Douglas Ernst Beach meditate

These grains of sand

And tiny shells between my toes

Ground Me —

I’m sentient sand

With a pair of eyes

For a time

And today

Right Now

I’m fine


Before an infinite ocean

Listening to its breath break

Along the shoreline.

My wave meditation

Can’t be broken

By the call of seagulls

Squealing kids or random beach bodies

Entering and Exiting

The scene.

Like high and low tide

My moment to go will come

At the perfect time in the perfect place

And in that Now

As in all

I am thankful

Douglas Ernst Sun walk


    1. Thanks, Jim. There’s a lot more of it … but up until now I haven’t really posted anything to my little old blog. I might start sharing more in the near future.

  1. Very nice ~ broh~. Ahhhhh I could almost feel like it was me instead. Needed that moment of escape. So big thank you. Who took the picture. Love the colors captured.

    1. All by myself this morning and I needed shots for the poem, so I set it up to record while I had my fun. Later on I just grabbed stills from the video. A guy can’t go wrong with the sunrise. 🙂

      Glad you liked the poem.

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