Touré thanks God for abortion; viewers thank God they’re not Touré


If you ever wondered why Touré is perpetually angry, the answer is now rather apparent: Pro-life individuals remind him about the the time he allowed his unborn son to be murdered.

Think that’s a bit harsh? Not really. I’m simply extrapolating the obvious based on commentary provided by … Touré, who “thanks God” for abortion. Cute, in a monstrously-cute kind of way.

This week brought us the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. It made me reflect on a moment from about 15 years ago, when I was in a committed relationship with a woman who I knew was just not the one. She also knew it probably wasn’t going to work out. And then she got pregnant. And I was terrified. … I knew that pregnant woman and I were not going to be able to form a lasting family. She decided it was best to have an abortion and days later she did. We did. And in some ways that choice saved my life. I only would have contributed to making a mess of three lives.

Years after that I met another woman, married her, and after we decided to get pregnant I went to her doctor’s appointments — our doctors’ appointments — with joy. It was a thrill to watch that boy grow inside her, but I must admit that during that second trimester as we watched him move around on 3D sonograms I saw how human they are at that stage and my lifelong belief in abortion rights was, let’s say, jostled. It was life colliding with belief system. I had to rethink my position, but in the end I remain committed to being pro-choice because I cannot imagine arguing against a woman’s right to control her body and thus her life. …

Yes, there is a reasonable and unsolvable medical debate about when exactly life begins, but I find something undeniably misogynist about the impulse to deny a woman’s dominion over her own body and limit her ability to shape her life and impose another sense of morality on her. …

I want abortion to be legal, safe and rare. … I thank God and country that when I fell into a bad situation, abortion was there to save me and keep me on a path to building the strong family I have now, and I pray that safety net remains in place.

Let us deconstruct Touré’s Herculean effort at self-delusion.

  • Touré’s girlfriend has an abortion.
  • The abortion “saved” him.
  • He “knows” it would not have worked out. False: He does not know that. He can not know that. Nobody, except God, knows how having that child would have changed him. He makes the assertion because doing so serves as a psychological salve for the grim reality he and his girlfriend created.
  • Years later he had a child and “saw how human” it was months into his wife’s pregnancy.
  • Touré’s belief in abortion was “jostled” — again, because he saw “how human” his unborn son was.
  • Touré concludes he is still pro-choice because a woman should have dominion over “her body.” False premise: If there is a human being alive in her body, it is not just her body. If the unborn child is human — and Touré seems to acknowledge that it is — then whether the dependent child exists inside or outside the womb is irrelevant as it pertains to the mother’s responsibility to defend that child’s right to life.
  • Touré believes it is misogynistic to “impose … a sense of morality” on a woman. False: Laws impose morality on us every day. Is Touré in favor of legalizing all drugs? If not, then perhaps I find it misogynistic that he would tell a woman what she can do with her body.

I originally wasn’t going to even write this post, but someone needs to point out how sad it is that Touré’s only claim to fame is saying something he hopes is “outrageous” enough to get conservatives to call for a weird boycott of his network, or to get him fired, or to respond in a way that feeds into his preconceived notions about the right.

This is how it works in MSNBC world: Conservatives who want lower taxes and limited government are “extreme,” but the guy who thanks God for abortion considers himself to be a “reasonable” guy. Stay tuned to MSNBC, because next week Touré plans to thank God for murder since it reduces the carbon footprint humans have on the environment.

With that said, let me make something clear: my problem in this instance is not that Touré helped his girlfriend have an abortion years ago. My problem is that instead of praying for God’s forgiveness, he’s such a narcissistic clown that he rhetorically makes abortion a gift from God.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. A lot. But I don’t go around advertising them for all the world to see, and I definitely don’t go around warping them into soapbox speeches for my conservatism. Instead, I humble myself before God, ask for forgiveness, and pray for the time to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that my words are contrite. And tonight, I’ll pray for Touré.

Big Government hooks human gerbils on shiny pellets

Barry Goldwater warned us that Welfarism would turn “dignified, industrious, self-reliant spiritual beings” into animals. We didn’t listen, and now we have a nation filled with human gerbils looking for a government pellet every four years.

I went out to dinner with a Hispanic friend of mine two weeks ago and we were discussing the upcoming election. He’s well on his way to starting his first small business, and has had a conversion-of-sorts since voting for President Obama four years ago. As I dug into my steak, he spoke about the Republican Party’s inability to make significant inroads with certain minority groups. My response: “On some level it doesn’t matter, because if we fast forward 300 years it’s obvious that the future of the United States is not white. At some point in time these groups will be forced to embrace or shun the principles that maximize individual freedom.”

My children will not be white. My sister’s children will not be white. The U.S. demographics as they stand indicate that at some point there will simply be, for all intents and purposes, Americans. We are a nation of mutts, and in time terms like “white” and “black” will generally be rendered silly. And so, intelligent conservatives only care about a few basic questions: What will the Americans of the future believe? What will they stand for? Will Americans hold fast to the principles of our founders, or will they be citizens of a United States in name only?

‘Obama Phone’ lady is the latest example of a human gerbil, who is promised a shiny government pellet every four years in exchange for a trick (i.e., voting for the hand that feeds her). She is the end result of a failed ideology. Liberal blogs have of course tried to slime anyone who shows the video as racist, when the truth is that conservatives do not care about race. In fact, political correctness has reached a point where not caring about someone’s race is considered racist.

I care about a federal government that saps the will of its people. I care about a federal government that robs people of ambition and desire and the belief that they can do great things with their life. I care about the consequences of instilling in individuals a learned dependence that changes them from beings with limitless potential into hollowed-out husks that bump into each other for a few decades until death comes calling.

As Barry Goldwater so eloquently put it in The Conscious of a Conservative:

Consider the consequences to the recipient of welfarism. For one thing, he mortgages himself to the federal government. In return for benefits — which, in the majority of cases, he pays for — he concedes to the government the ultimate in political power — the power to grant or withhold from him the necessities of life as the government sees fit. Even more important, however, is the effect on him — the elimination of any feeling of responsibility for his own welfare and that of his family and neighbors. A man may not immediately, or ever, comprehend the harm thus done to his character. Indeed, this is one of the great evils of Welfarism — that it transforms the individual from a dignified, industrious, self-reliant spiritual being into a dependent animal creature without his knowing it. …

[We] can shatter the collectivists’ designs on individual freedom if we will impress upon the men who conduct our affairs this one truth: that the material and spiritual sides of man are intertwined; that it is impossible for the State to assume responsibility for one without intruding on the essential nature of the other; that if we take from a man the personal responsibility for caring for his material needs, we take from him also the will and the opportunity to be free.

Conservatives should work hard to articulate the principles of free markets, limited government, and individual freedom, but they should never comprise those principles by offering ethnic groups “goodies” for a vote. MSNBC hosts who feed on racial swill like to say that Republicans live in an “alternate reality,” when nothing could be further from the truth. Tyranny is colorblind, whether it’s in Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China. Only myopic little nitwits with names like Toure or Chris Matthews see serious public policy differences as a battle between “black” and “white”. The issue is Liberty vs. Tyranny, and conservatives are not the ones who are shilling for the tyrants.

My good friend, who has come to reject Obama’s ideology since 2008, is not alone. There are many like him. As election day nears, it’s up to you to find those friends and family members who fall into that category, and make a strong case for conservatism. If you’re pressed for time, I highly suggest reading Goldwater’s The Conscious of a Conservative. It’s a quick read, and essential knowledge for anyone who wants to better articulate their love for freedom and liberty.

Now get out there and change some minds.

Conservative blogger exposes Toure’s racially obsessed journal

MSNBC’s Toure keeps a journal that gives stunning insight as to why he sees everything through a racial lens. An anonymous source has given just one of many, many entries that shed light into the man’s obsession.

MSNBC’s Toure made headlines this week by calling Mitt Romney a racist. Apparently, when Mitt got peeved that he’s been accused of killing cancer victims and fired back at the campaign apparatus in charge of the slurs, it was a bit too much for the old chap. Luckily, yours truly has been given one of Toure’s journal entries by a jilted lover. Conservatives everywhere should take note.

Toure’s Journal: August 15, 2012

5:30 a.m. The alarm goes off. It’s jarring, but I never hit the snooze button because the realization that each day will bring new racism always serves as a second wake up call. It’s like a sudden splash of water (or perhaps a fire hose from the 1950s?) to the face. I’m not sure.

6:00 a.m. The shower is cold. Cold, like the stares of random white people who look at me in the grocery store, at the movie theater, in the park or at fine dining establishments frequented by Caucasians everywhere. They could be thinking anything, but I know exactly what’s going through their mind. To the untrained professional their eyes say, “I really can’t wait until Friday” or “I miss my wife and kids.” Oh no! I … I know better. Oh yes, I know.

6:30 a.m. I brush my teeth. The toothpaste is white. Too white. Suspiciously white. I comb my hair and think, “Somewhere, there is a white man who hates my beautiful hair.” He hates the look of it. He hates the feel of it (as if I’d allow him to touch!). He hates that I love my hair. And so I comb it with defiance, hoping that on a cosmic level those bastards feel it.

7:00 a.m. Driving to the studio I realize for the first time just how racist the engineering is in my car. All the math and science behind today’s luxury vehicles operates within a system that caters to rich white folks, their body types, and their penchant for using turn signals in that wily white way that says, “Maybe I’ll turn. Or … maybe I won’t and we’ll get into an accident. Then whose fault will it be, Toure?” I need to remind myself to contact General Motors. This is unacceptable.

12:00 p.m. My stomach was upset, so I settled for some soup at the little diner down the street. The mom and pop place owned by white people. On the menu was clam chowder — the white. They gave me crackers. Crackers. What the hell was that all about? The way that waitress slid the package in my direction, smiling. Always smiling… but I know better. Un-freakin’-believable.

7:00 p.m. Huge gap in the log book. Long story short, my day was one racist fiasco after another. The show was booked with white people. Unapologetically white … people. White people who carried on full conversations without acknowledging their whiteness. One guy — his brow furrowed. It was that bad. Really. It furrowed furiously in a way that said, “I will tolerate you, but I will never respect you.” It was subtle, but I caught it.

8:00 p.m. Blocked people on Twitter. These clowns (another sick invention of white Europeans) accuse me of seeing everything as racist, never realizing that behind every modern day amenity there is an unsung hero, a person of color who contributed to its existence. So enjoy those microwavable snacks, kids, because men and women of color made that happen. Hot Pockets? You can thank Al Sharpton for those if you ever open your taste buds to the hot, steaming, gooey, cheesy evidence.

9:00 p.m. Took another shower. The soap? White. Rubbing it across my chest and shoulders, legs and back, the message is subliminal but it’s clearly there: A man of my pigmentation can get clean — provided he wipes white all over his body. When I’m done I clench my fists and shake them in anger at that bar of Irish Spring; the stench of white is unmistakable.

10:00 p.m. Turning in early. I’m exhausted. Being so in tune to the racism that surrounds us — that most people can’t even see and hear and feel — I realize: this is what it’s like to be Daredevil. For a moment I’m comforted: I too am a superhero of sorts. And then it hits me like a fist from Hell’s Kitchen: Daredevil is white. Coincidence? I think not. Indeed, I am in hell.

Olé! Piers Morgan plays bullfighter with Touré.

In the Morgan vs. Touré cable news smack down, Touré loses by TKO. The pop culture commentator punched himself repeatedly in the face while Morgan applied uppercuts to the gut.

Anyone who hasn’t seen the Piers Morgan vs. Touré match up should really do themselves a favor and watch it in its entirety. As I wrote before, the most newsworthy aspect of the Trayvon Martin case is that it highlights how lost we are as a nation. The reason is largely because of reckless media, that have failed the nation for decades. For years Americans sat in the dark like Plato’s man in the cave, but the social media explosion has opened their eyes—and they are angry. The battle for the heart and soul of the country is in full swing, even if there are still Americans who can’t see or hear the explosions around them. As much as it pains me to admit, Piers Morgan was on the right side of history last night.

Here’s the short of it: Touré is a “pop culture” expert, a designation I’ll refrain from tearing apart too much given the nature of this blog. Let’s just call him a very successful gadfly, one who acts as an “authority” on black culture. Piers, our British friend, has had his journalistic credentials questioned because he dared to have the brother of George Zimmerman on his show and (according to Touré), didn’t challenge him satisfactorily. After a heated back and forth, Touré concluded:

“What you understand as challenging, perhaps maybe that goes in England. That’s not what we do in terms of challenging in America. I saw a person who was saying things that didn’t ring true to me.”

Asked about jokes he made about George Zimmerman on Twitter, whereas “Zimmermaning” someone was used as a euphemism for killing them, Touré likened his jokes to “the blues.”

You might call it black humor. Not African-American humor, but black humor. Dark humor. These are things that are common in America, that laugh to keep from crying. Once again another black person who is unarmed and innocent and not doing anything wrong has been killed. And this is incredibly painful and goes back before before you were born, and before your father was born, and before my grandfather was born.

Touré then finished his case by comparing Trayvon Martin’s death to that of Emmett Till. Seriously.

Where does one start? Repeatedly, Morgan asserts that the job of the journalist is to ask the tough questions, allow the subject respond, and then to  let the audience decide. He states that he doesn’t have all the facts, and that medical records, police reports and the judicial process will ultimately provide the evidence needed to make a more-informed decision. Morgan makes the case that he has a duty to not let his personal feelings about the case consume his ability to conduct a professional interview. Backed into a corner, Touré’s only defense becomes:

  • You’re from England; you don’t understand America.
  • You’re not black; you don’t understand black America.
  • You’re not black; you don’t understand “the blues” and by extension my black humor.

If Morgan vs. Touré was a boxing match, Touré would have just been ruled the loser by TKO. However, it also would have been bizarre to watch, since the audience would have witnessed Touré punching himself in the face while Morgan applied uppercuts to the stomach.

I really wish Toure had been around in the 1830’s, simply because it would have been fun to read the historical records of him telling Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville that he doesn’t understand what it means to be an American.* I’m in no way implying that Piers Morgan can hold a candle to de Tocqueville, but the idea that an Englishman can’t accurately cover a case involving a black American is ludicrous. Touré’s entire case is based on appeals to authority and emotion, red herrings, Ad hominem attacks and hasty generalizations.  That’s the kind of resume that can only get you a gig at Rolling Stone or MSNBC. Oh, wait…

* The part of this blog post where Touré responds with a witty, yet specious slavery comeback.