Merkel mess: Migrants bring mass sexual assault to Cologne

Colgone trainstation

If at least 100 women in Cologne, Germany, are sexually assaulted by gangs of Arab refugees in a single night, and the national media doesn’t report on it, did it ever happen? Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker and Chancellor Angela Merkel act as if the answer is “No.”

Most Americans have not heard about the wave of New Year’s Eve sexual assaults that happened in dear old Deutschland. Luckily, your truly, Herr Ernst, checks out Huffington Post Deutschland, where even self-described feminist Anabel Schunke was shocked that a.) national media refused to report on the Cologne Central Station crimes, and b.) those local stations that were covering the issue refused to describe the suspects.

At least 1,000 men lit firecrackers into crowds, brawled, and sexual assaulted women. Germany’s national media went mute for days.

“The media’s handling of this issue is a slap in the face for every victim,” Schunke said, just days before Mayor Reker told women they should adopt a “code of conduct” to deter future attacks.

Pro-tip from Ms. Reker: Stay “at arm’s length” from groups of men who are trying to gang-rape you. Seriously.

Regular readers of this blog will remember the tale of Sumte, Germany, where officials were told a population of 100 would be forced to accept 750 refugees. They will recollect Benedict Cumberbatch saying “f**k the politicians” in the U.K. and Europe who worried about the sociological ramifications of accepting a large volume of Middle Eastern men.

When the culture refugees come from says it’s okay to stone women and mutilate their genitals, it should raise red flags — and yet Merkel brought in 1.1 million in 2015.

Where is Marvel’s Dr. Strange, now? He most certainly isn’t in a Cologne police station listening to victims describe their attackers.

Benedict Cumberbatch

A Police officer in Cologne told on Thursday that 14 suspects in custody came from Syria and 1 from Afghanistan.

What makes the whole scenario even more disgusting is that German officials have responded to the outrage by cutting a deal with Facebook, Google and Twitter to work with authorities on identifying “hate speech.”

The Washington Post reported Thursday:

German authorities, meanwhile, have reached a deal with Facebook, Google and Twitter to get tougher on offensive content, with the outlets agreeing to apply domestic laws, rather than their own corporate policies, to reviews of posts.

Critics call it the enforcement of political correctness, raising the question of what constitutes hate speech and sparking a national debate over free expression. Germans have been outraged, for instance, by reports of more than 100 sexual assaults and robberies in the city of Cologne allegedly committed by gangs of young Arab and North African men on New Year’s Eve. Some Germans are questioning whether their online comments could be taken down, or whether they could be charged with incitement, for publicly pondering whether refugees could have been among the assailants.

When Germans become livid that mass sexual assaults are happening in formerly peaceful towns, the response is to police the people experiencing righteous anger.

Fact:  Roughly 200 policemen were needed last Friday night in Cologne to restore order, and when the sun came up it was obvious they were overwhelmed.

This is only the beginning of many dark days ahead for Europe, and the sad thing is that they brought it upon themselves.

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Sarah Silverman admits gender pay gap lie, then calls honest people ‘maniacs’

Sarah Silverman wage gap lie
Sarah Silverman has worked with “Funny or Die,” but now she can officially start her own website called “Funny or Lie.” The comedian recently recounted the time club owner Al Martin allegedly paid her less money than Todd Barry because she was a woman, and then apologized when Mr. Martin publicly excoriated her on for lying. In incredibly strange fashion she then called honest people “maniacs.”

Here is what Ms. Silverman said in a PSA for the women’s organization Levo League on April 6:

“I did a show. I was out with my friend Todd Barry, and we were doing sets around town together. […] We were outside talking and Todd somehow brought up that he got 60 bucks. He just got $60, and I got $10. We did the exact same time back-to-back on the same show. And so I went back inside, and I asked the owner Al Martin, and I said ‘Al, why did you pay me $10 and you gave Todd Barry $60?” It was so perfect, he said ‘Oh, did you want a $60 spot?’ It was symbolic. I didn’t need $60, but it’s, ummm, pretty shitty. …

If I tweet about anything women’s rights related, equal pay or health care or anything like that, that gets the most violent hate tweets back. It’s so odd. It’s just bizarre. That and gun control tweets. It creates such a rage in certain people and of course that comes from fear.”

Do you know what’s really “shitty,” Ms. Silverman? Lying about an issue when you know that your lie can ruin a man’s reputation that he worked an entire lifetime to build. That’s pretty “shitty.”

Here is what Mr. Martin said on Facebook when word got out that he was allegedly a sexist jerk:

“Are you kidding ? You come in to my club 15 years ago and ask me for a guest spot, I did not ask you to perform and you were not booked, and Then you ask me for pay? You asked to work out some material … Then you make this a gender pay thing? Sarah great cause I am with it, but I did not pay you less cause of gender … I paid you less because Todd Barry was booked and you weren’t … It was a GUEST SPOT, so I gave you some car fare, which actually is more than almost any club would have given for a GUEST Spot … Funny how in your attempt to become a super hero with a noble cause, you forgot that little fact … GUEST SPOT … GUEST SPOT.”

There is it in a nutshell: In Ms. Silverman’s quest to “become a super hero with a noble cause,” she decided that Al Martin’s reputation was expendable. She accuses others of having fear-based motivations for their responses to her commentary in the very same conversation she willfully lies about a man who tried to do her a favor. Even if one were to agree to the premise that Ms. Silverman’s critics operate from a fear-based emotional state, then it must also be noted that her dishonesty helps to fuel the fire.

The coup de grâce to the whole weird ordeal came with Ms. Siliverman’s “apology,” via Salon:

“To Al, I truly am sorry to bring you into this as you employ women and pay them the same as the men I’m sure. To the maniacs who want to use this as a chit against women’s issues, I ask that you please don’t. Because that would be super shitty. Feel free to aim your vitriol at me but leave this issue of working women out of it, K?” Ms. Silverman wrote.

There is that word again: ‘shitty.’ Again, it might not be a good idea for someone who just used an ends-justify-the-means interview in which she willingly opted to destroy a man’s good name in order to put herself up on a moral pedestal and forward a political agenda.

In Ms. Silverman’s world, honest people become “maniacs” the moment they cite her lies as proof that the whole pay-gap issue is more complex than pundits and “Funny or Die” comedians would have us believe. In Ms. Silverman’s world, apologies are only done right if they’re able to quickly deflect attention from her lies and onto some other ambiguous “shitty” group.

If Sarah Silverman and a man came into your office with equal resumes, and you hired the man because he had no known record of lying about former employers, would you be a sexist or would you be a rational human being?

It speaks volumes that when asked to recount a time when pay inequality directly affected her life, the only thing she could come up with was a giant lie.

The next time Sarah Silverman takes to Twitter to lecture you about any number of public policy issues, there is no need to send profanity into her feed. You can respond to her with two words: Guest spot.

Exit question: If a person believes we’re “all just a bunch of molecules,” are they more or less likely to feel bad about a lie that destroys a man’s good name?

Sarah Silverman Twitter

Welcome to Afghanistan — where rape victims are thrown in jail

It was just over a week ago that I wrote on Saudi Gangam style, a YouTube parody that conveniently has zero women in it, despite source material that practically demands “sexy lady” dancers (and no, the two men dressed in burkas for two seconds does not count). The post generated a lot of hate from angry Saudis over at Times247, and even a response by the Huffington Post, which was so desperate to debunk my claims that the author counted the men in burkas (complete with limp-wristed, exaggerated hand movements) as women, only to acknowledge the obvious truth in the next paragraph.

The general consensus from Saudis was that “no woman” would ever want to appear in such a video, which I thought was odd since the country’s apologists overwhelmingly seemed to have the unique ability to speak on behalf of all women. The general consensus among Western apologists any time I address Islam is that there is only “a small number” of extremists who don’t represent the religion at large. Pressed for an estimate on how many of the world’s Muslims may be “extreme,” I’m never able to get an answer. And so, the question for today becomes: How many of Afghanistan’s citizens are extreme?

HERAT, Afghanistan—Rokhshana, a 14-year-girl, has been behind bars here since March. She is serving a yearlong adultery sentence after what she describes as rape by her adult cousin, who remains a free man.

“I love my country, but there’s no justice here,” says Rokhshana at Herat’s juvenile prison, her arms bearing the signs of beatings.

Eleven years after the U.S. ousted the Taliban regime, citing its abuses against women as one of the reasons for the invasion, Afghan women—as well as girls—remain subjected to some of the world’s most draconian laws. The U.S.-funded Afghan government of President Hamid Karzai routinely imprisons wives fleeing domestic abuse and puts raped children like Rokhshana in jail. …

[Rokhshana, who was forced to smoke opium and then raped by her cousin,] finally escaped the village in March, fleeing to a nearby police station where she explained her story. Instead of arresting Abdullah, the police locked up Rokhshana herself. Her offense: leaving home unescorted by a male relative. Such conduct is considered a crime by many judges in Afghanistan, who often apply Shariah, or Islamic laws, differently across the country.

Weeks later, her complaints of rape and abuse were turned into charges of leaving home and adultery—even though she is unmarried. “When the judge sentenced me he said ‘I know you’ve been forced to have sexual relations but because you’re now impure and escaped from home, you need to go to jail,’ ” she recalled, sitting on a prison bed.

Or what about the arranged marriages of girls like Sharifa? Was she married to an “extremist”?

Sharifa, a wiry 17-year-old from a small village in remote Daikundi province, spent two years in [a shelter for Afghan women], Voice of Women.

When Sharifa was just 11, her father married her off, in exchange for money, to an 18-year-old man who beat her when she refused his sexual advances and then raped her for the two years their marriage lasted, she says.

“I don’t know how much I was sold for,” Sharifa recalls in a whisper during a recent interview in the Herat shelter, rarely looking up from her teacup. Though child marriages like hers are technically illegal in Afghanistan, they account for some 40% of all weddings, according to the United Nations Children Fund.

Over at Times247 a Saudi man incredulously asked why a woman would ever marry a man who demanded that she refrain from driving (if it was legal for women to begin with). I responded that he knew very well that there were arranged marriages in Islam. He disappeared shortly thereafter. Faced with a little old infidel like me, who knows a thing or two about Islam, crafty games like that don’t work.

I stand by what I’ve said many times before. I am not denouncing an entire religion. There are plenty of patriotic Americans who happen to be Muslim. However, Christianity went through the Reformation, and I’m pointing out that Islam is in need of some serious reform. What the apologists will call “a handful” of individuals for every blatantly-backwards cultural practice I point out is in fact a much larger problem.

We just went through an election in the United States where President Obama convinced millions of voters that Roe vs. Wade didn’t happen. He also convinced millions of voters that Griswold vs. Connecticut didn’t happen. Seemingly intelligent women updated their Facebook pages with warnings about what Mitt Romney would do to their uterus if he was elected — probably because Facebook statuses on ‘stare decisis’ don’t generate “likes.” 

And that’s fine. I understand that it’s a lot easier to convince ourselves that we’re smart if we can hate Mitt Romney for his so-called “war on women,” when the alternative is to acknowledge that we’re cultural zombies too busy reading Buzzfeed posts on cute kittens to be bothered with decades of legal precedent. What bothers me, however, is that those same self-righteous “feminists” sit silent while the Middle East and Africa parades its dysfunctional cultural around for all the world to see like any number of parades you might see on a nice summer day in San Francisco. They are intellectual cowards, who are afraid to speak out against radical Islam (it would suck if someone issued a fatwa on your ass, wouldn’t it?), but are all too eager to bash Christians with the Bill Mahers of the world.

So continue to sit silent, my liberal friends. Us conservatives will continue to do the heavy lifting. I’ll leave you with an except from Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book, Infidel:

“If my mother or her sisters were attacked by men out in the desert it would be their own fault: they should have fled at the first sight of an unknown camel. If they were ever captured they were to say, three times, “Allah be my witness, want no conflict with you. Please leave me alone.” To be raped would be far worse than dying, because it would tarnish the honor of everyone in their family.

If the invocation to Allah had no effect, my grandmother taught her daughters to run around behind the man, squat down, reach between his legs under his sarong, and yank his testicles hard. They were not to let go. He might hit or kick, but they were to tuck in their heads and take the blows on their backs and hope to hang on long enough to cause the attacker to faint. This move is called Qworegoys, and the women of my grandmother’s family taught it to their daughters just as they taught them to make thorn-bush fences to protect the hut from hyenas.”

Not the thing your college professors would ever tell you, huh kids? That’s because they want you to believe “all cultures are equal.” Well, they’re not. Western Civilization is vastly superior. The sooner you figure that out, the better — for you and for the kind of girls around the world who are thrown in jail for reporting their own rapists.

Sexist GQ asks if you’re a sexist

Jim Nelson and the “gentlemen” of GQ want to know if you’re a sexist in their September issue. Oddly enough, they also admit that’s exactly what they are shortly afterward. Scantily clad women chasing Cheeseballs. Tush. Burgers next to tush. Skin. Consider yourself objectified, ladies. Thanks for clearing that up for us, GQ!

I love GQ editor Jim Nelson and his liberal rants. The September 2012 issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly is amazing, kicking off with Mr. Nelson mocking Mitt Romney for being a member of his high school Pep Club. Normally I’d respond to that, but it turns out that Jim and the manly men of GQ had a special treat in store for us: They want to know if we’re an “Office Sexist.”

There are any number of “Office Sexists.” Some include:

The Offensive Complimenter: Thinks women are so awesome and men are so dumb, because men are only good at being in charge and being successful, which is such a lame talent! Telltale line: “I think women are more organized, basically. That’s why they make better assistants.”

The Jolly Molester: Thinks the thinnest veneer of lame humor will prevent women from seeing the dark, unrelenting, insatiable horniness that lurks within him. Telltale line: “Hahahaha… Would it be funny if I talked about your boobs like I was sexist?”

The Straightforward: A throwback. So sexist it’s almost a relief. Telltale line: Holy shit, Sarah, that dress should be illegal!

You get the point. A bunch of “cool” liberal guys like Jim Nelson and the GQ staff aren’t sexist jerks, but they’re smart enough and witty enough to recognize such scoundrels — most likely conservatives, since they’re responsible for the “war on women” — and do a humorous little public service announcement in the mag. (I’ll link to the story if it shows up in the online edition.)

Nice, of them, right? But then a weird thing happened as I flipped a few pages ahead. I came across the latest piece on Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and realized that Jim Nelson and Co. could be filed under any number of sexists they’ve chronicled. “The Straightforward” certainly fits, but instead I’ll create a new category: “The Jim Nelson.”

The Jim Nelson (“The GQ” is also acceptable): Successful guy who spits out self-righteous diatribes, and then sends photographers out to turn as many women as possible into sex objects.  Telltale Line: I’m so Progressive. I’m so smart. Man, I’m so glad that I’m not a sexist, racist, bigot conservative.

I can just imagine the GQ photoshoot for Cam’s story now.

Photographer: Okay ladies, I know these Cheeseballs seem out of place, but it works. Trust me. Frolic in the back of Cam’s truck, here. Conservatives haul gun racks, but GQ men haul women. Throw the Cheeseballs in the air. Maybe try and gobble a few of them before they hit the ground. What’s that? No, the Cheeseballs aren’t a metaphor for what I think you have in your head. No, I’m not exploiting you. Now Cam, eat the burger, but keep it close to that cheerleader’s ass. Burgers and ass close together. It speaks to men. Hungry men. Men who are hungry for juicy burgers — and ass. See how her little tush rubs up against your thigh as she crawls past you? Perfect. Jim Nelson is going to be so happy with this. He’ll die. This is GQ, guys. This is what Gentlemen’s Quarterly is all about.

Replace “that dress” with “that cheer leading outfit” and you have Jim Nelson, who in that very issue mocked Mitt Romney for being on the Pep Club. How ironic. Right, Jim?

Gentlemen’s Quarterly — The place to go when you want to know what’s in fashion next season with elitist liberal sexists.

Saudi Arabia to Women: No Driving for You! Unicycles Off the Table Too.

It's easier to find pictures of Muslim women being prepared for a stoning than it is to find pictures of them riding unicycles. On Google. Where you can find just about anything. What does that tell you about the Middle East? It tells me women won't be driving in Saudi Arabia anytime soon.

The Middle East is always great for a laugh. And then a cry. Consider the Associated Press’ bizarre story of Manal al-Sherif. She created the Facebook page Teach Me How to Drive So I Can Protect Herself. And then she was detained. While the Facebook group should be renamed Teach Me How to Drive Because I’m not An Animal, I’ll go easy on Manal—she lives in a part of the world where stoning women is still an acceptable form of punishment with a disturbingly large segment of the population. How sad is it that she has to frame the argument as a safety measure, as opposed to a “Saudi Arabia is a backwards nation” measure?

Human rights activist Walid Abou el-Kheir said al-Sherif was detained by the country’s religious police, who are charged with ensuring the kingdom’s rigid interpretation of Islamic teachings are observed.

Al-Sherif was released hours later, according to the campaign’s Twitter account. The terms of her release were not immediately clear.

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world to ban women – both Saudi and foreign – from driving. The prohibition forces families to hire live-in drivers, and those who cannot afford the $300 to $400 a month for a driver must rely on male relatives to drive them to work, school, shopping or the doctor.

Although it turns out that national security is not high on the minds of Americans these days, perhaps there can be a new litmus test for how cozy we are with other countries:  If you do a Google search on their women, and it’s next to impossible to find a picture of them on a unicycle, perhaps you shouldn’t count on them to be a reliable ally on…pretty much anything. Why is it easier to find pictures of Muslim women being prepared for a stoning than it is to find them riding unicycles? Think of something twisted and strange and weird and do a Google search on it. You should be able to find an image that’s in the ballpark of what you’re looking for. Heck, I suppose I did find images of Muslim women on bicycles. Unfortunately, it appears as though even then they’re relegated to being inert passengers.

Bicycle built for two? You must be kidding me. That would require the man and woman to be equals, and as we all know a woman’s word in court (in that part of the world) is only worth a fraction of a man’s. I wonder if their husbands put them in the shopping cart when they go to the grocery store…

In related news, liberal feminists still think Sarah Palin is a direct threat to women’s rights in the United States.

"Don't move back there! You're throwing me off balance! You're lucky I even let you out of the house. Women these days. It's like they think they have rights or something..."

Hamas Wants You Impressed They Let Women Out of the House for an Hour. Don’t Be.

Hamas let the women out  of the house the other day to participate in a few track and field events. Are you impressed? I’m not:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – About 40 women in tracksuits and headscarves have competed in a rare track meet in Hamas-ruled Gaza…

Runner Ghada al-Zamt came third in the 1,500 meters. She says women’s athletics are not encouraged in Gaza. Participants in Saturday’s meet included university students and amateur athletes…Gaza’s Muslim rulers — and most residents — disapprove of women’s sports because it can reveal their body shape.

Why do I get the feeling that if invisibility cloaks ever came onto the market the Middle East would go bonkers, turning their wives into disembodied voices that provided food and “other” services to their husbands without all the “hassle” that comes from not being a shapeless blob of Dark Matter?

I highly suggest reading the book Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia, by Ahmed Rashid if you’d like to see the side of the story guys like Neal Gabler are

Hamas lets women out of the house for a few hours. Consider me not impressed.

inclined to downplay or ignore in favor of sliming retired folks attending Tea Parties. While it doesn’t focus solely on women, there are some choice nuggets of information you’ll be able to file away for future encounters with American (liberal) feminists. Although, these days they really only scream bloody murder when Sarah Palin opens her mouth, as opposed to the actions of jihadi head choppers and their ideological half-brothers actually causing someone to scream…bloody murder!

If Hamas played more video games, particularly the Metal Gear series, perhaps they would allow women to run more races…in cardboard boxes. That way men wouldn’t see their evil-thought inducing “shapes”.  Although, the more I think about it, the more dangerous that might be. Take a look at this armed gunman’s response when the box comes off. Oddly enough, that’s how women are treated by your run-of-the-mill Sharia Law sympathizer. If a box ever fell off during the final hundred meter sprint to the finish and some of the male spectators saw the burlap sack clad woman underneath, who knows what they would do. If you think “honor killings” would be in the cards, you probably don’t need to read Ahmed Rashid’s book: You are a “go” at this station, soldier.

Update: If you’ve found my little old corner of the internet from Texas4Palin, welcome! Let me know if you have ideas for future posts and I’ll see what I can do for you. Stay awhile!

Is this a shot from the point of view of Metal Gear's Solid Snake inside a cardboard box, or the dream of men in Gaza who'd like to throw one over their wife's head? I'm not sure.