Parallel Universe Rivers Cuomo Releases Weezer’s Death to False Conservatives.

I've returned from space and time and Barack Obama Worm Holes to let you know Parallel Universe Weezer's album "Death To False Conservatives" is relevant to all of us. If Republicans don't get back to First Principles...we're in trouble.

Weezer’s newest release, Death to False Metal, features a cover of Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart.  In a parallel universe an openly conservative Rivers Cuomo has given fans an album titled Death to False Conservatives, and the Braxton cover is aimed at the 112th Congress, a plea for the GOP to return to its fiscally responsible roots and to shun the unprincipled behavior that left its based deflated, betrayed, and lost.  Luckily, yours truly has traveled through space and time and Barack Obama Wormholes to let everyone know that the message is just as relevant to our universe as theirs.

Republicans haven’t inspired anyone for a long, long time. They’re in power now, but they’re on serious probation with the American people. The elitist conservatives and the unprincipled Republicans who contributed to the financial cluster-fudge we’ve found ourselves in over the past decade should be identified and monitored closely. Those who have found themselves out of public office and contributing to the white noise of the talking-head world of Cable News should be called to the table as well. The GOP can not afford a return to its profligate ways, and those of us who write or speak or contribute to the conservative movement in any way can not afford to let them.

I won’t name names today because we all know who they are—the commentators whose knee-jerk reaction is to support whatever the GOP does, no matter how insane or detached from the ideals of our nation’s founding it is. When I see a conservative twist himself into an intellectual pretzel to defend the indefensible merely for political reasons, I cringe. The truth is always the right answer, no matter how difficult. The truth is what needs to be articulated, and if the vehicles we’ve chosen for the movement are too stupid or scared or incapable to do so for any reason, they have to go.

Note to Arianna Huffington, who takes any conservative metaphors or analogies dealing with death and destruction as a tell-tale sign violence is afoot: I’m talking about political and professional deaths. Now go back to your cocktail party and pick from the cheese plate for me.

For those clueless members of the 112th, here’s a great place to bone up on conservative principles that win over Americans and have a proven track record of creating prosperity.  In a hurry?  Here’s another option.

See you January 3rd.  Just make sure you have your act together.


Conservative Peanut Butter Jelly Time: Why the Viral Video Dearth?

Have you ever wondered why people like Tay Zonday, with videos like Chocolate Rain, have had tens of millions of people watch their Youtube shorts, but Thomas Sowell unleashing a monsoon of genius has only reached tens of thousands? No? Me either. But what I do wonder is why conservatives haven’t grasped the power of the viral Youtube video and its ability to reach millions of people. If videos made with public policy undercurrents go viral, the potential of cementing ideas into the collective psyche of the American people is huge.

Right now conservative organizations with the budget to do so should be finding talented writers and film makers – particularly young people – with a feel for what the recipe would be for a politically-tinged short video with the potential to blow up online. Yes, the pool of talented young, conservative entertainment-minded folks is going to be small, and thus harder to find them, but the urgency is still there.

Where are the Conservative Peanut Butter Jelly Time tinged videos? Let's get with the program. Seriously.

If you think we can’t learn a thing or two from a bunch of guys skateboarding in fat-suits to Sir Mix-A-Lot, you’re wrong. Granted, I think the Obama administration may have learned the wrong lesson when it allowed one of those guys, Tony Hawk, to tear it up in the Old Executive Office Building for Father’s Day… even if they were right in trying to do something fun for the occasion.

Right now the elitist conservative Beltway bubble crowd is probably holding their nose, if they’re still even reading, so I’ll throw them a bone in a way they’d understand: When Kingdon talks of public policy “primordial soup,” and all the bits and pieces and ingredients involved in creating an opportunity for legislation to pass, it should be noted that the cultural broth is most certainly seasoned, to some extent, with popular culture. It’s undeniable. I suggest taking part. It’s certainly possible to have class and popular culture in one package; just ask Mark Steyn.

The problem with elitist policy-wonks is that they hold themselves up as a winner no matter what happens to the United States. Let me explain:

  • If things don’t go their way, they pat themselves on the back and say “Well, I’m just too smart for the yokels and they don’t get it, so the heck with them.”
  • If conservatives are elected – even if in reality the elitists had little to no part in it – they still find a way to take credit, pat themselves on the back, and say, “Good show, old chap,” before downing a Gin Rickey.

We need to think outside the box. And while I’m happy with the inroads conservatives have made with New Media (which isn’t so new anymore), I think there is much more work to be done. But I think we’d be better off taking cues from the Mark Steyns of the world instead of your local David Frum any day of the week. Think about it over some pork and beans.

Confront Moral Relativism and…Do it Live!

Over the past few years we’ve heard a lot about “corporate greed.” Apparently, all those guys inventing technology that raises the standard of living for tens-of-millions of people around the globe are also going to be the cause of America’s ultimate demise. (For those nerds out there, this is like Marvel Comics’ reverse claim that the same serum that killed Harry Osborn…saved him.) But I digress. And I’ll put aside the blog post that explains how it’s really Christmas holiday public policy drops and the ideas floated about by boneheads in Congress that warp market incentives and exacerbate human beings’ base instincts. The market harnesses human “greed” and redirects it in ways that benefit society. For further reading I suggest Dinesh D’Souza’s fabulous book The Virtual of Prosperity: Finding Values in the Age of Techno-Affluence.

Today, I’d like to focus more on what for now I’ll just deem Spiritual Greed. This is something that is much more dangerous to society than a corporate CEO giving himself and his buddies a “golden parachute.” And it’s most-readily planted inside you by the moral relativism espoused by liberals.

If you don’t believe there are objective truths that can be self-evident, you find yourself in a world where fellow Americans actually make the case for a “living Constitution” (or as Thomas Sowell notes, a dying Constitution.

Multi-culturalism, moral relativism, and a me, me, me, mentality pushed by the entertainment industry come together in a toxic soup to produce things like Bush-Hitler elementary school projects, chat room users who encourage suicide like crazed-sideline sports fans, and large swathes of society asserting “all cultures are the same” when that is certainly not the case.

Corporations do have responsibilities to surrounding communities. I don’t dispute that. But when the moral fabric of society falls apart like Weezer’s sweater because its left flank is okay with being a nation of narcissists, they shouldn’t be surprised by the wreckage left behind.

Whenever a liberal politician tries to split the nation into “Two Americas,” – private sector vs. public sector – before demonizing entrepreneurs and businessmen, take a real close look before making any decisions.

I’m not an angel (the Lord knows that). I’ve made my mistakes. But the difference between a liberal and a conservative is that deep down the conservative knows when he’s wrong. The conservative acknowledges that he’s fallible and tries to rise above it. Liberalism, by contrast, encourages you to sit in a cesspool of self indulgence and depravity without even knowing it.

We need to fight this. And all of the outgrowth spawned from it. And we need to do it live.