‘Tiger mom’ Amy Chua touts U.S. minority success; feminist Suey Park raises the flag for mediocrity

The Tiger mom has returned. Yale Law professor Amy Chua made headlines a few years ago when an excerpt of her book, ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,’ ran in the Wall Street Journal. The headline: “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.” In February, ‘The Triple Package’ is set to hit bookshelves. Media outlets are already talking about it, and feminists are creating hashtags like NotYourAsianTigerMom to mobilize opposition; the flag for mediocrity has been raised (but not too high) on Twitter, and the troops are ready to fight (but not too hard) for their right to settle for less.

Forbes reports:

Prediction: Amy Chua’s new book will not sell as well as her last one. In her latest tome, Yale law professor Chua together with her husband Jed Rubenfeld, also a Yale law professor, argues that some groups like Jews, Indians and Mormons, do better in America than other groups like African-Americans, Hispanics and Protestants. Though they don’t rush to name the inferior groups, they imply them by leaving them off their list of the top eight “cultural groups,” as they carefully call them, presumably because they don’t want to be labeled as racists. The other superior groups: Chinese, Iranian, Lebanese-Americans, Nigerians and Cuban exiles.

The book is called The Triple Package, which stands for the three traits the authors insist groups need in order to get ahead: a superiority complex, a feeling of insecurity, and impulse control. Only when that trifecta comes together do people “generate drive, grit, and systematic disproportionate group success.”

Enter Suey “only white people can be racist” Park:


But wait — Ms. Park tells her Twitter followers that only white people can be racist? How is that so?

Remember: In Suey Park's world, only white people can be racist. Have fun trying to build a movement on that line, Ms. Park.
Remember: In Suey Park’s world, only white people can be racist. Have fun trying to build a movement on that line, Ms. Park.

Who is right? Suey Park or her mom? How can Amy Chua be racist against black people when her research shows that Nigerian immigrants in the United States fare rather well? How can she have some sort of innate hatred for brown people when Cubans and Indians make it onto her list of successful minority groups that she believes the rest of us would be wise to emulate? While one can agree or disagree with Ms. Chua’s parenting skills, it seems to be a stretch of the imagination to conclude that extolling Nigerians for their speedy attainment of the American Dream is somehow racist.

When you get down to it, Ms. Park really just wishes people would stop thinking so highly of the work ethic Asians have become known for in the United States. Previous generations of asians worked hard to gain the respect of their fellow countrymen; Suey Park works hard to tear this “myth” down. Priorities, priorities, priorities…

Suey.Park.Not.Your.Asian.Sidekick (1)

When you’re white, American feminists of the Suey Parkian mold want you to know that you’re damned if you do and if you’re damned if you don’t. Criticize aspects of a culture that doesn’t value education and hard work? Racist. Behave indifferently towards a specific minority culture because you think they just want to be left alone? Racist. Hold up aspects of a minority immigrant’s culture as something all Americans should admire and respect? Racist.

In the mind of the progressive feminists, every turn is a bleak one. They are never happy, and instead of acknowledging that their own inner demons prevent them from reaching their full potential they blame whatever boogeyman their minds can conjure up. Hint: he usually comes with low levels of melanin.

Enter Suey Park disciple Tim Chng:


Translation: “As Asians, we must band together to fight — fight I tell you — to overcome those pesky positive associations white Americans have with Asian people. And so, we must fail. Not spectacularly (as that is what they would expect of us), but dismally, in the kind of fashion that progressive comedian Aziz Ansari expects of black men.”

Enter Quang Do, who spouts the kind of gibberish that will rank your tweet among Suey Park’s favorites:


Tens-of-millions of Asian immigrants come to American shores, work hard, and establish a name for themselves as an industrious and reliable people — and progressives see it as oppression. Classic.

Here's another way to get on Suey Park's "favorite" tweet list: refer to "whitey."
Here’s another way to get on Suey Park’s “favorite” tweet list: refer to “whitey.”

Check out the NotYourAsianTigerMom hashtag when you get a chance. Take in all the negativity and then ask yourself whether the people posting there are really “oppressed” in the sort of way that would prevent them from attaining the vast majority of their hopes and dreams, or if they’re just the architects of a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.

You can't make this stuff up.
You can’t make this stuff up.

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