bizarre and repugnant.

    Despite what our friend spook has to say, the majority of catholic priests are their because of their faith and desire to devote their lives to the community and they do not deserve this treatment.

    Good on the men for not reacting aggressively.

    1. They are very repugnant people, to be sure. And spook is just like a modern-day Paul Hislop, with his anti-Catholic bias there for all to see. The majority of priests in the Catholic Church do it because of their faith and a devotion to the community, not because they want to rape small boys.

      Oh, and slightly off-topic, but Andrew, I thought you’d be interested to know that my review of “Day of the Doctor is up.

  8. @Douglas

    Hey Doug, do you buy Lightbringer’s assertion that just because the various Communist regimes, Mussolini’s regime, and Hitler’s regime were predicated upon ‘Cults of Personality’ that that excuses their anti-Christian and anti-religious views and their forceful pushing of such views?

    If he’s saying in essence that, a lot of those people just happened to be atheists who committed the worst atrocities of human history (despite the fact that their ideologies were for the spread of atheism and anti-religious views) , both recently and as a whole, then why does he seem to have such a disdain for people who just happened to be Christian and done other bad things that don’t even come close?

    1. I think when man denies God that the inclination is to try and make himself a god. It would terrify me to live in a world where, say, 90% of the population did not believe in God.

    2. So you don’t buy his assertion at all then. Cool.

      That 90 percent scenario, though, would probably his wet-dream though…

    3. I would prefer not to think of Lightbringer’s erotic dreams ever again…but yes, I agree with you that atheists tend to contort themselves into interesting positions trying to downplay the atrocities committed by godless regimes.

    4. If you did then, why didn’t you back me up when I was discussing it with him!? You know I’m a glass cannon man!

    5. I had 48 hours where I was trying to help my employer launch its new website, and then I had a 4:00 a.m. wake up call to catch a flight to Denver…before boarding a flight to Montana. I basically had to choose between getting involved with that discussion, or writing my post on feminist Suey Park. Under normal circumstances I would have jumped in there.

      I’ll have to circle back on the discussion, but I think you held your own.

  9. Spookchristian check out:

    John Paulk, Paul Crouch, Douglas Goodman, Kent Hovind, Ted Haggard, Paul Barnes, etc.

    People in glass houses…

    1. Do you know what would be hilarious? If Christians claimed that they were free from sin the moment they became Christians. Oh…wait…they don’t. Your comment would only make sense, Tigre, if I was saying that I was without sin or if I thought my intrinsic worth as a human being was somehow more than feminists who do really mean things. I did no such thing. Bravo on the red herring, though.

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