Peggy Noonan was wrong when she joined a number of elitist conservatives in the I-might-vote-Obama-because-of-his-first-class temperament voting block.

Chris Matthews: I don’t know who you’re going to vote for, by the way. I’m absolutely convinced I don’t know who you’re going to vote for. I can’t tell.

Peggy Noonan: I’m thinking it through…it has been a long and winding year.

She’s also wrong in her analysis regarding the “relative peace” of Bill Clinton’s time in office:

Mr. Carter’s opposite was Bill Clinton, on whom fortune smiled with eight years of relative peace and a worldwide economic boom. What misfortune Mr. Clinton experienced he mostly created himself. History didn’t impose it.

There wasn’t a “relative peace.” It was all an illusion. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but a truck laden with explosives was used in an attempt to bring down the World Trade Center in 1993. One of the opening salvos in the War for Western Civilization occurred on February 26, 1993 and the President of the United States

The same person lulled by "hopeandchange" (one word) also thinks there was "relative peace" in the 90's. Wrong. The War for Western Civilization began. You just didn't realize it.

treated it as a simple law enforcement matter.  History called on President Bill Clinton to address the growing threat of Islamic terrorism as it began morphing into a whole new monster in the void created by the collapse of the Soviet Union, and he forwarded that call to a future administration.

I highly suggest people look into the 1998 US embassy bombings in Tanzania, or perhaps the USS Cole bombing in Yemen as well. The fact of the matter is this: The size, scope, and complexity of terrorist organizations and their operations grew throughout the 1990’s. It culminated in the horrific images we saw on 9/11, with people hurling themselves out the windows of the World Trade Center towers. The choice that day: free fall for a few harrowing seconds to your death, or burn alive in an inferno of jet fuel and twisted metal.

War was declared on Western Civilization years ago.  Our political leaders just decided to ignore it. The federal government’s primary job is to protect its people. When a threat exists worthy of preparing for war footing, it is our elected officials job to educate the citizenry of the nature of the threat, and to mobilize the country for the task at hand. Do I blame President Clinton for 9/11? Of course not. But I refuse to accept the premise that “relative peace” existed in the 90’s because…it did not.

History will judge George Bush much more kindly than the know-it-all academics, cultural elites, and talking heads on cable news because he realized the threat Islamic terrorism posed—not just to the nation—but to the pillars of Western Civilization. As a nation, liberalism allows societies to slowly sink into a morass of moral relativism and a quick sand pit of multi-culturalism. By the time the danger of those who seek to undermine freedom of speech, individual liberties, and the rule of law makes itself clear…it’s often too late. Ask most of Europe.  Or read Mark Steyn’s book, America Alone.

Peggy Noonan is a gifted writer, but she has proven she is susceptible to the foibles of Elitist Conservative circles.  There’s a small part of me that thinks errors of “relative peace” are not errors at all because the cultural elite—those who attend cocktail parties with a mix of environmentalists eating foi gras and “conservatives” who distain the “small people” when the cameras aren’t rolling— should have recognized emerging threats in the 1990’s…but didn’t.  If they mention that our elected officials were asleep at the wheel (or partying it up inside The Beltway) during a decade of plotting, planning, and terrorist attacks by new enemies, it’s hard not to conclude our investigative journalists, newsmen, and “experts” were just as negligent.


  1. Journalism is pretty much dead. Sad. At least the blogosphere forces these hacks to cover stories that would have never seen the light of day not too long ago…

  2. DS, you are so right about Clinton’s eight years of felonious neglect of our nation. Our enemies not only plotted and planned, but they executed successful attacks against our interests around the world and in New York, as you point out. A President who was interested in serving his country would have taken these attacks seriously, but Clinton had no such interest. He was a profoundly selfish man who, when all is said and done, spent the Reagan peace dividend.

    It is perhaps not obvious to all of us living through big changes in real time that the demise of the USSR was an event that in 1,000 years will stand out across the ages, as will Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton was merely the second of several Presidents who came after Reagan who were a monumental step down into the abyss of inadequate leadership. Clinton selfishly enjoyed himself, abused numerous women, dismantled financial regulatory controls with Bob Rubin, and imperiled the USA by showing our enemies that we had become soft.

    Any commentator who fails to appreciate the damage Clinton did to this country is guilty of many blind spots. I’m extremely glad you are not one of them, and this essay is timely in that Obama’s incompetence and nefarious intentions have stolen the spotlight from the bankruptcy of the Clinton years. Hillary will run again, and then the blogosphere will illuminate the depths of their depravity.

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