I was watching President Obama try to link efforts to give the American people European-style government-run health care to the efforts of olympic athletes when I remembered how much like Orko from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe he is (I tweeted about it long ago, but this demands over 140 characters).

For those of you who remember Orko, he was the lovable magician whose solutions to everyone’s problems usually caused more trouble than they were worth. Sure, he was a good guy, but when he reached into a magic hat and pulled whatever came out to solve his world’s problems it seldom worked.

Likewise, whether it was the stimulus that didn’t stimulate, the belief that talking with Holocaust-denying mullah nuts would deter them from going nuclear, or the assertion that entitlement expansion is somehow “entitlement reform,” the liberalism espoused by President Barack “Orko” Obama isn’t the answer for the United States of America.

Liberals are like the repairman who says he’s going to fix your leaky kitchen faucet, but when he leaves you find your upstairs bathroom toilet overflowing.  Suddenly, you have water damage to an entire wing of your house, and instead of shutting off the water, ditching the carpet, and fixing the ceiling, your liberal handyman suggests upending one-sixth of the US economy building you a brand new house (using your neighbor’s money).

Unlike liberals, I don’t liken those I disagree with to blood sucking vampires. I think the President’s plans are incredibly scary, but I also believe in his mind he’s doing what’s best for the country (even if sending Ashton Kutcher to deal with people who kill you with radioactive isotopes is a viable option). I could have likened Barack Obama to Skeletor, but I don’t usually like to do stuff like that. Like I said, I think of Barack Obama as an amiable, bumbling fool with public policy ideas that are downright frightening. Like Jimmy Carter.

The same kids who loved Orko as a kid, love Obama as an adult. The same kids who thought Jar Jar Binks was cool will probably vote for the next liberal cult of personality. And ALL of them think Jimmy Carter defines success. Isn’t that right, Mika Brzezinski?


  1. Loves the Rick Moranis thing. Great blog, kid. If only liberalism was so cuddly. Nice stuff but er, your benefit of the doubt for a daffy but well meaning incompetent Obama is simply not true.

    Obama like all his fellow traveller$, has ALWAYS known exactly what he is doing and thus joined with, been mentored by and super supported by the same kind of spouters of the glories of Marxist Leninism, big uber corrupt government corporatism and militant leftist union activist loving creeps, as he was at university [when he did indeed love laufding Marxist Leninism…] and er, still is.

    Read the enormously footnoted and empirical Culture of Corruption: Obama’s administration of tax cheats, crooks and cronies by Michelle Malkin and go to zombietime com, breitbart com, biggovernment com, thepeoplescube com, michellemalkin com, lookingattheleft com etc. No really.

    Obama stinks as his whole background and history has. See how he won his Illinois seat, ACORN, SEIU and Stern, Rashid Khalidi, Rev Wright, Odinga, Ayers, Dodd, Jarrett, Holdren etc ad nauseum.

    All the best and congratulations with the hotair link.

    Colonel Neville.

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