Liberals are good at revising history, as they now attempt to do with news that Robert Downey Jr. attended a Barack Obama fundraiser. A trip down memory lane reveals they weren’t so warm and fuzzy about him when his politics were in question.

With the news that Robert Downey Jr. attended George Clooney’s $40,000 fundraiser earlier in the week, liberals incredulously asked how conservatives could have ever thought he was a Republican or perhaps even (gasp!) a conservative. As we all know, conservatives are racists, bigots and homophobes, right? Regardless, I will spell it out in ways even liberals with a mind like the Hulk can understand.

People put their children’s drawings on their refrigerator. They put cards from loved ones, their daily calendar and things they’re proud of on it. They put images on it that they don’t mind seeing every time they go to the get something to eat or drink. And so, when GQ Magazine, a piece of liberal propaganda disguised as a men’s magazine, is invited into Downey’s home and finds a picture of him with George and Laura Bush, it sends a message.

There are photos of Downey and Susan taped above the refrigerator: with President Bush and Mrs. Bush; with Tom Cruise, Mrs. Cruise, and Suri in a group hug on-set in Hawaii. The week’s schedule, in brightly colored fonts for easy reading, hangs from the bulletin board—yet another magazine interview tonight, rerecording dialogue tomorrow, a shooting day on Wednesday—along with Downey’s son’s soccer-playoff schedule.

In the liberal mind, such an act would already be considered heresy. But as with any case built on circumstantial evidence, there needed to be more. And so, we introduced the infamous New York Times interview, where Robert Downey Jr. told them that his time spent in prison had a profound impact on his politics; Downey’s liberal Hollywood critics responded by trying to convince people that he really just wanted to swim in Olympic-sized pools of gold like Scrooge McDuck.

“His values are pure Republican values … He’s a serious materialist. He loves the great clothes, the beautiful house, the cool cars. He’s a ‘protect the rich’ guy. Why should the rich have to pay for this or that? The people who have it should keep it, and the people who don’t have it shouldn’t complain.”

When Hollywood liberals start attacking the man, it sends up red flags to the world that they have him on notice: Shut up and keep quiet, “re-educate” yourself, or the character assassination will continue. Now that Downey has given up cold, hard cash to Obama, is he still a materialist? Probably not, since once liberals “evolve” their past is forgotten about the next day.

But let us dig even further back, to see what may have set off our liberal friends to begin with. Perhaps it had something to do with the launch of Andrew Breitbart’s websites, created precisely because Hollywood is the kind of place where in order to network with the elite it’s almost mandatory you attend functions like … a George Clooney, $40,000 a plate Democrat fundraiser. As rumors swelled that Downey was a Republican, the press sought answers. He refused to give them:

Breitbart simply refers to it as a continuous politics and culture posting board, and its underlying, unifying aim is just as simple: “Our goal is to create an atmosphere of tolerance, something that does not exist in this town,” he says. It’s kind of funny and ironic to read about how conservatives are being encouraged to come out of the closet.

Most amusing is the reaction from the agent for Robert Downey, Jr., who is believed to be a closet conservative … his publicist will neither confirm nor deny it, saying only, “We unfortunately have no comment, as RDJ does not comment on political matters.” (Opelika-Auburn News, Entering Stage Right, Jan. 6, 2009.)

There is no downside to announcing your political allegiance in Hollywood. None. Conservatives expect artists to be Democrats at this point. Generally, a politically mum A-list Hollywood star in the face of rumors they are conservative is another indicator that they might not fall into line with the “acceptable” positions of the industry’s power players. Refrain from comment, and liberal rags find it “most amusing.”

As I said before, can you blame Robert for not wanting to talk? The guy probably runs the gamut on any number of public policy issues, but was attacked by liberals for either a.) saying his time in prison taught him some lessons that were incompatible with liberalism, and b.) that he’d rather not talk politics and would not do so through his agent, at least as of 2009.

Now that Downey has attended a Barack Obama fundraiser, liberals would have us believe that delusional conservatives created the idea of a Hollywood star that was one of them out of pure desperation. Not true. As much as they want to deny it, liberal attacks on the man were often the catalyst for the conservatives who defended him.

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Robert Downey Jr. was at the Republican National Convention in 2008, and yet liberal message boards wonder where anyone ever got the idea he was a Republican. Maybe he should just start the “Iron Man” Party and make everyone happy.

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    1. I actually respect Downey more for keeping this stuff a bit closer to the vest. It makes it easier for me to watch an actor’s movies when I don’t have a thousand memories of them lecturing me as a distraction.

      Hollywood is a town filled with “do as I say, not as I do” … activists. I hope he never becomes one of them.

    2. Hey, Doug I am shocked that RDJ is supporting Barrack Obama. The fact he was present at George Clooney’s fundraiser, for Obama makes it ever clear that Robert Downey Jr. is backing Obama for President and I had read on the internet that he supported Obama in the last election. Liberals are overly rejoiced that RDJ was never a conservative. As conservative myself I don’t think Downey was never one of us. We just assumed he was because of a quote. I would like to see how can defend the actor now after the fact the he in aligned himself with his liberal pals.

    3. News reports had Downey at the GOP convention in 2008, and an old GQ article noted that he had a picture of George W. Bush on his refrigerator, so that adds another layer to the RDJ onion… He’s an interesting guy.

      I haven’t seen too many quotes from him on politics, so if he is an Obama guy I at least respect that he hasn’t tried to shove the message down my throat. If he starts doing re-election commercials like Tom Hanks I’m going to be really depressed. It will be hard to see Iron Man, Mr. “I successfully privatized national security!” come to bat for Mr. Socialized Health Care in real life.

    4. But I want to know why Robert Downey Jr. whose given many the the impression that he some what conservative would attend a Obama fundraiser. Is this sigificant enough to cast all doubt that RDJ is conservative and he really is a full fleged member of the extreme left ? I guess he got tired of drinking reality and went back to drinking the Kool-Aid.

    5. The pressure in Hollywood to conform has to be enormous. If you’re a conservative in Hollywood, just imagine how so many of your movie promotions would go … Instead of talking about the movie, you’d have idiots grilling you on gay marriage and abortion and birth control.

      If he continues to stay relatively mum on the politics we’ll probably never know.

    6. I sent you an email about Robert Downey Jr. Please respond back and tell me what you think.

    7. Well said! I, too, am glad that RDJ is not using his fame to try to influence politics. It’s something that I admire about him, his take it or leave it attitude, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what his politics are, as long as he is a brilliant actor (which he is).

    8. I heard he used to be a liberal Republican, now he’s a conservative Democrat.

      Regardless of his political views, I still love the man.

    9. Sometimes I think we are stuck with the liberal/conservative thing because we’re told
      to “select one”or we can’t go to “next”.RDJ was in the system in California,he may have
      been as resentful of the “for your own good” junk as he was the invasive and profit driven
      “law and order”junk.Some of us are very individual on every issue.Bureaucratic nightmares
      occur on both sides of the aisle and I think we are currently getting the worst of both.
      Breitbart was just hateful.So is Limbaugh..and many others-if I didn’t know better I would
      think they are undercover agents for the far left.

    10. Who are two people who are “just hateful” and possible “undercover agents” for the “far right,” wendylee? Just wondering.

    11. Well Susan try to wrap your brain around this concept. Homosexuals are vilified for simply being who they are. They are murdered and bullied and homosexual youth commit suicide at high rates because they are often so bullied or marginalized.

      I don’t hear about conservatives being physically threatened. On the contrary, it is vile conservative “values,” their trademark intolerance of anything they do not approve of, often in the guise of “religion” that is behind such violence to homosexuals (or Black people, or Mexicans, or Arabs, etc etc etc)

      See the difference?

    12. Not to mention that one is a choice and the other isn’t. (Hint to the Conservatives, it’s the political alignment that’s the choice, not sexuality).

    13. Douglas, your interpretation skills are lacking. I said that political alignment is a choice and therefore adhering to a particular political group (like Lib Dems, American Democrats, Republicans etc) can be criticized whereas being a homosexual cannot be criticized because the subject has no say in what their sexual orientation is.

    14. My interpretation skills aren’t lacking. I was mocking you. It was obvious what Susan meant by her original comment, taken within the context of someone who just read my RDJ post. You and Linda either willfully chose not to acknowledge that, or you interpreted it incorrectly.

  1. One quote, without much context provided by the actor himself, in a long article.

    Quote is used to extrapolate that RDJ is a closet conservative (whatever that means) in a single entertainment writer’s slam article about RDJ. I’m not sure about your use plural sources, as I couldn’t find any concerted (or any other) “liberal” attacks on RDJ. Conspiracy theory?

    Rod Dreher’s piece propels the idea it in the conservative blogosphere. Then you wrote an article about it.

    I’m not sure what RDJ’s views are, as he’s said a lot of things over his long career, and to take one sentence and extrapolate a whole worldview is a stretch. I’ve been a few fundraisers with people of vastly different political views than me because I was friends with someone there. I’ll dispense with the polemic, but again, this seems like a tempest in a teacup.

    Plus, it’s not uncommon for RDJ’s publicist (who are professional liars) to avoid courting any and all negative controversy when their client is in a golden-goose tent-pole summer blockbuster.

    I’m just not seeing it here.

  2. If I was a lawyer and this was a legal brief instead of a blog…I’d probably agree with more of what you said. Every time I write a blog I have to keep in mind how long it is, what sources to include or reject, etc. It’s not going to be perfect. Too much information, and not only does it get too long and no one wants to read it, but it also starts to look like the rantings of a mad man (which you might think already). There was a lot more I wanted to write about and other links I could have provided, but a.) my wife would have killed me since I’ve been working and writing all weekend when I was supposed to be spending time with her and b.) I would need time to figure out how to piece it all together, but I didn’t have time because people are searching NOW. When hits are coming, time is of the essence. I’d rather get a good post out when the WordPress stats are burning up than a “perfect” post out and have a trickle of people see it.

    I’m not trying to convince anyone “beyond a reasonable doubt.” That’s nice if I do that, but the purpose of the blog is to expose people to a side of the argument they haven’t heard before, or to counter liberal claims. I can see exactly how many people are getting to my blog and what they’re searching to get here, and I churned this post out for a reason: a lot of people want to know Downey’s politics, if he was liberal, if he was conservative, or why they ever thought he was conservative to begin with. Many people searched using definitive statements about his political leanings, and I’m sure my posts made a good number reevaluate that stance or to jump down the digital rabbit hole in search of more information. I consider that a success.

    You always seem to respond to the blog only through one prism, something akin to a term paper for a “craft of argument” class, when there are so many other factors that go into how fast a post goes up, how many links are provided, how in depth it is, etc. I’d rather get a “solid” post up that nets me three new followers on Twitter and a blog follow, than one “man, this kicks ass” post that nobody sees because I missed the news cycle. That’s just one example.

    In the comments section of my other Downey post I mentioned that I would go to a fundraiser of a different party IF my friends asked me and I wasn’t paying for the ticket. I’d go and I’d ask tough questions. If I got a chance to speak with a sitting president it would be an honor, regardless of party. I also acknowledged that Downey hasn’t given people many quotes to work with (to his credit). Sadly, his silence was enough to ruffle feathers in the Hollywood community and with liberals.

    If you don’t see it then we can agree to disagree.

    1. Aha, another person who doesn’t think that Downey has drifted back to liberalism! I thought these quotes from his recent Esquire interview couldn’t possibly be made by a liberal (in my opinion) : “Nothing will serve you better than a strong work ethic. Nothing. And it’s something that you can’t teach. You have to be thrown into it, where you’re going to sink or swim. It’s amazing how self-correcting and how clarifying a good, hard, shitty job can be. Because at the end of the day, any profession I’ve seen anybody in, when you peer behind the curtains of Oh, wouldn’t that be a great job? Wow, what a philanthropic endeavor! it really just comes down to It’s a fking grind.” “I wonder how the Founding Fathers felt. I mean, I hear they just argued a lot. And that it took them six years to agree on a seal.” If he is a liberal again, he’s got some crazy cognitive dissonance going on. Somebody actually took this story as license to put this sentence in Downey’s Wikipedia article right after the Wikipedia article mentions the 2008 NYT quote: “Nevertheless, he has been an avid and active supporter of Barack Obama.” Yes, one time he went to an Obama fundraiser and got to meet the President. That makes him an avid and active supporter alright.

    2. Hi, Calivin. Thanks for the tip on Esquire. I’ll have to look up that interview.

      In regards to Downey’s politics, I just don’t know what the heck they are. Based on his public statements and actions, he at least has a few decent right-of-center streaks in him. I just think it has to be hard in Hollywood, where you’re constantly being bombarded with a specific worldview. Being liberal can literally translate into millions of dollars. (e.g., network with the right people, you get the right scripts. If you get the right scripts, you have a better shot at a hit movie. If you have a hit movie, you make a lot more cash.)

      I’d love to interview the guy. I’m sure he has some pretty interesting points of view, given what he’s gone through. I do respect him for not being some sort of weird activist, though. If he starts doing that I’ll be pretty bummed.

    3. Really, that is a Downey quote? A shitty job is a character builder? When did Downey EVER have a shitty job? Maybe they gave him a broom in prison, but he was born to Hollywood royalty and has NEVER HAD to work a shitty job.

      So he probably is a Republican. He shares their Ivory Tower view talking out of the side of his mouth of the value of hard work and no clue about the reality of poverty.

    4. Republicans don’t know the value of hard work? That’s odd, because I remember being an enlisted infantryman for a few years, and I also remember working the overnight shift at Target to put myself through college.

      Keep playing that game, Linda. It’s fun for me to intellectually tear drones like you to shreds.

  3. He could be conservative in some ways, but liberal in others. And with how much he’s making from Avengers, $40,000 really isn’t much from him.

    I keep Googling for something, anything from the night of that party but I can’t find anything. You’d think there’d be some footage of all the varied celebs drooling over O-great-one. 😛

    And don’t take ohnotheydidnt seriously. That blogging host is full of liberal trolls and they all coalese in that community.

    1. Thanks for the comment, davincigirl.

      You make an interesting point about $40,000 bucks to a guy who is rich beyond his wildest dreams. Given the amount of money that will be spent on Obama’s re-election bid, I could see someone that rich saying, “This is a drop in the bucket. I can vote for the other guy, but still attend this dinner and get the networking and PR benefits, etc.”

      I’m not saying that’s right at all. I’m just putting myself in the head of a Hollywood celeb.

      And you’re right — the footage has been kept to a minimum. I’m sure they wanted it that way, since the optics of Obama yukking it up with all of Hollywood while the economy is horrible would be used in countless ads.

  4. Attending the fundraiser, I think, was just to save face and avoid a liberal Hollywood fallout. Not only is RDJ very rich, Obama’s campaign is making a lot of money too. The drop in the bucket argument works, and if RDJ was a liberal than I think he would’ve come out with liberal comments already, like Mark Ruffalo did.

    1. I do find the whole situation a bit interesting. He’s certainly an odd guy … but he’s a great actor and I respect that he’s not too outspoken one way or the other.

  5. Here is a link to a youtube video, the annual Oscar Roundtable with Robert Downey Jr., Anne Hathaway, Sally Hawkins, Frank Langella, Brad Pitt and Mickey Rourke.

    I think every here should watch this as it reveals something about RFJ and Hollywood’s celebs who blindly worship Obama.

    1. RDJ is laughing at conservatives because he gave an interview where intimated he was conservative, went to the 2008 Republican convention, put a picture of him with the Bushs on his fridge … and then decided Obama was the man? Umm, sure. That’s weird, but Okay.

    2. No, He Is Not Laughing At Me And Robert is Crazy Enough To Know That He’s Busy Doing M
      ovies Rather Than Do Nothing And So, Don’t Expect Robert To Know Everything And I Respe
      ct His Career And If I Knew Him or Not! Thank You!

  6. I get the impression that he goes with what he believes at the time he believes it and isn’t burdened by everyone’s need to slap people with labels. I don’t care if he’s conservative or liberal, he’s frickin’ Iron Man!

    1. Yeah, like I said, he’s not really too outspoken … so I’ll cut him slack. He’s not a politician and for the most part he just sticks to being a really, really good actor.

      Indeed, he was born to play Iron Man.

    2. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with this best ever post-credits eaetsr egg thing. Maaaaaybe if Pepper had turned out to be an undercover cop who was now possessed by Professor X, only to morph into an 8-bit video game, until Matthew Broderick appears and tells us to go home, then we might get into best ever territory. It was pretty good though. Although it would have been even better had S.l.J made a more daring departure from the character by keeping his Sisqo-esque do from Jumper.

  7. OMG!!! RDJ HAD DINNER WITH FRIENDS!!! ALERT THE MEDIA!!!! Who care what he is? If he’s one or the other does that mean you won’t watch his films?

    1. Where do I start with this, Meghan? The “OMG”? The all-caps? The quadruple toe loops of exclamation marks?

      Thank you for the comment. Really. I mean it.

  8. This article was nothing but childish “liberals are evil” propaganda intended to preach to the choir of right-wing (not “conservative”) nutjobs like you who want liberals to be exterminated.

    1. “V” (I take it you watched “V for Vendetta” but don’t read the Constitution?): Free speech applies to the federal government’s impingement on your right to assemble, cast grievances, etc. It does not apply to what you can do in someone’s private establishment.

      I have a VERY light touch on moderation. I can count on one hand the comments I’ve withheld, and I do that because people (probably like you) write nothing but a sad string of expletives or “F**! you!” and that’s it. You have no “right” to clutter up my board with that kind of crap.

      I love when guys like you comment because you’re Exhibit A of the modern day liberal. If I could, I’d give you a cookie.

    2. In a liberal’s mind, unlimited free speech can only apply to themselves. The moment a Conservative opens their mouth it is full on war because we are categorized as homophobes, racists, etc, etc,

    3. I don’t wish to exterminate liberals. I just wish they’d get past their pride and arrogance and find the truth in the one true Lord, Jesus Christ. On a more practical level, I wish the liberals that constantly threaten to move to Canada, or whine about how things are better in Europe would just go move there, and let those of us who actually love America enjoy it.

      Overall, liberals are fairly good at exterminating themselves, being pro-choice.

    4. Really? I want “liberals to be exterminated”? Essentially, you have no argument so you invented one.

      Great job, “V”. Now go put your Guy Fawkes mask back on and join the Occupy kiddies down town. I think there are about ten of them left.

  9. Robert Downey,Jr., is an amazing actor, with a huge body of work. I discovered his talent in “Less Than Zero.” A tragic character, based on a loosley based true story by Bret Easton Ellis. Carries every movie to the finest. Never puts in anything but excellent performances His time in lock down rehab near Corcoran State Prison was terrifying. Just my opinion but I think he is probably an Independent.

    1. Thanks for the comment, windy. Yes, he does seem like a complex dude. I wish I could interview him. It would be fun to sort of figure out what makes him tick.

    1. There is something hilariously soothing about someone who anonymously calls me an “idiot” (that’s it, just ‘idiot’), before signing off with ‘lol.’

  10. Who really knows if RDJ is a Conservative or a Liberal. It’s kind of a double edged sword for him. Being a liberal in the real world makes it harder to become rich because you allegedly support a party that penalizes the rich,excessive regulations and obstacles prevent more and more people from becoming rich, but then to be a conservative in Hollywood it is nearly impossible to become rich because if you don’t tow the liberal line you may not get the parts and scripts that will propel your career. At any rate Mr RDJ is probably doing the best thing for his career. My thinking is he is fiscally conservative socially liberal. But who really knows, love his movies and his talent either way.

    1. Actors do not get refused parts because of their political views…that’s just B.S. Majority of people who break into the business break in due to nepotism or because they know the right people, and then there are a few others who are able to break in due to pure talent and creativity. I don’t think it’s so shocking that majority of artists happen to be liberals…it’s pretty much been that way through out history. Some people talk about conservatism and liberals as if these principles simply formed itself out of thin air— it’s people who formed these different ideologies. It’s artists, musicians, writers, philosophers and other types of progressives who created liberalism in the first place so it’s not a shocker that majority of people in the Hollywood spectrum happen to identify with what that ideology. However, now that people have more access to information than ever and as certain barriers break down, what you have are more and more people who are in the center of most issues. It’s sounds to me that RDJ might be more conservative than liberal, but it doesn’t mean if there’s a Democrat candidate that he likes, he’s not going to vote for that person just because he says he’s conservative. I identify more with the liberal party, but to me the word Democrat is just a word and I’m much more loyal to what I think is right than to a word. So that means if one day there happens to be a Republican candidate that I feel would be the best for this country…and that’s who I’m going to vote for. The world is not so black and white and more and more people are realizing that.

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