Big Hollywood is already poking fun at Marvel for the newest issue of Captain America that portrays the Tea Party movement as a bunch of racist extremist nut cases. However, this really isn’t anything new for Marvel.

Recently, the Civil War story line was Marvel’s Bush allegory wet dream (that lasted for months). After that there was Secret Invasion, which saw Captain America finally die for a bizarre liberal interpretation of “civil liberties” for super hero – and by extension super villain – communities.

Question for Marvel: In a world where your neighbor could walk into your house, rape your wife and kids on a daily basis, and then mind-wipe you so you never remembered it happened, wouldn’t the government have a vested interest in knowing about it? Wouldn’t it make sense to have a running list of how many people could blow up entire city blocks if they got cranky or their significant other cheated on them? Apparently not to Captain Liberal America, who in recent years should have donned a smurf blue UN helmet and renamed himself Captain Appeasement.

Do a little research into Cap’s exploits over the years and you’ll find no shortage of racist, xenophobic, bigoted Americans in Steve Rogers’ rogues gallery. When Cap isn’t fighting redneck extremists he’s often battling villains who were created by his own government.

How many years has it been since September 11th and how many al Qaeda plots has Captain America thwarted? Where are the Black Ops in Afghanistan? I know the answer, but this is a blog post and not a book on how big of a comic nerd I am.

In short: Marvel’s post 9/11 Captain America story lines have been pathetic displays of moral relativism that only dared to pass judgment if the subject of scorn is the United States of America.

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